Reviews for Unto Their Own
TreeGoddess-Odrade chapter 25 . 3/30
Girl, you know how to keep me on the edge of my seat! Dang that was a close shave for Hermione - and Luna. Severus is my hero! (Duh) Seeing "Harry" is understandably too much to handle. I look forward to the women meeting in person as themselves. :)
olivialynlee chapter 25 . 3/28
Love this story so much! I've devoured it in one sitting! I will be anxiously awaiting your next update!
Guest chapter 8 . 3/27
I held my breath the entirety of this chapter and now I'm worn out like Hermione but horny since no Severus to help me get off.
TetchyInsomniac chapter 25 . 3/24
you know what? I love this story so so much. It helps me survive a day. A week even...I don't want to think about the last're the greatest!
Loyd1957 chapter 25 . 3/23
Oh, I can't say enough on this superb story. I hope the update was February of this year. Anyway, outstanding take on the Dark versus Light theme in which Hermione is seemingly fighting alone to survive. I find these stories can go in so many directions. It is hard to read that Ginny is pretending to be Harry, but the perfect person for the job. These stories remind you of the hatred in the world and how you would try and survive an uprising or war.
Guest chapter 25 . 3/19
Love this story!
Please give us more! :D
Guest chapter 25 . 3/19
A few months ago i read you're story and i was happy to see several chapter updates. I read the whole story again and found it just as enticing as a few months ago. Keep up the good work! I look forward to the next chapter!
HelenaRickman1 chapter 25 . 3/16
Thank goodness they are both together again! I always love it when Hero!Severus comes to the rescue. This is one wild ride, CRMediaGal!
HawkAngel XD chapter 25 . 3/14
oh my... poor girl...!

great chapter!

Angelwells chapter 25 . 3/9
Love this story, I'd lost it so long ago but I'm glad I found it again, can't wait for more.

Mel chapter 25 . 3/5
It's good to see them together again! It's so sad Hermione can't have kids...obviously I knew this story would have an ending, but I was hoping we'd get a chance to see an inkling of them having a good future and a family, or at least I could hope for one. It is what it is though. I did like Hermione's reaction to seeing Ginny. Great chapter! Looking forward to more :)
roni2010 chapter 25 . 3/3
glad that severus found hermione in time: he and luna was able to heal her! great that harry(ginny) is back! great detail on severus search for hermione( love his thought)
191987 chapter 25 . 3/3
Wow, what a chapter! Absolutely marvellous! And so full of suspense and conflicting emotions... It wasn't until he found her in the woods that I realised I'd been holding my breath... And it makes me sad to hear she cannot conceive, I was really hoping they might have children once this hell was over. Nevertheless, this is a dark fic and I can absolutely understand your/Sev's reasoning as well. Once again - really well done and thought out! Can't wait for the next installment with Hermione and Ginny facing each other... Cheers.
Ketria chapter 25 . 3/2
I've been loving this story, Looking forward to reading to next chapter :D
Grace5231973 chapter 25 . 3/2
I am so relieved he found her! How sad that Hermione cannot have kids! I can't wait to read more!
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