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Kitty283 chapter 37 . 9/27/2022
One of my favorite stories so of course I had to read it again to celebrate the new update. Still awesome and still love it. Wonder when Ruin will realize that feeling safe/happy/content in someone else’s arms is very much the indication that he is the One. Hope she will admit it to herself soon! Super happy with the story so please keep up the good work!
I don’t use AO3
xXMoonlitSorrowsXx chapter 37 . 9/11/2022
AN UPDATE! AHHHHHH! I'm so excited! I reread the whole story for this one chapter and I LOVE it! It's so original and the characters are amazing! It's a story that's always stuck with me. Thank you so much for coming back to this! I'm looking forward to more!
Guest chapter 37 . 9/11/2022
Yayyyyyy you’re back! Love it! I’ve been holding out for years! If you’d like to post it on AO3 that would be cool!
Aero Faerie Extraordinaire chapter 37 . 9/11/2022
AO3 makes it easier to keep track of a story’s progress, with bookmarks etc.
Still enjoying this fanfic, think I’m due a reread from the beginning to refresh myself
Guest chapter 37 . 9/10/2022
Thankyou u so much for the chapter...I love u
GlassGazer chapter 37 . 9/6/2022
Hey! I'd totally add this to Ao3. You'll find the tagging systems works a lot better, and writing/uploading/bookmarking stories is far more smooth here. I only checked my FF account today and found this update because my password was compromised lmao
IggyTheNugget chapter 37 . 9/5/2022
I was so excited to see this update. There were actually a couple new ones I hadn't read so that was awesome. I have loved the slow build in Ruin and Thorin's relationship but holy smokes now that it's on the precipice I'm dying with the back and forth. I also love how he's making up an excuse to see her herelike yeah let me update you real quick wink wink. lol! Can't wait to see what happens with this new love interest you've introduced thoughI was a little scared about Ruin and Truin's relationship and how it would be affected so I'm definitely curious about alla that. Superb writing as always 33
IggyTheNugget chapter 36 . 9/5/2022
I knew he was gone but holy smokes this last bit got me good. Sitting here crying and my husband is rethinking marrying this crazy lady sat beside him. LMFAO.
Gdin chapter 37 . 9/5/2022
I’ve been in love with this fic for years. Your writing with world building, character making— there’s not a thing about it I am not obsessed with. I will forever return to this site to see your progress. While I anxiously await new content I know it will eventually mean the end of an era, just know it has been a pleasant ride for everyone still tuned in.
FelineNinjaGrace chapter 20 . 9/5/2022
I take it back Right after saying that there’s no attraction between them, you have him take off his shirt and Ruin loses it
FelineNinjaGrace chapter 19 . 9/5/2022
I love the story, and the world you created under the mountain. It’s been a delight to read. But…I have to agree with some of the other reviews; there doesn’t seem to be much romance between the King and Ruin. Heck, I love a slow burn like everyone else, but I can’t help but feel….apathetic to Thorin as I read. I mean, where’s the chemistry? Where’s the spark? Heck, she has more chemistry with Kili or Dain rather than Thorin. There has to be AT LEAST attraction or else your slow burn won’t work. Ruin doesn’t even think about how physically handsome the King is at all, which turns his face into a fuzzy blob while I’m reading this story. He shows her MUCH more attention than she shows to him, but I don’t get any butterflies in my stomach when he does because I’m seeing it from Ruin’s perspective which is just “bleh.” She doesn’t care about him. She doesn’t notice him. She doesn’t feel ANYTHING when he’s around, which makes us, the readers, not feel anything for him as well.

But I have hope! I look forward to the dialogue. It’s the most important part in a slowburn. Otherwise there won’t be enough kindling for the flame to last.
Guest chapter 37 . 9/4/2022
IggyTheNugget chapter 24 . 9/4/2022
I love how he's completely in love (attracted at the very least) with her already and she's just oblivious. Lol. Ruin is just the best. Lol.
TheTwelfth chapter 37 . 9/3/2022
Thank you so much for the update. I really do love your story. The subtle affection between Ruin and Thorin is just really beautiful to see! As much as I would love to see another update sooner rather than later I will take whatever you’ll give me. Keep fighting the good fight!
P.S. I can’t wait for brother dearest to wake up. Soon maybe?
FlowerChild23 chapter 37 . 9/1/2022
Oh man when is she going to admit she likes the king. I think she would make a great queen. She will say what needs to be said and put Thorin in his place when he is being a rock head.
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