Reviews for Shadow of a Doubt
roadstostray chapter 1 . 9/17
I cannot put into words the grip this fic has on me. Ive reread it easily 10 times at this point and it is so good. the way you cover everything that happens and show how much PoT affected both Maddie and Danny has my brain in such a chokehold. Can't wait to reread this again and finally scrap together some fanart
kairitheseventhprincessofheart chapter 65 . 8/23
wow. what an incredible journey this has been! absolutely phenomenal writing, plot, and characterization- and a very satisfying conclusion!

thank you so much for sharing 3
Agnal chapter 65 . 7/24
This whole story was absolutely amazing. I kinda wished to see Danny beating a ghost in his ghost form with Shannon and the Doc watching. I was waiting through most of the time he was with Shannon for a ghost to attack out of nowhere and that to kickstart his ghost side again by forcing him to need to protect Shannon but I love how you ended it. It ended nicely and contently. I am so happy that you finished this story even though it took 6 years, most give up and leave it unfinished and me disappointed but I am so not disappointed with this.
It's amazing, no words can describe how content I am right now. I have wanted to read an identity reveal story that is complete like this one and it's so well written. It even included my desire to see something bad happen before his parents found out. This story ticked so many of my boxes so it made me really happy and I finished it in two days, both PoT and SoaD.
arawiguM chapter 10 . 6/26
What I said in my last review to the first story? Forget it. I’m extremely satisfied.
Guest chapter 32 . 5/24
I really really hope no one ever forgives maddie.
Guest chapter 65 . 5/8
Gosh this was gorgeous. I read the first fic on AO3– I wasn’t even a part of the fandom— I had just seen so many works and then a pin with a fic rec in the comments pulled me over the edge. I was absolutely hooked by the end of chapter one. The storytelling and complex emotions were gorgeous— the slow recovery fic laced with compelling sub-plots was 11/10. Just beautiful. Truly a great work.
LumasFreakshow chapter 35 . 2/2
I really gotta hand it to you. You do Tucker a heck of a lot of justice. I find that the show kinda pulled a Ron Weasley with him. The show made it look like Sam was the one to care about Danny most of the time and I found Tucker insensitive sometimes, so to see this portrayal of the character was expertly done! Thank you for giving him and everyone else proper spotlights!
NightOfNetter chapter 65 . 1/28
I just finished reading this and wow! I’m absolutely speechless at this wonderful amazing fic im SO GLAD I got a chance to read it!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/19
The level of happiness when I found out there's a sequel- i just.. bless you.
Clara Brighet chapter 15 . 12/29/2022
I still haven't found the specific scene I'm looking for, but there's just SO MANY GOOD ONES ASKD;FALSKDJFA;LSKDJF;ALSKD

This fic came up in conversation between my sister and I last night, and the convo went roughly like this:
*PoT & SoaD are mentioned*
Sister: Oh yeah, I still think about those sometimes-
Me: -oh, all the time-
Sister: *laughs* yeah, you would. But there's this one scene that I think about sometimes. You know that scene, with the coffee-?
Me: There's a lot of scenes with coffee.
Sister: I *know* and they're all- they're great, but I mean the one, you know, the one where-
Me, grinning: I do, yeah-
Sister: -the one where she's pouring the cream in? And just watching it? Like, just standing there watching the colors swirl in her coffee-
Sister: I randomly think about that scene sometimes, 'cause it was just... yeah.
Me, shaking my head: When I tell you I wish I could use that scene as an example of imagery with my students...
Sister: Do it, you coward!
Me: I wish I could! I really wish I could!
Clara Brighet chapter 12 . 12/29/2022
Every so often I'm struck by the urge to re-read a specific scene from this story. In searching for a different scene just now, I was struck all over again by how well-rounded the characters are throughout this piece. The Fentons could easily have become caricatures or background players in their own story, but they didn't. Every one of them is so fleshed out, so believable, and chapters like this one really highlight the way you hold space for their growth throughout the story. It's one of the things that brings me back to this story over and over again. (:
Guest chapter 65 . 9/29/2022
Gosh, this fic have made me FEEL. I cannot describe the feeling I got after finishing it, definiely an amazing journey it has been. Gotta miss staying up late just to know how Danny dealt with stuff haha. It left a warm feeling in my chest to see everything end up good, just another proof of how well written it is. I learned a lot from just reading it, and it might've reignited that writer spark in me that I thought I lost.. Thank you again for creating such amazing work
SunlitDarkness chapter 65 . 9/26/2022
This was wonderful.
I don't know what I expected after reading all of what came before it. What a finale. What a closing of the circle.
I deeply love this fic. I adore your ocs. I love the growth you decided to push them through.
Thank you so much. I hope this review finds you doing well on your personal goals and original writing adventures.
SunlitDarkness chapter 42 . 9/26/2022
Howdy! It's...its been a really long time since I was reading the early chapters.
This is the first time I've actually made it this far. and it caught me by surprise to see my username. Thank you so so much for having written this. I know it was a long time ago now (almost as long as it took you to write both PoT and SoaD).

