Reviews for She Is My Sin
chuchud chapter 84 . 2/27
i usually ignore fanfics with oc's
but your is just too great
i love kol, but i only didn't like very much the portrait or katerina
guest chapter 85 . 2/15
I really really loved that Kol realized something was wrong when Liliya pounced on him. That just shows the difference between Kol and Klaus. Kol knows she is not ready for sex and he knew something was wrong by her sudden intense desire for sex, but Klaus on the other hand did not think anything of it and was ready to sleep with her. Kol knows Liliya, Klaus does not. Kol cares about Liliya, Klaus wants an obedient servant basically
candace.thomas chapter 85 . 2/15
I think words can't even described how much I enjoyed your story. Surely you have a great future ahead of you.
I need to know what will happen, sensing that a war is on its way, now that Klaus knows where they are.
Please update soon :)
Guest chapter 85 . 2/11
Yayyyyy liliya and kol are back! Cant wait to see how Kol gets revenge on Klaus! And yessss Kol should take her virginity!
XxMikealsonForeverxX chapter 85 . 2/10
Aww Kol is back and how will they get out update when you can
Sarcasm-Is-Presence chapter 85 . 2/10
all that is well in the world has been restored
Theresa5155 chapter 85 . 2/10
Thank you so much for this story! I love it!
guest chapter 85 . 2/10
I am glad she remembers.

and I think it makes sense that she would want to lose her virginity to Kol. She knows that she loves him, like truly loves him, not because of some spell or compulsion.
Liliya has had every choice taken away from her. Her freedom, her mind, and control over her body and her actions. Her virginity is the one thing she still has that is hers and I can understand that she would want to take control and give it to someone she loves, and knows loves her back before Klaus comes after her.

I just want Kol and Liliya to escape somehow and go get married and she can have her perfect first time :)
mel chapter 85 . 2/9
poor girl... kol was right, it shouldnt have to be that way...
thank you so much for the quick updates! I cnt wait until they get out of there, and confront klaus and the witch!
Amy Warn chapter 85 . 2/9
Wow...really sweet. Glad u continued this
Marcy Northman chapter 85 . 2/9
This is what I was waiting for ! I'm soo happy I love 3
Ryane chapter 85 . 2/9
Baledneh! Shiism! Jsdhodk!
geminigurl89 chapter 85 . 2/9
Kperry1234 chapter 85 . 2/9
Absolutely amazing! I'm so glad that she actually loves Kol and has her memories back and that he respects her and they are just so freaking adorable it's ridiculous. Such a great story
HPuni101 chapter 85 . 2/9
Please update soon!
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