Reviews for Unto Their Own
Guest chapter 18 . 11/1
Pretty sure I just came from reading this. Now off to attack my husband.
Guest chapter 11 . 11/1
Your writing is so amazing.
zaubernuss chapter 5 . 10/19
I've been reading a couple of more chapters than this, and I'm getting more and more disturbed. Is this a story about Stockholm syndrom or a twisted kind of BDSM-relationship withouth safewords? Hermione - contrary to everything she's ever been like in the books - is actually okay with the way Snape treats her... after all, he let's her use the loo when she needs to, she's allowed to wash her few clothes every Sundays in bucket full of water, and he still calls her Granger instead of the much more convenient "Number eight-nine-five-seven-four-three" each time he speaks to her, provided he speaks to her at all. And Snape wants to win her trust, and has no better idea to do so then by humiliating her and making her strip naked for no apparent reason, by making her do menial tasks in that poor house of his and by forbidding her to speak to him without permission? Geez - here's an idea: How about explaining himself to her, acting like a decent human being, or by giving her books (which we all know is the way to Hermiones heart) or at least some more clothes or other possessions? With all his intelligence this approach has not come to his mind? I kept waiting for a sensible explanation for their out-of-character and senseless behavior, but with each passing chapter I'm more and more fearing that there will be none.
Nettie chapter 1 . 10/18
I miss this story enormously!
I'm sorry that you don't fell like writing anytime soon.
I love your work, all your stories, they're so very special for me...

What can I say? I hope that you're gonna come back here someday (I would like that very much:)), oh and I wish you all the best, of course. You're wonderful and talented person and deserve everything you want for yourself.

In the meantime, I'm gonna re-read some of your stories, I guess...
SaraSmiles1013 chapter 19 . 10/8
Teary-eyed now. Dammit.
TreeGoddess-Odrade chapter 29 . 10/5
I haven't had a lot of time for reading as of late, but I did not forget about this harrowing and angsty and beautiful fic of yours, my dear. You weren't being ignored in the least and I'm so glad I finally got to this chapter. Poor Draco. My heart breaks for him - and Hermione - over the loss of G. :'( Thank the stars and Luna and Lucius for saving Severus. I don't think you'd do that to us but I couldn't deal if he also had perished. I don't want this to end but I look forward to the next chapter(s).
carlabalsinha1 chapter 29 . 8/26
Olá querida!Sorry,for didnt read yet this new chapter,Im putting now my lectures in day!
Wonderful chapter,like always!
Finally,this two deserve to be happy,im terribly sorry about draco...poor guy...
You have a imagination unlimited!
Take care.
Carla Cascão
Dark Mermaid chapter 29 . 8/25
Oh not fair! It's official that the snail paced you have spoken of has now taken me as its victim :p please update soon. By the way, Severus is brilliant in potions and Hermione needs a baby!
191987 chapter 29 . 8/24
The story's finally coming to an end... :'( Makes me so sad to hear it... This chapter was wonderfully (and tactfully) written! Thank you so much for that! Oh, how I'm grieving for Draco and Ginny as well as Luna and Snow... But thankfully you've kept your two protagonists alive *yay* :D Can't wait to read more and desperately hope that maybe one fine day, we'll be reading more about this particular AU in one of your spin-offs ... just like you did with your UL characters ;) That would be utterly brilliant! I wish you all the best and until next time "happy writing" :D Cheers.
Apartin chapter 29 . 8/24
I loved your story! It's been my favorite SSHG I've ever read! Please tell me it's not finished. Please please.
Mel chapter 29 . 8/23
This is always the hardest part of fighting and war - dealing with the loss. I was worried there at the beginning that Severus was going to die; glad that didn't happen. Thanks for posting! :)
HelenaRickman1 chapter 29 . 8/10
So many emotions in this chapter. First, I am ecstatic that Voldemort was defeated! But at what cost? Ginny, Draco, so sad. Yet Snamione survives! Another awesome chapter, especially after the flying-by-th-seat-of-our-pants Chapter 28 - that one was so exciting. Looking forward to the dénouement!
RhodaBush chapter 29 . 8/9
More please!
roni2010 chapter 29 . 8/9
sad that ginny had to died! great everyone working together to get MoM up and take care of other business...
Jonia chapter 29 . 8/9
Have really enjoyed your story. VERY WELL DONE and thank you!

Please finish soon!
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