Reviews for The Citadel of Truth
SoulSlayed chapter 1 . 2h
Wow! This story is soo good that I did not sleep for four days until I reached chapter 76! Your story is THAT good!
Guest chapter 76 . 3h
I Luv this story! I gotta ask you two things, though. 1: Will there be a sequal? 2: I thought the Flambo and Me-Mow thing was cute, so can you make a story about them?
cmicek433 chapter 17 . 5/20
700th review! HAHAAA! Really good story so far! Totally hooked right now. Sorry for not reviewing all that much. Sometimes when I'm too into a story, I skip reviewing it and onto the next chapter... But I will try to voice my opinion every now and again(which will most likely be positive).

By the way, your really making me want to rewatch 'Fullmetal Alchemist' right now.
cmicek433 chapter 1 . 5/18
Wow. Dude, you had me hook with the first two PARAGRAPHS. When I got to the end of the chapter, all I could think was " a story I could read for hours. Why didn't I click on it sooner?" And to be honest, I have slight A.D.D. So when I saw it was 70 chapters, my one thought was "Ooohhh noooo, I can't stay focused that long." And trust me, I have a REALLY bad habit of starting a story and not finishing it.
TheMentalAdventurer chapter 76 . 5/16
The conclusion is on the "Horizon" hehe. Although I look forward to how you explain how the third lock will function. Particularly since paradox is such a convulsive term. One small change and the universe implodes right ? But I do like the idea of adding a 'tiebreaker' to the whole ordeal. Until your next update, stay well!
LeviLemon chapter 76 . 5/16
Brilliant Chapter :3 Much worth the wait but please don't wait as long to continue this marvelous story XD it's so awesome I never before have been in a state of fangirling but earlier when my emails said you'd update i was like omgomgomgomgomg its happened XD :) and ooo Pokemon.. I recently started my Pokemon Red Game again and decided to try and use a different team aha but anyway yh great chapter
R-Doll chapter 76 . 5/15
Wow. This was indeed an interesting, fantastic chapter to read. Flinn had become one of my fav. pairings since I got into AT and some of its fan-fics.

It'll be sad to see this fan-fic end but the ending you'll create, undoubtedly will be grand and joyous. Joyous, I hope.

Overall, you've created an epic AT fan-fic, in my opinion. Not just because of the many chapters there are written, but it blends a lot of different creative elements. Fantasy, sci-fi, romance,action, etc. and the story flows quite well with suspense, adventure, and great story-telling that keeps a reader like me, continuing to read it. Character portrayals are good too and your OCs fit into the story beautifully.

Hope things go well in your fan-fic writing. And thank you for creating your AT fan-fics. I've also enjoyed Ember Alias, as well. They're good to read and reading amazing fan-fics has helped me relaxed. Looking forward to the next chapter :D

Hope you enjoy Pokémon, too.
Lector Luigi chapter 76 . 5/15
An epic final battle between our group of heros and villain with whole multiverse at stake feeling it. It's nice that the group has to work togheter to overcome the last treat.
Legionary Prime chapter 76 . 5/15
Was wondering when this was going to update again. I don't typically say much when it comes to reviews other than its a good chapter and keep up the good work.

I saw Nrbuers comment as well and I was into Adventure Time for a good while but lost interest back in 2013 and recently gained interest in it back.
JamesCaipirinha chapter 76 . 5/15
Good to read a new chapter. keep going; I (well, honestly all us) have to know what happen next. You are doing a great job.
Awolfx9 chapter 76 . 5/14
Good to see you again Ooobserver. Wow, that chapter was intense. The beginning to the Chapter was attention grabbing, with different Multiverse characters sensing the great battle that was taking place. It was awesome reading about different members of the group and how they battled against Astrum's clones. The best part in my opinion was when everybody merged into a single Cosmic Entity so that they could create a new Cosmic Lock to save Solara, especially with each person telling Ferrum how to merge the Lock with their own special Character traits. Quite ingenious, you really know how to capture the mind set of each character whether it be your own, or from the A.T. universe. Bravo! I haven't regretted reading the 1st chapter since day 1. Also, Pokemon eh? Haven't fallowed it for a very long time. I was able to keep up with it back in the day and there was only 150 Pokemon. Now that it's stretched well beyond 600 I cannot fallow it as good as I used too. Always be welcome to new ideas is what I say. Good work.
dfinkel70 chapter 76 . 5/14
This has been quite a journey, for over a year and a half you have easily made one the greatest if not the greatest A.T. fanfic ever from great action to passionate romance you nailed all heads. I sense the finale coming soon, give it all you got you sonofabitch :)
Ventus Uzumaki chapter 76 . 5/14
You're back. You will recieve the next research diary.

Plus a reason to the last keyhole
Fiery Crusader chapter 76 . 5/14
I had to do a double-take to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. This is actually the next update! The fight scenes were epic with some close calls, but I know there's more to follow. (sigh) I haven't felt this tense ever since the heroes chased Astrum into Finn's tree fort from way back. I was so sure his days were numbered until the deities intervened. But now, Astrum is backed into a corner once more!

It's one thing to destroy cities, planets, and galaxies, but when you got the multiverse itself hanging over certain doom, that's where the line's crossed! I doubt Astrum will stand trial for something so atrocious if he's actually spared, ha! But, if he is saved on a spiritual level, then that's a different story altogether.

Pokemon?! Heh, I only followed the first series and the 2000 movie when it used to be Ash, Brock, and Misty! I know, I'm old-school. XD
Mentalhead123 chapter 74 . 5/5
Are you not going to write anymore or do you plan on getting back into it?
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