Reviews for Shadow of a Doubt
Ace McKnight chapter 65 . 13h
Wow, that was a ride. It's been quite a while since I couldn't put a story down. The angst was believable and the characters showed real, human flaws. Hard issues were struggled with, rather than swept under a rug. The ending was perfect and most loose ends were either tied off or at least acknowledged as being left open. All in all, this is in my top 5 of completed fanfiction stories (and it's also the only DP fandom story I've read to date). Sorry to hear you are retiring from fanfiction, but you've certainly left a fine legacy. Good luck with all future endeavors.
bledrakon chapter 65 . 4/17
I hace to say, this is one of the best fanfics I've ever read. I promise, I read this 65-chapters-long fanfic in 3 days, while studying for my med classes. If that doesn't express how much I loved this I don't know what will. I'm so glad I managed to find and give myself time (jaja med school) to read this amazing piece of art. I'm sorry for not commenting earlier, I was really into the story that I kind of forgot.

P.D. The first part was also great, but this second part was way better. :3
iam.theartofcake chapter 1 . 4/17
May I just say, l have read PoT, and Roughing It and I love your take on the Danny Phantom universe! I love SoaD so far especially! I thought Shannon was my fave OC of yours, but Nicki is quickly taking first in my heart! This chapter, as always, is amazing
Sparkling Hobbit Hoe of M. E chapter 1 . 4/5
Dang this was interesting! I can't wait to read the rest of it! :o
Accursed Editor chapter 65 . 4/1
Thanks for writing. I'd say "Corrections offered without malice." one more time but I didn't spot anything. A nice bow on it.
Guest chapter 63 . 4/1
Corrections offered without malice. :I'd complain about "phase him" being a misspelling of faze were it not in such close proximity to other puns.
Guest chapter 62 . 4/1
Corrections offered without malice.
exhale is still not a noun.
"Not the digital copy." Hard (or paper) copy. The digital copy was in fact destroyed.
Guest chapter 65 . 3/26
I just finished this, and I was honestly very scared of reading such a serious story, because I usually just enjoy short drabbles and humorous oneshots. I even took a break several chapters in because I didn’t like how downhill and dark the plot was going. Then I picked it back up and it’s THE BEST FIC IVE EVER READ. I am honestly so in love with this story and impressed with how well-written it is too. I know a lot of writers say they don’t have much planned out, but even if you didn’t plan it all out, it still felt like you did! It was so perfect. I thought I would hate Shannon at first, along with other new characters, but that became my favorite part of the story. I am so happy I decided to finish it (it wasn’t really a decision once I picked it back up. I couldn’t stop). You are doing great work!
pingo1387 chapter 65 . 3/10
Amazing sequel! There's so much good development here of all the kids and their parents, Danny's slow recovery... awesome work! Thank you!
End Transmission chapter 65 . 2/19
This whole journey, both stories together, was just so good! I'm not great at reviews, but you created something really wonderful here, and now I'm sad it's over!
Shadowbandits chapter 65 . 2/16
Happy endings are the worst.
Sad endings are good.
But bittersweet ones are the best.
I thought that this story for sure was going to have a conclusion where things would work out, but not really. But the one I got was a happy-go-lucky hallmark movie ending. Why did Danny feel no animosity towards his mother? The one that dissected him like an animal, torturing him for weeks on end? Love is strong, but no-one could ever go through that without utterly loathing that person.
And so many loose ends left untied. What happened to the evil scientist that replaced Dr. Fenton in the GIW? Is Vlad still locked up inside the Fenton's lab? Why is Todd's story left unexplained and incomplete? If your going to leave these questions unanswered, then don't even put them in your story in the first place.
And thats not even mentioning increasingly amount of grammatical errors that started about halfway through the story. Mispelled words, DOuble capitalization, punctuation error's. It got pretty sad compared to the quality in the first story and the first half of this book.
Overall, it's not a bad story. I actually quite enjoyed it for the most part. But to say that I'm not extremely disappointed by this lackluster, cop out of an ending would be a lie. I hope you realize that I'm not just mindlessly bashing this story, just giving it some critical feedback.
JayneParker chapter 65 . 2/12
It was a wild ride, and I wouldn't miss it for the world! You did an amazing job, and I wish you luck in everything to come! Thank you for putting in the time and effort to share this!
Egg Emperor chapter 65 . 2/9
I usually don't leave reviews unless a story really impresses me, and even then I've never written one like this...Because I've never had to. This (the entire 87 chapter 369,984 word epic) is perhaps one of the greatest fan fictions ever written, not only in terms of it's superb writing and difficult heart-wrenching themes, but in terms of it's importance and impact. This story along with Lab Rat, serves as the foundation for an entire section of the Danny Phantom fandom - if not the corner stone for the entire dark section of the fandom. What you and AnneriaWings have inspired is nothing short of stunning, I can say with no hyperbole that I have seen hundreds of pieces of artwork and nearly as many fan fics inspired - directly or indirectly - by this single, simple yet twisted concept of Danny being captured and subject to horrific experiments. This story is a Dark bloody love letter to the fans of this cult series and it has been redoubled a thousand times over in what it has inspired and given to them. This seven year labor of twisted love that you have given us is nothing short of a masterpiece, a work that I believe will continue to live on so long as there are fans of the series. People often deride fan fiction as a lesser art-form, filled with inexperience craftspeople to lazy or uninspired to create their own work. This throws all of that unto it's head, as many fics do, but it does it so differently in that not only is it a masterful work but has become nearly as important to the overall idea of it's subject as the original itself. So, thank you; thank you for all the long hours, the brainstorming, the early mornings and likely sleepless nights, thank you for everything that you did and sacrificed to make this, your magnum opus, a reality.
-Johannes, The Egg Emperor
Ballerninja chapter 65 . 2/2
I don't review things that often. Simply because I don't always feel the need. Just as I don't always feel the need to review every episode of a show I watch. However there are a few things I feel I should say.
Most importantly, I am blown away. There were times while reading the entirety of this adventure that it was as if a rug had been ripped out from under me. I could physically feel the sorrow. I couldn't help the smiles that came to my face when the characters also felt the expression. I actually went on this journey. I tagged along, an earnest guest on an adventure I had no idea I was setting out on in the first place. I got wrapped up in it. Was dragged along behind this rollercoaster of difficult emotions and great trials. Your OCs are AWESOME, and fit into the story so perfectly.
On top of that, I saw a story behind the scenes as well. Every anniversary chapter I read the Author's Note in, I felt something flutter in my stomach as time was stretched in front of me. It was so bizarre, going into this monstrous plot, and reading it in less than a week, to find out it took someone six years to complete in its entirety. It's mind blowing. All I thought I was going to do was read a simple fanfiction. Really, this is one of the first series I've read in this fandom and I believe the bar has been risen so high I'll be disappointed with others.
I'm... quickly running out of words to say. And I'm sorry for going on about it like this. But your writing is phenomenal. Your development of the characters was perfectly plausable. The events taking place horrifying, but the people you portrayed were so so human. I hope you're proud of this because it is AMAZING. I wish you luck in all of your future projects, and I'll be keeping an eye out for Kate Weize. Thank you for posting this.
Steel723 chapter 65 . 1/28
Well, 48 hours ago I was casually looking through and arbitrarily decided to look up a Danny Phantom Fanfic...I was not prepared for the emotionally charged roller coaster I had signed up for (to clarify I read both of them in that time period.)

All I can say is wow. I'm not going to lie though, I had thought with your Frankenstein references he was going to get his powers back via lighting or electricity, but that is not a complaint! Thank you for this amazing story and just wow. Best of luck in your future endeavours!
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