Reviews for A Dollar and A Dream
maddog63 chapter 14 . 4/18
omg - I want to eat all of that like right now! Great job creating a taste experience with words!
maddog63 chapter 13 . 4/18
There's nothing better than knowing someone has your back with no questions asked - and all 3 women showed that here. Nicely done.
maddog63 chapter 12 . 4/16
Great buildup of drama here!
maddog63 chapter 11 . 4/16
Incredibly romantic and sexy. Favorite chapter!
maddog63 chapter 10 . 4/16
Adore all the places you've included lines in French. Totally makes the emotion and intent of those moments pop!
maddog63 chapter 7 . 4/16
Love the slow build. Pace is perfect.
maddog63 chapter 6 . 4/16
OMG - the bit with the bathroom door made me literally LOL.

Great development of the characters, settings, and the budding romance. Love it!
maddog63 chapter 4 . 4/16
SO romantic! And a perfect buildup to the cliffhanger ending!
maddog63 chapter 3 . 4/16
I love the balance/play between dizty/quirky Brittany and intelligent/cultured Brittany. And the fact that she so quickly and easily gets Santana to let her guard down and just be in the moment.
maddog63 chapter 2 . 4/16
Absolutely love this. Makes me feel like I've had a good day just reading it!
maddog63 chapter 1 . 4/16
Too cute!
Aimsy23 chapter 32 . 2/8
I don't remember them making love to drunk in love! :/
Aimsy23 chapter 22 . 2/6
OMG I wanna know more about the Santana split and all the wanky desserts she came up with! and whatever Brit said to her
BrittanaLove93 chapter 40 . 1/12
Cute story ever awhhh! You are really talented. Write more please. :)
Blueskkies chapter 40 . 12/24/2014
Very romantic proposal by britt
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