Reviews for Shapes
RPGPersona chapter 18 . 8/7/2016
Once again, thanks for writing a great story. I am enjoying your writing style so far. I love how you are including Raven's emotions as part of the story.

With the threat of Trigon dealt with, Beast Boy and Raven return to their comfortable routine.

If Raven learned nothing else, it is that time can be a precious thing. Not wanting to squander her time with Starfire, she agree to go shopping with her and create new memories that will last forever.

Nothing like a celebration to end a story. After all the conflict, it is nice to be able to able to have fun. Starfire really hit gold with her gift, without even meaning to. Or maybe I should say she hit silver.

Great minds think alike, both Beast Boy and Raven got each other engagement ring. It seems they are ready to tell the world that they are going to be together for a long time.

Poor Robin, Beast Boy raising the bar and it appears he is not quite as ready.
RPGPersona chapter 17 . 8/7/2016
Idea meeting time. Haha, Rage's idea of become supreme overload to reduce the number of Trigon followers. Beast Boy unknowingly suggests an interesting idea, pausing time in Trigon's prison dimension.

Well, an assault from the Gordanians force Raven and Beast Boy to charge into a climatic battle. The bond between he two gives Raven an edge to keeps her n the game, but she is unable to deal any serious damage. So the answer to the difference between angels and demons can be considered nothing or choices. It is not the DNA that dictates who you are, but your choices.

Beast Boy changes in the same creature as Trigon and distracts him. This gives Raven both the courage to align with her emotions and the time to cast the freeze spell.

Now Beast Boy and Raven are free to enjoy each others company without Trigon creepily watching them.
RPGPersona chapter 16 . 8/7/2016
Haha, looks like Raven's emotions want to talk with Beast Boy, and they are not taking no for an answer. Rage ended up pressuring him to warp to her realm to join Raven and the others.

There is a whole list of things that the emotions want from Beast Boy today. First up is looking into Beast Boy's head. I wonder if there anything in particular the emotions were hoping to see. We have an explanation for Beast Boy becoming immortal. When he takes in the DNA of other animals, he takes in their life force as well. If he can harness that factor, he could extend his life that way.

Second order of business, breaking the news that Rage shared blood with Beast Boy after losing to him. We get the full significance of what that act meant. Rage must have trusted Beast Boy with all her heart for her to do that. Raven initially wants to cancel the bond, but can't refute the logic Knowledge gives her. Both Beast Boy and Raven mix their blood and share an oath.

What a twist, so Raven and Beast Boy are now considered married in demon terms. I guess the oath and blood sharing is similar to marriage vows. Happy, is quite happy, which means Raven must be happy as well.

The visit ends with a riddle. What is the difference between Angels and Demons. My guess would be either choices or nothing. Saying one is good or evil is definitely wrong. Angels are capable of dishing out just as much destruction as demons, and there is no reason a demon can't do good deeds if they choose to.

Oh boy, a Trigon cult has come to town. Ugh, they are repeating the same ritual that sired Raven. I was worried for a little bit. I thought Trigon might bind or kill Raven before she had a chance to get away. Good thing she made that bond this morning. It saved her life, along with 4 others.

They reached the point of giving good night kisses I say. They seem comfortable enough about the demon marriage to joke about it. To Raven, things are looking up.
RPGPersona chapter 15 . 8/7/2016
Oh dear, it seems that a Aknarian ship has appeared. It attacked the tower hoping to kill the Gem, thinking it would end Trigon's threat. Beast Boy, thinking Raven was killed goes on a rampage. Just when it looks like he is going to slaughter the crew, the other Titans arrive to calm him down.

Time for another chess game. I chance for Raven to apologize. The fact that he let her in the first place is a good sign. It may have been a slip of the tongue, but Raven admitted having feelings for Beast Boy, and wanting to date him. She even gave Beast Boy a quick kiss to the lips before going.
RPGPersona chapter 14 . 8/7/2016
Raven's emotions seem quite excited by the new fashion accessory. So Knowledge was able to come to the conclusion that Rage was the one who assisted Beast Boy in rescuing Raven.

I know Raven wanted to hear the whole story from Beast Boy, but I wasn't expecting her to snap like that. When your Rage/demonic side is telling you how evil you are being, you know you messed up. Beast Boy didn't wait for any explanation, he just runs away.

None of her emotions are happy with her actions. They had to release the seal on Rage in order to get enough power to stop Raven from killing Beast Boy. It took some effort on the other emotions part, but they eventually broke through her denial and excuses to make her realize what she did.

