Reviews for Cloud of the Dragon's fan
abandoned-account7 chapter 1 . 9/10/2013
"Are you seriously going to challenge these guys? I mean, they are the Uchiha. They're the best of the best!"

Yeah yeah, do give us all a break. But anyway, AWESOME-FREAKING-SAUCE! I love the plot, the characters, literally everything! Well, except for the Uchiha, but how you portray Kakuzu was just friggin' gorgeous! And I loved the, "Oh, so we had company, that's why that money-obsessed ragdoll took flight!" Ahaha, killed me! xD And as always, awesome battle scenes! GO MIST! And you had to include Mei, didn't you? Perv! ):D Anyway, another marvelous work from you! Instant Favorite, and I sincerely hope you write moar! :)