Reviews for Kuro No Megami
Darkan89 chapter 2 . 4/29
Continue please.
Is Sakura pregnant yet? How many of the girls are gonna be pregnant with Narukos children?
awesomegirl6485 chapter 2 . 3/16
darrius212 chapter 2 . 3/13
Hello my name is Darrius and I want you to please continue updating your story it's getting better and better now that I can't wait till you update your story but yeah Please continue to update your fanfiction it's getting better and better now so please continue to updating please and thank you.
uzuuchi007 chapter 2 . 10/4/2014
Nice !
l chapter 2 . 8/1/2014
please update
lee chapter 1 . 8/1/2014
please up date how wii the wave mision go
uscias chapter 2 . 7/5/2014
Please update soon , don't stop.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/23/2014
Utter garbage.

No character buildup AT ALL.

Honestly, I can't understand how likes this crap.
Guest chapter 2 . 1/14/2014
can't wait for next issue
Lazy Twilight Sparkle chapter 1 . 1/12/2014
fucking awesome. i loved it. the way she handled people... MASSIVE BURN
Gman123 chapter 1 . 12/29/2013
Holy shit! Just reading that opening A/N of all the changes to Naruko... Damn.
Darkaileyba chapter 2 . 12/28/2013
Very good story. It just sucks you in. I look forward for more.
mattcun chapter 2 . 12/28/2013
plz write more
LookOutReader chapter 2 . 12/26/2013
I think you shouldn't skip scenes like the one with hinata or how naruko started to train her sister and friends. Makes it a bit confusing but otherwise like the story
XKhaosXKyuubiX chapter 2 . 12/13/2013
This is pretty good so far. But I do have one complaint: You aren't really clear on which guys are GB'd into girls. Maybe make that a little more clear by giving them different names or something.

Still, good story, I hope to see NAruko have some more hot futa sex down the road.

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