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Dragon260 chapter 23 . 7/19
Now that we established Line-Verse Dick Grayson to be a total badass even with vigilante-career ending cancer and subsequent side effect, I would totally be up for reading a universe cross over to cannon. Because I gotta say, I spent 3 days obsessively reading this series whenever I had free time and I fell in love with this version of the batfam. Especially Jason who SOMEHOW got to be Nightwing and Batman.
Guest chapter 23 . 6/10
Wow this fic was fucking amazing. I loved watching Dick's master plan unfold.
Rehabilitated Sith chapter 23 . 2/18
Hahah commissioner Grayson, is he only warming the spot for Barbara?
Rehabilitated Sith chapter 19 . 2/18
Yes, I need those pictures from Jason!
Rehabilitated Sith chapter 18 . 2/18
Hahahhaha, I like how Clark assumed it would be him as the reporter. Bahahahaha
Alex Skywalker chapter 22 . 1/29
I love/hate it when stories fuck you up. And this one is still fucking me up. I’m still thinking about it TODAY when I finished it last night. I was in class and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I keep seeing the scene of commissioner Grayson meeting with Batman and Robin and it gives me the shivers - I get an eerie, almost sad feeling. Because I’ve never read a story where Nightwing dies and Dick lives on, not as a vigilante but as a human. Like wow, my feels are all over the place and I really can’t handle them right now. I may start crying. Again. This is wild. I really can’t put into words how I’m feeling - I just wanted you to know that you’ve done a thing - good thing. A great thing. And an unbearably sad thing. But also extraordinarily happy. My emotions are fucked man. Thanks for that amazing ride - I hope your muse sticks around and continues to fuck with me for many years.
Alex Skywalker chapter 23 . 1/28
I’m not crying, you’re crying. No I really am crying. I fell in love with Lifelines over 3 years ago and just now finally finished Faultlines and damn, the ending hit me hard in all the best ways...
TombRaider14 chapter 12 . 1/20
This is a fantastic chapter and such great writing of emotional and philophiscal necessary resolution alike for Dick, and even the others. But I fucked tackled like a mad batch (and it was as cheesy and fake seeming as Clock Man lol), but the fact that you nail Dick's equally cliche, witty, quickly, and hilariously unexpected humor in one so well is perfect. I just legit died at "maybe this is why the Joker was mad..." I didn't see that coming at all, and it shows how relatively frustrated and at wit's end he is, along with that cynical smile for days as a combo. It really painted a picture and brought the reader to the couch, feeling like you're really watching a really combo yourself. Your pacing and moves are so fantastic. I wish I could favorite this story more than once. Your mind works very interestingly. You're so creative at so many things, and balance each aspect so well. Much love, yo
TombRaider14 chapter 6 . 1/19
I love your sense of humor, that pops up among all your other strong traits. This mad end laugh way too much, lol: "With Jason, Dick didn't feel like he had to try so hard. Jason had already seen him at his lowest moments, pulled him through most of them. The weeks of chemo had made Jason sensible to Dick's moods and feelings.

"You're an idiot, what the hell were you thinking?!"

Or not. Dick buried his face into the pillows with a sigh..."


Wasn't expecting, that ha. Love it.
Hayoen chapter 5 . 10/7/2018
I'm just getting really depressed about Dick possibly not being able to be an acrobat again
Beloved Daughter chapter 23 . 10/1/2018
Thanks for writing this awesome story! I particularly liked all the specially planned moments like Jason showing up as Batman to shock Bruce and Dick writing that Britney Spears inspires Tim. LOL!
RichardDGraysonN chapter 23 . 9/10/2018
sexy commissioner Grayson! 3
Thank you for your work, it's perfect!
AngelMariaNF chapter 23 . 2/21/2018
Excellent trilogy! I enjoyed it from beginning to end. It had its dramatic and tense parts (like the father and son relationship between Bruce and Dick, who are finally united and talk more) but also had its fun parts, like when they captured Victor. Oh, and when Jason disguised himself as Batman without Bruce knowing and the billionaire fell to the floor sitting, dead of fright, that was really fun! I must say, friend. You are very talented, your stories are great! Now Dick is happy again. Finally, after so much suffering, happiness arrives. Now he is the new police commissioner! He works with Batman and the others, and his family is more united than ever, as he always wanted. Yes, everything is fine in the world.
Animestar73 chapter 23 . 1/10/2018
Just wanted to leave a review saying how much I enjoyed your story. It's been ages since I've visited and even longer since I've read a sick!fic. I'd forgotten how emotionally invested I get.

I wanted to leave praise at how well you developed the plot, characters and pacing. It's truly an amazing feat to come across well written stories that apply to your favorite characters. I loved how you wrote Dick but especially how you wrote Bruce. Despite this being the Batman fandom, it's hard to come across a Bruce character that I can believe in. But your Alfred, gosh, just a thousand and one thank yous for including him in the story and having him plan a human part rather than just a means to an end. The family dynamic is what sold me the most on this verse, and your growth of Jason, Tim and Damian is amazing to see in the few days it took me to read over your story.

So thank you for the effort you put into this fic and the contribution to your fandom! I hope your Masters went well and you are doing well! I have to say your fic also gave me the kick in the butt to register for my local stem cell swab. I think it's great when a fic can impact a reader like this, you should be very proud of yourself! D

P.S. Excuse my childish username. It's been over a decade since I conceptualized it and I haven't written a review in about as long and it's a bit embarrassing to see it when I'm trying to sing genuine praise!
Guest chapter 16 . 12/27/2017

first, I don't care if this is all part of dick's plan or a ruse or something, you DON"T KILL NIGHTWING...

lal i'm just gonna read the next chapter and find out what happens
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