Reviews for The ABC's of Montessa
nannygirl chapter 20 . 7/10/2014
Fantastic work on this next chapter! It was really sweet but I can’t believe that I’ve reached the end of the collection…or at least the end of what’s been put up! There’s still six letters in the alphabet, hope those well still get posted in the future.

A stormy day outside can lead to some bored-ness for hose indie. Poor Monty looked to be more bored than Vanessa with nothing on TV and their plans for going outside were cancelled. I thought it was cute and funny the way Vanessa was so engrossed in her book even though Monty tried to gain her attention and get her to leave the book alone. It was a bit of a challenge, though a fun exchange to read, and in the end his tender kisses finally got him what he wanted. I loved how you wrote Vanessa giving in too lol It was very in character.

U is next uh-o! Sounds like a bit of a tuffy. Good luck!

Terrific work once more! I really enjoyed reading it! I look forward to reading more form you and hope you get to update this collection again! Tille then keep up the very wonderful work!
nannygirl chapter 19 . 7/5/2014
Oh my goodness! This next piece was just…wow! So, so brilliant. Yes, it was sadder than the usual pieces but I honestly loved it. You put so much emotion and feeling, you even had me tearing up a bit half way through! I really think this could be one of your best pieces to date!

Hearing that Major Monogram had died really was sad and hearing that he had died when finding out about Monty and Vanessa was even sadder. It also reminded me of T7S when Red has a heart attack when Fez and Laurie get married, luckily he was okay! I really liked how you put the focus on everyone and how his passing was effecting them. Vanessa and Heniz, I really liked how he considered him a friend too, and of course Monty.

My heart broke for poor Monty, and can only imagine how hurt and sad and even guilty he might be feeling because of his father’s death. But I really loved how Vanessa was there for him and he was happy for that instead of pushing her away. I also smiled at the fact that Heniz was more accepting of the couple, I think I could see that.

Wonderful work once more! A true standing ovation here! I really enjoyed reading it! I’m looking forward to reading more of the collection and hope to do so soon! Till then keep up the very fabulous work!
nannygirl chapter 18 . 7/5/2014
Wonderful work on this next installment! I really did enjoy it so very much, it brought a smile to my face for how cute it was. And I really am so sorry for not having read it sooner, I haven’t been online at all much lately.

Poor Monty and Vanessa sounded like they had some pretty long and tough days. Mostly Monty but Vanessa didn’t have it any better with listening to all the inator names from her dad lol. But I was really glad that instead of taking their tiredness out on each other, Vanessa actually helped Monty relax and rest with giving him a massage.

You did a great job at writing the whole massage part, describing her hands like rays of sunshine and how she wasn’t grossed out by the sweat on Monty—all really wonderfully worded! The image was intimate but nothing that we as readers felt like we had to cover out eyes for lol. Very great job there!

Terrific work once more! I really enjoyed read it! I’m looking forward to reading more and I hope to do so very soon! Till then keep up the very great work!
nannygirl chapter 17 . 6/9/2014
Terrific work on this next installment! The letter Q can be a tricky one with coming up with words but you made a FABULOUS choice that turned into a fabulous story!

I really liked seeing Monty and Vanessa as not only a married couple but parents too. You did a great job with showing how they could ave trouble finding some alone time and even when they thought they’d be alone there’s soon a knock on the door telling them otherwise.
Their daughter was adorable and full of questions. It was funny and kinda sweet explanation that she got explaining how she’d become part of Monty and Vanessa’s life at Sears for a 100 dollars lol Think the parents handled that well until they found out

Vanessa’s dad had told their daughter more about the truth than any of them probably liked lol.

A great ending scene though with the hotel plans for next time lol

Marvelous work once more! I really did enjoy reading it! I will be back to read and review more very soon! Till then keep up the very wonderful work!
nannygirl chapter 16 . 5/20/2014
Another story installment that was so very sweet and cute!

I thought it was really sweet of Vanessa to want to do something nice for Monty like making him his favorite pie, just a little gesture to show how much she cares. Nice work on the quick summary of the baking of the pie, very well written.