I have loved reading this story this week. I have loved your ocs. The way that grief and pain and horror has hit all the canon characters. I love the depth and motivations of your ocs (I love Harley the best. I have a dog now, for the first time in my life. And I adore Harley. Its very lab-like of her to be lovable and incredibly friendly, even to us readers).
At several points, I have thought that I could predict where certain character arcs were going. I thought I knew where Tuckers arc was going, where Vlad's was going. And then other characters acted. and behaved perfectly true to themselves and their motives. And it intersected in ways that caught me off guard.

I didn't think that Tucker would tell his parents about ghost hunting. It never crossed my mind, and it fits perfectly. It was actually, I think, the first point where I realized that this story was exploring the circumstances where people stop lying (among other things).

I am losing my shit about the fact that Vlad is still in the thermos. Its been MANY weeks in story; especially since several chapters ago he'd been declared missing for more than a month and his estate to be dismantled. Vlad being stripped of his wealth and social power wasnt something I was expecting. but it makes so much sense. Time is such a powerful force in this story and its wild to me how much I blink and miss it. The details you have fleshed out about how things happen just because they would in the real world is fascinating.

I admire your action beats in how they fit to canons mold and how the characters deal with the stress of the situations by being quippy as they are in the show (specifically Jack and Maddie's trip to the GZ). Im so glad they got to do that.

Thank you for all of the work you have done with this. Thank you for leaving it up. It has been an ABSOLUTE JOY to read.
XMoreMinutes chapter 65 . 9/25/2022
Simply stated, i come up short trying to search for words to accurately describe... well, this story.
I'd hardly ever read anything better, hands down. It's simply mind blowing. In all seriousness, i feel truly honored i got to read it. Feels a crime reading it for free, just like that.
It's... well, it's a book. You're written a book and a fantastic one too. Every single piece is so well thought-out, I was at the edge of my seat the enitre time. Pacing is incredible, the way you'd thought out the ectoscience and all the 'side plots', so to speak, tied very neatly together. I dabbled some in writing and I recognize this as such a monstrous task, almost beyond my comprehension. All the characters feel soha hahuman, too.
I stayed up till 5am to read it, and then the next day i didnt do much except read it, read it, read it. Which, double applouse for the sheer enormity of the work you'd done!, but i kept trying to put it down to do anything else, maybe sleep for starters but no. It was "One more chapter. One more chapter. One more chapter", unceasingly. I genuinely don't remember the last time a story has captured me so. Bravo, you wonderful, wonderful person. I aspire to maybe some day be able to produce something at least somewhat close to this masterpiece. You'd caused me to seek interest in the Phandom again, hell maybe even write something actually decent myself
Thank you. It was a magnificent experience of sleep depravation induced headache and exctied pacing around..
(Also i am indeed grateful for all the Danny whump and angst, grateful indeed. Always appreciated).
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