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EvenstarWarrior chapter 29 . 4/13
:D YEAY! ANOTHER CHAPTER! This one was really really really good! :D You are doing a fantastic job on and I can't wait to see how it ends! But then, I don't want it too end cause I love it so much! :D

Anyways, I think it's really interesting how you included that battles up by the Lonely Mountain and Dale, I've never seen that done before. And including Pelargir, if I'm even spelling that right. i like how you included other parts of the story that aren't normally mentioned. And your characterization of the Separatists and Republic is fantastic as well. :D I can't wait for the next update! But take your time. :)
Malin K chapter 29 . 4/2
Hi, I just read your story, and I just want to thank you for writing it. It might not seem like much, but this is one of the better storys I have read, one of the best star wars crossovers as well.

Thank you for taking your time writing this.
Celgress chapter 29 . 4/1
Don't let negativity get you down, I for one have enjoyed your story from the very beginning.
marthakun95 chapter 29 . 4/1
I enjoy your story and I think it's absolutely perfect and entertaining, if haters don't like then they should just stop whining like babies and write their own stories themselves. Keep up the good work :)
Jouaint chapter 29 . 3/31
Great chapter.
Guest chapter 29 . 3/31
Excellent story, please continue to update.
Sealiman Dawntracker chapter 29 . 3/31
Sharnorasian Empire chapter 29 . 3/31
Well I do hope at least you bother to read and reply to my comments my old friend. I loved it, war of Arda on a new level. Land, sea and air, oh and space too. A couple minor mistakes, but then again who doesn't? After all the Quiet/Quite and vile/vial crap I've had to read is poorer writing in comparison to yours :).

Keep up the good work Exar, I always want more from you :)
Your old friend
feral creature chapter 29 . 3/31
Well if someone doesn't like your story and is still reading even after 29 chapters then they are, in a cultured sense invested in finding something that they like, but in a more simple sense "they are in the line between being hard headed enough to not surrender and too stupid to know otherwise" still I thank you for the chapter and wish you good luck with real life shit. Have a nice day
pedrorocamora102 chapter 29 . 3/31
excellent chapter, I loved the action scenes. Please continue updating.
MasterXMaster chapter 29 . 3/31
The full horror of technological warfare unleashed on the unsuspecting people of Arda, awesome combat scenes. Thanks for the new chapter!
ZabuzasGirl chapter 29 . 3/31
Update immediately, please!
Lord Razer chapter 29 . 3/31
good chapter, like how they made a attack on the easterlings giving Dale a chance, looking forward to more.
Joey baldwin chapter 28 . 3/10
Oh I can't wait for the next chapter I love this story u my friend are alsome ! I hope u update soon I can't wait to see the final battle between lord soran and the clones and men and jedie and durvers and elfs to begin !
Guest chapter 28 . 3/10
your gramatical errors hurt my brain lol, but it is still better than most of the people that I text with so it isn't that big a deal. if you weren't so far along in the story I'd offer my services as a secondary editor but I don't think I have the time right now.

this is probably the best thought out Star Wars/LotR crossover I have ever read. you go into enough depth that you are clearly a big fan of both.

at this point going forward, what will change in the canon?

will Anakin still become Darth Vader? I would think that Galadriel's warning would come flooding back the moment that Sidious makes his move, and Obiwan knows about he and Padmé... so that makes Sidious's temptation a LOT less potent than it was in canon, because Anakin can, should, and would turn to Obiwan instead of Palpatine now.

speaking of which, your characterization of Anakin is probably better than most of the prequel trilogy lol, haters gonna hate

the conversation between Sauron and Vica was interesting to me because they are both correct. Vica is correct; Sauron should be covering all his bases and have guards by Mount Doom's enterence. but Sauron is also correct, because in the books Gollum destroys the Ring by accident as no one is capable of destroying it on purpose. it is a very dynamic discussion.
also at some point the force shields that she puts up to protect her will fail. what will happen to the horribly violent mass serial murdering Sith then? will she become a wraith?

I am hoping in some way, shape or form that Sauron ends up involved in the greater Clone War, perhaps as a rival to Sidious. his claims of "absolute powah" pale in comparison to Sauron, and there are many interesting ways that this could change things that happen. this would be after he leaves Middle Earth though. can't have him winning there lol

looking forward to the rest and hoping that this majorly diverges from canon soon.
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