Having Vanessa get distracted by the TV and then falling asleep—Uh-o! That won’t be good, but it is sorta relatable lol Loved when Monty came into the scene and discovers the smell of the burning pie. Poor Vanessa! Again you did a great job at writing the scene where she and Monty see the smoky mess.

Aw but it’s so sweet the way Monty tries to make Vanessa feel better about the burnt pie. I think it not only worked but it was really sweet too. the ending exchange about the pizza was a great way to end this little story :)

Wonderful work once again! I so did love reading it! I’ll be back to read more soon! Till then keep up the very fabulous work!
nannygirl chapter 15 . 5/20/2014
Outstanding work on this next little story! It was adorably sweet!

The first part with Monty going to get Vanessa some flowers, but wanting it to be special, wanting it to be something she liked was really sweet. I liked the talk about the different types of flowers too. Very lovely scene with Monty talks to the florist about Vanessa, you can tell the guy’s in love. So sweet!

A funny bit too with Vanessa wearing her dad’s shoes and therefore tricking and scaring Monty a bit lol

Loved the Vanessa’s reaction the orchid. I thought it was very in character and I did start to feel bad for Monty but everything was made up for when Vanessa assures him that she really did like the flower and she’d like whatever he gave her because he was the one giving it to her and she really like him. Very cute.

Brilliant work once more! I really did enjoy it! I will be back to read more soon! Till then keep up the very terrific work!
nannygirl chapter 14 . 5/13/2014
Wonderful work on this very wonderful next installment to this collection of adorable Monty and Vanessa stories! They keep getting cuter and cuter!

I loved the set up for the N word being nervous and how it was Vanessa being the one that was nervous and needing some comfort. I thought that was really interesting to see Vanessa nervous, she’s a strong character so you wouldn’t imagine her being nervous too much but she is because everyone is! I really loved though how she allows Monty to see this side of her and he doesn’t make fun of her, he comforts her and tries to make her feel better.

And the whole idea of bungee jumping? That was so brilliant! Loved that image!

Fantabulous chapter once more! I really did like this piece! I will be back soon to read and review some more of the terrific collection! Till then keep up the magnificent work!
nannygirl chapter 13 . 5/13/2014
A fabulous piece to add to this collection! I love the word choice for M too and what a great story to represent it!

I loved the mystery of what was going on. It made it feel like we were like Vanessa with the blindfold on and not knowing exactly what was going on but giving a few hints like the boat. Really liked the descriptions there.

And then the fireworks sounded so beautiful! I loved how Monty managed to sneak in a few parts just for Vanessa. I LOVED how that was the set up for his proposal! And what a lovely proposal it was, so very sweet. How could Vanessa not say yes?

Thought the ending was really nicely done giving Vanessa’s soon to be name, Mrs. Monogram. :D How cute!

Wonderful work once more! I so did enjoy reading it! I will be back soon to read more soon! Till then keep up the very marvelous work!
Guest chapter 19 . 5/8/2014
Really good stuff
nannygirl chapter 12 . 5/7/2014
Another very terrific piece added to this collection! I really liked the word you chose for L it was a really great choice and made a fun story!

Nice idea on having the story take place on Halloween. The details describing what Halloween was like in Danville was really well done and I thought Vanessa dressing up like Monty was a clever idea! It’s pretty funny and kinda cool that Monty would dress up as Vanessa thinking that that’s what she wanted—it shows how much he wanted to make her happy.

Luckily for Monty she soon assures him that he doesn’t need to dress up like her for Halloween. Though it looks like she found the image of him doing so very amusing, I’m glad that Monty wasn’t upset by her laughing and instead just thought about how he really liked seeing and hearing her laugh…Aww! :D

Wonderful work again! I really did enjoy reading it! I will be back to read and review more soon! Till then keep up the very marvelous work!
nannygirl chapter 11 . 5/7/2014
Aww this was such a lovely installment! And what better word for the letter K than Kiss :D

The details of their date sounded so romantic! Under the stars, just the two of them. I loved how Monty planned it all out and how much Vanessa enjoyed it, he was helping her break out of her goth side with the soft music—nice touch! Their little light banter was cute but I really loved the part with Monty watching Vanessa falling asleep and wanting to kiss her.

