Reviews for Dragonsoul
The-Quickpeeps chapter 95 . 7/1
Damn, this was incredible, I mean I absolutely despise you for keeping Serana and Valor apart, but apart from that this is not only one of the greatest fanfics I've read this is one of the greatest stories in general, truly a masterful work, and I hope you continue this story. ya know bring Valor back to Serana, maybe? please? 10/10
Dotwiper chapter 95 . 6/8
This has been a journey, thank you for taking this story to shore. This does not belong among the normal things I prefer to read, but something about this story and your simple writing style didn't let me go, although I wanted to stop reading at times. I think I was really loyal to your story line, liked it. I don't usually comment but you finished quite the piece. Good luck to you and thanks for making my lunch reading hours enjoyable!
Guest chapter 95 . 5/27
I loved both of these stories you wrote absolutely amazing and can't wait for any of your new stories. Ps thanks for spending so much of your own time and life for our satisfaction.
Gallantmon7196 chapter 95 . 5/25
This and Dragonfire are easily two of my favorite stories on this site. I loved every single minute of reading this series. And I pray, to the 9, that you do a sequel story. I would love to seeing how you would have the Empress and her son take on the Akaviri. You have the talent for it and I would read that story in a heartbeat.

Thank you. Thank you for the wonderful story (no, Epic) to read. I do hope that you continue to write more amazing tales like these, cause I can guarantee that I will read them.
ArtimuosJackson chapter 95 . 5/22
It was good story but you destroyed it by thinking yourself as some G.R.
LightningShades chapter 95 . 5/21

What a tale! Some mistakes were made here and there throughout chapters, mostly they are timeline related, but overall, I think you did an oustanding job as a writer of such a young age. Your story was beautiful, it had some researches behind it, a lot of work done on it, and in the end it totally is worth all things.

Somehow I found myself to be strangely skeptical concerning the ending, I would've loved to know if Serana went out to look for her lover. And what about Durnheviir? I'm sure this dragon can be of use if a sequel comes to mind :). What of Miraak's dragons? What of the heir of Dovahkiin? There is a lot you can still work on.

I enjoyed the reading. Such talent must not be silenced :) Keep the pens working the parchments fellow artist!
Duesal Bladesinger chapter 95 . 5/19
It's a shame Serana grew bitter at Valor's absence, but it honestly doesn't make sense to me unless she knew he made the decision not to return. Eh. Not that strange, I guess. Plenty of people grow to hate loved ones for dying.

Seeing Athalos acting as guardian for Valor's son whilst Serana was off saying war made me grin. It's great that different factions of the empire are working together for a common cause. Also, an emperor taught by Athalos is going to be unbelievably competent. Tamriel is in for a golden age.

But dude, that ending. It was so cathartic to read about the destruction of the Elven homeland. It's like bombing Nazi Germany toward the end of WWII. Yes, there are innocents, but by doing so you ensure that the militant regime never finds firm footing ever again. Way to go, Serana. Dragon empress indeed.

For the record, I don't think anyone would be opposed to a sequel. XD

Anyway, it's been a wonderful ride. You're an expert loremaster, and you'll only get better from here. Keep at it, man.

Duesal Bladesinger
KrabreatH chapter 95 . 5/18
First off, I'd like to apologize, as a reader since Dragonsoul, but only now a reviewer, that I didn't review sooner, I am truely sorry it has taken me this long.

These two stories are some of the best on this site, and I've loved them since first discovering them back near chapter 20 of Dragonsoul ( How long has it been?).

I am not sure what your plans are, as far as fanfiction writing goes, but as a tremendous scumbag of a fan, I beg you to wrap up the trilogy in some way, and bring some amount of closure to these stories.

These two stories were incredibly well done, and whatever you choose to do with this world you've forged, you have left an epic mark in the world of Elder Scrolls fanfiction.

I would go on, but it is late, I'm on a phone, and I think this functions well in getting my feelings across for this story, and your writing.
RickBe chapter 95 . 5/18
I've loved this series since I found it while browsing for something new to read. This had everything I look for in a story: characters I admired and loved, an original plot, and good writing. Thank you for writing this.
Fallout2281 chapter 95 . 5/18
this was a great chapter and i hope there is a sequel to this like if the Dragonborn returns to see what has happened to the empire.
Trap3r chapter 95 . 5/18
Alinorum Delenda Est.

I'm also planning on a sequel for my crossover fic: Ice and Fire: Total War.

I partially plan on basing it off of several real life Roman Emperors, but to give you a little taste, it will primarily be based on the reigns of Justinian and Theodora, the husband and wife who restored the glory of Rome.

Kinda disappointed that she ended up hating her lover, but I guess that's one of the many prices Valor had to pay when he decided to burn Apocrypha to the ground. I wonder if Glandiril will end up becoming someone like Tywin Lannister?
Duesal Bladesinger chapter 94 . 5/18
I am absolutely content with how this series has turned out. It has been a joy to read the wars ripping the land apart and scattering the lives of countless characters. I mean, first a draugr invasion then a civil war then a Dominion invasion with a near ending of the world? That's some serious shit right there. Your battles are spectacular, your characters are lifelike, and not once did you ever have a chapter that wasn't important for the advancement of the story. You are an absurdly talented writer, and I hope you continue to cultivate your talent in some form or another. Perhaps write a book one day. After all, GRRM isn't known for his great health. We'll need another writer sooner than you may think. :P

Morbidness aside, reading this series has been a great ride. Congrats on making it to the end of the road, man. :)

Duesal Bladesinger
Fallout2281 chapter 94 . 5/17
This was a really long story,but it was worth you should do this more often brother.
Trap3r chapter 94 . 5/17
These stories were some of the best I've read in this section. Definitely made your heroes struggle for victory time and time again, with the outcome always in doubt, and most pulling through only by the skin of their teeth and no small blessings from the Gods themselves.

I look forward to whatever endeavor you have planned, and may the Seven light your path.
Guest chapter 93 . 5/17
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