So the twist was Raven is immortal. I have seen this a couple times in stories. Not being familiar with the comics, I have no idea how canon Raven being immortal is. So the reason Robin is bad in the long wrong is due to him being mortal. Apparently Rage divined multiple futures for Raven. It appears there is a way that Beast Boy can be immortal as well. Staying by her side to make sure she never forgets what it means to be human.

That makes me think of Fairy Tail. Zeref wanted to revive his dead brother and invented magic to help him on this task. For this he was cursed by the gods to be immortal. In additional the curse devoured the life around him the more he valued life. It eventually turned him cold like Rage described. Wanting to die, he created terrible magic and demons designed to kill, causing untold destruction.

After talking with her emotions, she realizes just suppressing Rage like she did will only cause blow up events like what just happened. She also realizes she needs to apologize and make it up to Beast Boy. Most importantly, she realized how much she cared about him, to the point where it could be called love.

Well, Beast Boy is certainly angry. Rage communicated with him and was able to calm him down, though time will tell if he will forgive Raven.
RPGPersona chapter 13 . 8/7/2016
I see, I though the whole team had been captured, but it was just Raven, and due to him transforming into an Amoeba, Beast Boy. Thanks to Beast Boy stowing away, he was able to help Raven, who was being kept asleep.

The Gordanians are serving Trigon, didn't think that twist was happening.

Unable to win a direct battle, all Beast Boy could do was cripple the ship to prevent Raven from reaching whatever destination. It was quite effective. Even the leader admitted they were screwed.

Beast Boy lucked out when Rage was able to communicate with him. Together, they were able to rescue Raven by jumping right into Rage's prison. It seems Rage gifted Beast Boy with some of her knowledge/power with the blood. That was sweet, Beast Boy trusted Rage completely to possess him and create a portal into Raven's mindscape. Rage seemed quite touched that Beast Boy trusts her so much. A nice good-bye hug before leaving.

I see, so only Beast Boy knows what happened. In order to keep Rage's secret, he remains tight lipped about what he did. Raven tries to make a bet over chess to get Beast Boy to spill, but he doesn't bite.

I was wondering when Beast Boy would give Raven the bracelet he got her. Raven seems to be enjoying herself, spending time with Beast Boy playing chess.
RPGPersona chapter 12 . 8/7/2016
Following Rage's gift advice, Beast Boy got Raven a good luck bracelet. He also found a silver dragon bracelet for himself that seems to resonate with him. I thought Beast Boy might give Raven her gift at breakfast, but I guess he is saving it for a better time. It is funny watching Raven trying to rationalize the bet in her head. Playing chess with Raven at least once a day until he wins. Basically Beast Boy's penalty for losing is spending more time with Raven.

Poor Knowledge, she has had it rough this past few weeks. Two weeks with Rage really has her spooked. Haha, Beast Boy is willing to take her punishment to spend some alone time with Rage. Watching Raven and Beast Boy go back and forth about Rage never gets old.

Stuck with just one form, Beast Boy is at a disadvantage against Knowledge. Rage once again takes advantage of the connection she created with Beast Boy to give him more advice about his dragon form. She really is Beast Boy's biggest fan at this point.

Haha, Raven can't quite hide her disappointment that Beast Boy didn't win, denying her an excuse for another kiss. Sorry, I mean 'experiment'.

Random ambush after returning to the tower? Now the Gordanians are causing trouble. Hey look, a star ship to go with Beast Boy's suggestion.
Guest chapter 11 . 8/7/2016
I see, So Beast Boy's blast took care of Slade and showed him that the golems are weak against fire. So the battle is won, but the war rages on as long as Trigon wants to keep trying.

Good old Starfire, again to keep a smile even in the worst of times.

Lots of long stories that Raven doesn't want to talk about.

So Trigon was watching the whole time and adjusting his attack for their defenses. I originally thought that mentioning Trigon would draw his gaze, but it was that he was already watching everyone the entire time. In that case Rage's little gambit is still the trump card in this situation.

Haha, Raven has decided to accept another bet. Beast Boy gets another kiss if he beats Knowledge again, but I am curious what Raven will want if Knowledge wins.
RPGPersona chapter 10 . 8/7/2016
Raven seems really hung up about the new form that beast Boy has never used before. She is also still a bit flustered over the kiss she shared with Beast Boy.

Haha, Raven wants a rematch with the real her instead of an aspect of her. Beast Boy wants another bet, but Raven puts her foot down in that department. Unfortunately for her, Cyborg shows up for his spar, so she has to retreat unless she wants to explain herself to Cyborg.

