Reviews for Unto Their Own
Hannoie chapter 29 . 8/8
Hahaha (that is the fakest of all fake laughs you have ever heard and ever will hear), you killed Ginny. I hate you. You didn't even give us anything else to focus on, like you overusing the word 'tired' or a bunch of punctuation errors. Just a painfully beautiful chapter where Ginny fucking Weasley died. Rewrite this chapter and give it a happy Drinny ending. Please and thank you. *hides away and cries for eternity because this piece of amazingly well-written fanfiction is loaded with feels*
Guest chapter 29 . 8/7
I absolutely love this story. It's origionality, your portrayal of Hermione and Severus, and plot development; even all of your grammar is perfect! It is great, and I cannot wait for the next chapter. I found this story a little over a year ago, and you are my favorite SSHG writer. Thank you for blessing us with your amazingness!
Katja1075 chapter 29 . 8/7
You could have almost ended it here. But as I said, I need a happy, sappy ending and it's still too soon after the battle.
Great, long chapter, with much emotion and sadness. I loved the scene between Severus and Draco at Ginny's casket.
of course it would have been great had she lived, but in great stories, the real heroes sometimes die, so you're forgiven.
Sad to see the end so near, but stll thanks for this great story.
Grace5231973 chapter 29 . 8/7
I feel so bad for Draco and everybody over Ginny's demise and Luna over Snow's I had hoped they would survive! I am sad to see the ending come but it would be nice to catch a glimpse of the future without Voldermont!
Fantomette34 chapter 29 . 8/7
Une histoire toujours aussi captivante...
J'ai été bouleversée par la mort de Ginny et le chagrin de Draco, mais je suis si heureuse que Severus et Hermione soient en vie !
Merci pour ce nouveau chapitre !
Bravo pour votre travail et bonne continuation !

A still as captivating story...
I was shocked by the death of Ginny and Draco's sorrow, but I am so glad that Severus and Hermione are alive !
Thank you for this new chapter !
Bravo for your work and good continuation !
viola1701e chapter 29 . 8/7
this is such a sad chapter, I had to grab my tissues...
gwendlyn chapter 29 . 8/7
I am so relieved that Severus survived, but poor Ginny (and poor Draco)... You wrote the varying emotions brilliantly. Also the way Luna was coping with her loss of snow. And I liked a lot the scene with Lucius :). Thank you for updating! I thoroughly enjoy this story, also the darker moments.
Guest chapter 29 . 8/7
oh god i don't want this story to end! my favorite sshg story by far! take your time finishing this incredible story.
BlueWater5 chapter 29 . 8/7
Nicely written post-battle scenes.
scrumptiousinternetllama chapter 29 . 8/7
This was so well written, I thinl you captured the emotions of loss so well. Thank you for sharing.
Guest chapter 29 . 8/7
Amazing as always!
Raven Lockwood chapter 29 . 8/7
Good title - and a topic not often detailed. Winning is great, but clean-up can suck. Nicely done. I was especially touched by Draco's reaction to losing Ginny, and Severus comforting him. It's hard when there are so many things to say and suddenly no one to say them to. Thanks. :)
mamak59 chapter 29 . 8/6
Noooooo... I was so hoping Draco would have a future with Ginny. :'( But I love how Severus is looking forward to having one with Hermione.

Almost done, girlie! "Light at the end of the tunnel"! Can't wait for the final two chapters.
Brightki chapter 29 . 8/6
Abraxas! *sniffles* My heart... I can't believe this is so close to the end! Gah!
Guest chapter 28 . 8/2
I just caught up with this today and I am on the edge of my seat wanting more! (I'm a terrible reading and almost never write reviews) But I love this story so much and its so well written! Keep it up!
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