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AmitraDay chapter 61 . 51m
I'm not to the end yet, but I just wanted to say that Tucker piece at the end was probably the best written Tucker I've ever seen. From the casual, non-forced CtrlF comment to the "Dude" at the end that gets every emotion and a lifetime of friendship and his personality across all at once. Really REALLY well done.
Guest chapter 65 . 1h
I haven't read any of this story. YET. But you are on my Reminders list of great stories to read and I just spent a day combing through all of your reviews. Your work sounds absolutely incredible and I'm emotional, inspired, and excited solely off the testimonies of your reviewers. Thank you for sharing and this is a major boost to my confidence in writing my own Fanfiction one day. Thank you, God Bless, and I look forward to diving into this DP world you've created.
Basil Allegri chapter 65 . 9h
I see what you did with the theme song... nice, Jazz.
That was a good ending, and I didn't feel like too many things were left out or unquestioned. Full circle. Resolutions. Nice work!
Rowanoak chapter 65 . 12h
Wow. This was the ending we all really needed, and it brings so much happiness and closure with it!

I saw this update come through a few days ago and my first impulse was NO I AM NOT READY FOR IT TO BE OVER. So I waited until I could give this final chapter the attention and farewell it deserves. After finally reading it, I must tell you this has been one epic ride and I'm so grateful for this story. Your characters have seen so much development and your masterful design is admirable. When I said earlier I'll read anything you write, I wasn't kidding. I'm always going to be a fan of your work.
Even though we have never met, I feel like you are a friend-your stories and little notes have been a constant and very needed companion these past few years. This fic has seen me through college, a new job, fanfiction of my own, and multiple best and worst days ever. We have all grown as this story has, and I just wanted you to know you've had a very significant and positive impact on me. Best of luck in all you seek out next!
faedemonn chapter 65 . 12h
Haiju, you really can’t imagine just how much this final chapter means to me (and to all your readers!) Thank you so much for perservering this long, and for taking your time to create something so incredible. Good luck with your future endeavors!
DominusPisces chapter 65 . 21h
Great story. One thing that lingers though, the Shade in Shannon's house, is that Todd?
HollyBlood98 chapter 65 . 21h
I don't remember when exactly I read PoT, but I do remember the day I received that email notification saying that you'd posted this. It was maybe a couple of months after I had read PoT. I distinctly remember excitedly reading the first chapter, and then refreshing my inbox for days afterwards waiting for the next update. I was 14 then.

I'm not much into reviewing, but I had to let you know that I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into this. Thank you for all the times your updates made my week a little less shitty. Thank you for all the times you made me a little less anxious about things.

Thank you so much for the journey.
cthulhu-with-a-fez chapter 65 . 21h
this fic... this has been with me a long time. i started college in 2012 and joined tumblr and found out about danny phantom and read phantom of truth, and i found out about shadow of a doubt right before the worst emotional collapse i've ever had, at the end of 2013. i had pretty limited internet for a while after that, but i had just enough to check my email, and... well, the soad updates have been a comforting constant to me for a _long_ time. it took me a while too, but i'm in a much better mental place, and. i don't know how much of that is due to this fic. i know i never really reviewed before. but it was good, to watch danny pull himself together some at the same time i was trying to do the same. different reasons, but it was still a long rough recovery from a life-changing devastation, with a character that felt like a friend. thank you so much for the time and the effort you put in to writing this and all your other works, for not giving up on it, for seeing us across the finish line in the same wonderful style as you've always had. i wish all the best for you in the future - you really, truly deserve it. and again. THANK YOU.
Sueanoi chapter 65 . 21h
Thank you for writing this master piece to its fantastic completion. I enjoyed every chapter of it! The happy ending made my day. I feel so happy right now.
just a fan chapter 65 . 22h
That was wonderful! I absolutely loved it. There are plenty of open ends but enough of a satisfying ending to make me content. Thanks for sticking through with it. I'm proud of you because I've tried but finishing is hard. Have a wonderful like and thanks for sharing!
TabbiCC chapter 65 . 23h
This story has been an amazing ride from the beginning to the end.
I can't even remember when I first found PoT, but I know I've been getting email updates for SoaD forever. They've been a nice way to count the passage of time actually. I'll miss it.

This is a strange fandom that is hard to explain to those who aren't a part of it, but it is one that I cherish and constantly return to.
You have contributed a thoroughly well constructed addition to its works on this site.
Following Danny and Maddie through both the horror of the actual experimentation and the psychological aftermath and reconstruction of their lives has been amazing and poignant. My heart.
You've done such a good job portraying the events and picking apart their psyches.
And I've very much enjoyed Shannon and Dr. Wagner. They played such great roles in the recovery story.

I have loved every update and every minute of this story. Thank you for putting such time, effort, and soul into this piece. I know it must have been a struggle at times and I cannot imagine spending this long pouring myself into one project. Congratulations on a great finish.

I look forward to checking out your site and original works in the future. After multiple years of loving your writing, I can't imagine that will change in the years to come, even without the ghostly bits.

Once again thank you and good luck!

~TabbiCC u
LoneTread chapter 65 . 23h
So that's it then. Wow. I really should have reviewed more, so I should *definitely* review now, but I don't know what to say. This was just so incredible. I can't imagine writing something so epic and with so much depth and sticking with it for so long, but damn, you do it well. I know I'll be reccing this to everyone forever, which is the least it deserves. (And forgive me, but I might leave the Alert on, just in case. :))

Congrats on this amazing accomplishment, and best of luck in your future endeavors.
Hana-Liatris chapter 65 . 10/20
Thank youI'm proud of you, and that you acheived writing this long and wonderful story... I think i've been following you for- at least- four or five years, and it will feel strange not getting another mail alert for this story.
Again, thank you!
SmoothSmoothie chapter 65 . 10/20
Wow, I knew the end was near but if I would have realized that this was going to be the last chapter I would have made an event out of It! With wine and chocolate and everything! This story has been a joy to read for the last few years. Even if you feel like this story doesn't fit in your life anymore, thank you for finishing it out. I have really enjoyed it. I've also cried over it so many times. I'm so happy that while the road has been hard, they are all dealing with the trauma and living together in the end. Thank you for all your hard work. :)
voper45 chapter 65 . 10/20
Cant believe its over.

Been here since almost the start of Phantom of Truth, and still say this is hands down the best fanfic on the site atm. Thanks for your time and effort over these past 6 years. Its been one crazy ride, theorizing about what might happen next, or falling for the occasional April Fools chapter, or just getting wrapped up in the happenings of the chapter I was reading.

I'll continue to recommend this to friends for a long time to come, and wish you the best of luck in what the future brings you. Thanks again HaiJu.
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