Beast Boy finally has a chance to implement cheetah pitching strategy. It seems to be quite effective on Cyborg. Cyborg also gave him an idea for Rage's hint. So she was talking about mythological creatures. In this case Malchior.

While Slade will be attacking soon, Beast Boy thinks it is worth the gamble to get a new form. Beast Boy had to get badly burned in order for Malchior to pin him down, but he got the DNA he wanted and was able to damage Malchior enough to retreat. Rage's connection with Beast Boy is stronger than I thought if it lets her communicate from such long distance. Was that was she accomplished by giving him her blood?

The others seems to be having a hard time holding back Trigon's minions. The golems are more resilient then the previous demons. Only Starfire had any luck in destroying some. It is confirmed that Slade is pretty much Trigon's slave at this point.

Right when it looks like the Titans will lose, Beast Boy shows up to give Raven an idea. Instead of trying to cool off the golems, overheat them instead. Not sure how many golems were destroyed, but both Raven and Beast Boy are exhausted.
RPGPersona chapter 9 . 8/6/2016
So now Raven has a glimpse of what is going to happen to cause Trigon to rise again. Slade is serving Trigon again and will attack the tower. Raven had to see some brutal images. With the potential end of the world, Knowledge convinces Raven to let Beast Boy visit.

I see, Knowledge what more information about what happened between Rage and Beast Boy. Surprised by Rage's behavior, Knowledge proposed a fight to test Beast Boy's abilities and see if he could have beaten Rage. Brave and Beast Boy are reluctant to fight. Brave is convinced by the fight she would get to grapple with Beast Boy. Beast Boy is convinced with a bet. Something that causes Knowledge to blush, and is something Beast Boy only considered due to the potential end of the world.

Well, Brave's fight ended really fast. We learned that Raven does find puppies adorable. With Brave going down to easily, Knowledge tags in without warning, and Raven gets caged to prevent interference. Knowledge held the advantage at first, with Beast Boy being too shocked to fight back. After Knowledge declared the fight over and saying Beast Boy couldn't beat Rage, something snaps. Beast Boy goes full animal and begins a relentless assault on Knowledge. He pursues her without pause until Knowledge runs away in fear.

So the bet was a kiss. Thinking about it logically, Raven weighs the pros and cons. Raven admits that kissing Robin would break Starfire's heart, and Cyborg is like a brother. Beast Boy is someone who likes her, so it wouldn't be a bad choice for a first kiss.

Looks like both sides enjoyed the kiss, Raven even making it last. So Brave was on team Robin, but the kiss was enough to convince her to switch. Wow, Beast Boy furiousity really shook her up. Serves her right for her trick I think.
RPGPersona chapter 8 . 8/6/2016
Rage must be quite worried if she is reaching beyond the seal that binds her in order to give Beast Boy more hints. Not all creatures are real. Is Rage referring to mythical creatures, if so, how does Beast Boy get their DNA?

Rage is is rooting for Beast Boy, giving him tips to win Raven's heart. Long term consequences if Raven chooses to start a relationship with Robin. I can only assume that Rage is referring to Raven bearing Robin's child. If so, why would Beast Boy entering a relationship be any different, unless giving Beast Boy her blood is a part of it?

Raven consults Knowledge some more, but there really isn't any information to go on. Knowledge being a bit more subtle then Rage in terms of playing match makers. I assume Knowledge knocked out Happy since she is about as subtle as Cyborg's burps. Makes me curious to know what she was about to say. Something comparing Beast Boy and Robin. Knowledge even had the nerve to ask Raven to bring Beast Boy with her.

Plan win Raven hearts is a go for Beast Boy. He starts by making her breakfast, hoping to win her through her stomach. If nothing else, it makes Raven happy to any bad blood between them is gone.

Congratulations Beast Boy, it took two tries to get the strategy down, but you were bale to beat Cyborg. Nice of Robin to give him two chances. Beast Boy spent the day thinking, but couldn't understand Rage's hint. He even tried meditating with Raven in the evening. While it calmed him down, it didn't give him any answers.
RPGPersona chapter 7 . 8/6/2016
Nothing like the threat of your demonic father to ruin your sleep. Things got a little awkward during breakfast when the topic of Beast Boy vs Rage came up. Raven being so confident that Beast Boy wouldn't be able to win ruffled his feather a bit. Wonder if that is what motivated him to gather more animal forms.

