Reviews for In Which Sybill Trelawney Receives Magnificent News
sleepy queens chapter 1 . 9/27/2013
Anger surged through my veins as I read this. You write a damn good Umbridge :)
Inkfire chapter 1 . 9/12/2013
Copy of my forum account review, just so you'll have it )
Ah, how gleefully sadistic! :D Lol, one could really FEEL that Umbridge had a blast all throughout this fic, and perhaps you did as well? :) Well, that's actually funny—you made me rather LIKE Umbridge here, because there was such a cheerful, sweet quality to her. She was relishing the moment, and that happy sadism was intensely enjoyable, but one could almost enjoy that Umbridge is usually a rather repulsive character, lol—because we had her POV, over Sybill, and how absolutely PATHETIC Sybill was was also something you very well conveyed. Poor, poor drunkard Sybill. She seemed so absolutely defeated at the beginning—and it wasn't a desperation one could emphasize with, not one that made us feel sad and sorry for her, she was just slumped and useless, LOL! I was giggling all along as Dolores (…I called her Dolores…) led her to believe that she wouldn't be fired after all, that the whole ordeal was over. Poor, stupid Sybill didn't even have a moment's wariness (well, she was probably too drunk for that…), she just bought it all and was so ridiculously grateful—SHE KISSED HER HAND! I winced in disgust and burst out laughing at the same time, haha. The way you described the tears rolling down her cheeks and magnified by her glasses was also fascinatingly disgusting—and she actually confessed to Dolores how scared she had been, almost as if she were confiding in her about the anxiety the situation had caused her! Poor thing.
I loved the way Sybill offered Dolores a drink—and that it was at this specific point that the balance in the situation shifted, and it was no longer Dolores having power by mocking Sybill unknown to her, but Dolores having power by having Sybill utterly crushed and broken under her might. I loved the anticipation you showed in her, and I loved the way she coolly told Sybill that she'd better not drink, because she really had quite a bit of packing to do. Sybill's reaction was so intense, the way the blood suddenly drained from her face and she looked like a ghost. I was delighted by the way your writing really showed Dolores' intense contempt for Sybill's intellect—that it wasn't even worth keeping such a silly head upright, lol! Lovely line. "Dolores had never been less sorry to inform anyone of anything in her life."—that might be one of my favourites too. (But really, Dolores! One must not tell lies!)
I LOVED the whole process of kicking Sybill out—the fact that she really had no reason to bother hexing her, Sybill's pitiful sobbing and rocking herself, Dolores' sing-song voice. The part about the good of the students was hilarious in a "yeah right" kind of wait, and i laughed and winced at the same time when Sybill was thrown down the ladder. I couldn't stop laughing at Sybill's sobbing such ugly sobs and clinging to the armour… And Umbridge's feeling of utter security at the end was lovely in a slightly chilling way, she could just do anything she wanted. Delightful )
Already There chapter 1 . 9/12/2013
Wow, you made Umbridge so evil! Love this fic. I had never thought about how this would have happened before.
Phatpoodle chapter 1 . 9/12/2013
Oh, how I hate Umbridge! How about a story about what the Centaurs did with her in the Forbidden Forest? Lol.