I think it made things even sweeter when we found out Monty had done all this just so they could share their first kiss. Of course his nervousness is adorable and I really liked the build up and then the way Vanessa moved in and pulled him in for the kiss was brilliant! Very like Vanessa too :D I loved the exchanged that followed and how they both thought the kiss was amazing. So very cute.

Marvelous work once more! I really did enjoy reading it! Will be back to read and review more soon! Till then keep up the very fabulous work!
nannygirl chapter 10 . 5/3/2014
Aww another wonderful story this was! What a clever word to use too! I’ll admit at first I was thinking Jam like the jelly lol Or maybe a music jam, but this jam as in problems was really good too! :D

Poor Vanessa, I really felt bad for her thinking that Monty could be cheating on her and thinking how he was like her other boyfriend who hadn’t cared all that much about her. Also felt bad for Monty though, he wants to explain what happened but she won’t have any of it. I loved when he snuck in to see her though and tried to explain things.

That whole part was so wonderfully written. You don’t like seeing a good pairing fight but you did such a great job, keeping them in character and expressing their feelings. I’m so glad that Monty was able to get through to Vanessa and she was able to forgive him. I don’t know why but to me reading this it almost felt like this could have been the couple’s first really big fight.

Very great work once more! I really enjoyed reading it! I’ll be back to read more soon! Till then keep up the very fabulous work!
nannygirl chapter 9 . 5/3/2014
Oh this next story was brilliant! I loved it! So many suprises and things I didn’t see coming! I think you picked a great story to pair up with Ironic for the letter I Great work!

Opening the chapter up at the café was terrific! I really liked the details and descriptions you gave with Vanessa waiting for Monty to get there and when he finally does he has some weird information to share about Carl and his vacation pictures lol Aw the poor guy when he thought Vanessa was breaking up with him, and her talking about their dads does bring up a good point but I loved Monty’s speech about only wanting to make her happy and be happy with her.

Then Vanessa has an announcement to make…I LOVED the formatting you had there to build up the suspense! She’s pregnant! Did not see that coming and apparently neither to Monty with the way he fainted lol. Again great formatting there! A great closing line from Vanessa about how it had all be ironic, a nice tie up on everything.

Terrific job once more! I really enjoyed it! I’ll be back to read more soon! Till then keep up the very fabulous work!
nannygirl chapter 8 . 5/3/2014
Back to read more of this collection! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to them, darn school got in the way of fanfic. Even my own! But I am so glad to get back to reading these little stories they’re so adorably sweet!

I loved the idea of Monty and Vanessa going to make a day of the winter weather with all the skiing, skating and snowball fights but things are cut short when the an accident caused a sprained ankle for Vanessa. Ouch! The poor thing, although I love how Monty takes care of her and feels so guilty about it. And even though Vanessa is sarcastic at times, she doesn’t blame Monty for her injury.

And when they talk about the day of fun they’ll be missing out on they look on the brighter things and how they can still spend the day together. Only instead of running around having fun they can spend the day snuggledup together and that may even turn out to be a better day!

Wonderful work on this one! I loved it! I’ll be reading more soon! Till then keep up the very great work!
nannygirl chapter 7 . 4/2/2014
Oh my gosh! A new favorite installment this one was! I love the prompt here! At first I thought it was going to be Vanessa who found a grey hair, I loved how you twisted it into being Monty and having him freak out a bit lol And for good reason. I could very much see him looking more like his dad with light hair and the mustache of course lol

I really liked how Vanessa assured him that having grey hair wasn’t a big deal and like other big celebrities, he’d be able to pull off the look. BTW I loved the names you came up with, I knew the George Clooney one in an instant—very clever and Phineas and Ferb like :D

Another very wonderful little story! I so loved reading it! I’ll be back to read more soon! Till then keep up the very great work!
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