He made sure to tell Robin where he was going. While the resentment towards Raven is pretty much gone, he hasn't spent enough to with Robin and Cyborg to reconnect with them.

So Beast Boy got a new arsenal of snakes to morph into. Should have thought a bit more about stealing the dinosaur DNA. Apart from the whole stealing thing, morphing into that form after some DNA was stolen would make him suspicious. Beast Boy should consider himself lucky there was no immediate consequences.
RPGPersona chapter 6 . 8/6/2016
While it is extremely late to say this, Beast Boy was a fly on the wall during Spellbound, so insects are defiantly possible.

It almost feels like Raven and Beast Boy are back to normal, though it is hard to say. So Beast Boy wants to take care of his lack of long range attacks. With the nature of his power, long range attacks are difficult. Using the flexible cheetah form to toss debris. He sure has thought it out, with computer simulating both the cheetah's bone structure and the pitch of a baseball.

Looks like Raven wanted to clear any remaining bad blood between her and Beast Boy. Asking him to morph into an animal that can detect lies, and then make a formal apology to make sure Beast Boy knows she means it. She even through in a quick hug. This had the side effect of Raven realizing that Beast Boy held romantic feelings for her. So choose to ignore them, since she is interested in Robin. Beast Boy, Starfire, Robin, and Raven. A potential disaster in the making, depending on how things work out.

Well, Beast Boy got a chance to use his new form. With all the titanium Adonis used on his armor, Beast Boy didn't have to worry about hurting the human within with his acid. Good work Beast Boy, you deserve to feel proud.

So Raven is getting a bad premonition. The three possibilities are Rage causing trouble, the whole liking Robin causing a fallout, or Trigon. Quickly dismissing the second option, it is decided to explore the first option to confirm if Rage is up to something. Brave may be the brawn, but she is not the brains. Rage was able to easily out smart her.

I wonder what Rage's cryptic message to Knowledge means?

Also important to consider is the fact that Trigon might be up to something. With no clues except a bad feeling, Knowledge can only think and speculate for now. It appears her emotions are divided on who Raven would be more compatible with. Love is team Robin, with Knowledge, Happy, Timid, and Rage being team Beast Boy. No word on how Brave, Rude, and Sloth feel.
RPGPersona chapter 5 . 8/6/2016
Even if he worked off some steam with Rage, months of resentment and anger are not going to disappear overnight. Raven really does want to try to mend her broken friendship with Beast Boy. It seems she really isn't aware of how badly she treated him these past months. On Beast Boy's side, from his talk with Rage, he realizes that he has feelings, but knows that Raven has feelings for Robin. One sided loves are never fun.

With some help from Raven, Beast Boy was able to confirm that the Beast is a form he can freely use. That is sure to be useful in the future.

Everyone seems to be walking on egg shells with Beast Boy. What is worse, being treated horribly, or be treated like a porcelain doll? Cyborg was even holding back during the spar.

There is definitely a way to go to mends things between Beast Boy and the rest of the team, minus Starfire.

You are right Beast Boy, that is indeed one tough Octopus. At least you were able to sample its DNA and at it to your list of transformations.
RPGPersona chapter 4 . 8/6/2016
That rematch was a little more tame, with more thinking and less murderous rage. Rage did her best to keep Beast Boy at a distance where he couldn't hurt her. Beast Boy eventually thought up a good plan. He rode on a rock he threw towards Rage, knowing she would try to trap it. He managed to remain outside the barrier as an ameoba, fooling Rage's senses. From there he just fell and latched on to her, so he remained with her even when she teleported, and won via electric eel shocks.

Rages two pieces of advice are to think outside the box with his animal forms and to eat Starfire's food. Take advantage of the fact to regardless of which animal he choices, he keeps his human intellect. Something he is starting to show via his fights with Rage. I can only assume the second piece of advice involve him ingesting Tamaran wildlife to increase the number of creature he can turn into.

That is interesting. Rage even gave Beast Boy some of her blood. I assume this is to allow him to integrate demon DNA into his system. It sounds like a pretty big risk from the rules that Rage set.

Haha, Rage decides to mess with Raven by giving Beast Boy a goodbye hug, one that Beast Boy returns.

With Beast Boy's injuries healed, Raven is quick to issue an apology, willing to admit the blame lied with her, Cyborg and Robin. Raven feels pretty guilty that she was too obsessed with Robin to notice what was happening with Beast Boy.

Okay, I refuse to believe that cabinet holds no importance with that tease in the end.
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