Reviews for The Citadel of Truth
JamesCaipirinha chapter 75 . 4/24
It took me a week to read all the chapters. And now I am here waiting for more chapters. Good work. I like this fan-fic a lot.
JamesCaipirinha chapter 74 . 4/24
I couldn't read this chapter without a nice wedding theme. so I listened to Pachebel's canon and I almost cry while reading. A perfect wedding; I like this fan-fic too much.

PS: this - watch?vzryejN7xiNg
Wanderer Dragoon chapter 61 . 4/18
I have one thing to say...
It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!
MR. BLOO chapter 29 . 3/19
That was great. You will make a good movie writer. Wish this was a movie. I can smell OSCAR.
LeviLemon chapter 75 . 2/15
This is the first fanfiction i have read and ILOVEIT the story is great and encaptures everything great about AT i realy hope theres going to be a 76th page and more YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HANGING AHA. Stopworrying about the grammer so much when the stories this good no one should care :) PLEASE keep writing xx
Broken In7 chapter 75 . 1/22
And there goes my head agai"$;?!&'bcfvb?$&7)?3)&9 !?)2-.)8&)6?(2? &):
MUTO TOHO chapter 75 . 1/14
Woah. Man I gotta lay off the root beer. I seriously that there was some stupid guy named stage. Well looks like it's back to reading this fanfic and this chapter is really good.
Lector Luigi chapter 75 . 1/12
Wow, a lot of revelations about the Citadel, Solara and Infinity along theories about the multiverse. Great chapter. I'm ready for the final battle.
CuteFoxSage-NightShadeOwl chapter 75 . 1/9
That last sentence really got me pumped! Whoo! Nice chapter I loved it!
TheMentalAdventurer chapter 75 . 1/7
Once more you have impressed, I found the whole ordeal with the truth of the citadel(hehe) quite well thought out. While questions do remain about Omnia, most everything else about the information presented felt tangible and real in its presentation. Once more showing the tell tale signs of a good writer, the ability to draw the reader into the world at their fingertips, thank you.
Mentalhead123 chapter 75 . 1/5
I have a feeling that they're going to discover something about Astrum and Eternity during the battle. What it is exactly, I don't know but I think it might change everything. You really have made a good story, it's almost too bad that it's getting closer to the ending how many more chapters are left after this?
Fiery Crusader chapter 75 . 1/5
(phew) With all this stuff about multi-dimensions and whatnot, I can think of it as something complicated like Inception. I'll probably lose it if I try to understand everything so I'll just say, "Uh, sure... Let's go with that!" xD And I liked how Omnia broke the 4th wall with her closing remarks. Priceless.

Corona was a neat name with the symbolism and all, but I couldn't help but think of the beer brand in retrospect lol (sorry). Anyway, you have done a great job re-editing the previous chapter.
Ventus Uzumaki chapter 75 . 1/4
Perfect chapter. But we are in the Symphogear world to train. Oh yeah there is a pack coming out.

Secrets of Eternity

Awesome Chapter!
Awolfx9 chapter 75 . 1/4
Wow...never would've thought that Solara had a mother when it seemed that she was the mother of all entities in existence. Incredible to think that the Citadel is even grander on a dimensional scale, nice to know that precursors have a place to go and have their own afterlife. Looks like it's time for the ultimate battle for all of existence. Finn seemed to try and understand why Astrum has become so calm and docile compared to their previous encounters with him if I had to guess why. I am curious to Astrums reasons of wanting to destroy all things in the Multiverse. He said to the group the last thing standing between him and total silence is them, maybe that's some how connected to him hearing the voices and whispers of Eternity, maybe he wishes to silence everything permanently. I know i'm reaching with these theories, just thought I'd throw them out there. Great work like always.
Xerion chapter 75 . 1/4
Sorry I havn't checked in, I've been distracted with life, and, ya'know... well.. know I'll be waiting for your final chapter! I didn't forget 'bout ya... anyway.. Dang... Finn still wanted to do something for the 'Greater Good', even if it involved giving the other side a step-up.. dang..

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