Reviews for The White Rose of Vermilion
cheiadegracadeultra chapter 27 . 9/5
Great story
Sabrii AT chapter 27 . 7/17
I've never had so much patience in my entire life XD
Minthyria chapter 27 . 5/25
This is one of the best alternate-universe renditions of RWBY I have ever seen, and I love it with all my heart. Ruby as a character has a special place in my heart, and her strength, hope, and kindness have had an extreme impact on the person I am now. It would have been different if it wasn't for amazing stories such as this one, which turned her character from a distant fairytale fantasy to a normal person, full of flaws, fears, mistakes, doubts... As well as the determination, hopes, and dreams that lead us all forward.

It always hurts so much when writers shatter the hearts and souls of the characters that have meant so much to me, and I cannot thank you enough for preserving who they are even through all the horrible things they have had to face. Ruby and the loss of her sister because of Weiss, Jaune and Pyrrha facing what Ruby did to save Yang, Weiss reaching out to ruby even after being attacked by her... They all still stay true to themselves, still showing that ironclad determination that they would have needed to go so far at beacon. (Ruby even still has her silly side after all that, bless her heart! That Eisenstark special scene was so adorable!)

Thank you writing this spectacular masterpiece. It has been a very long time since it was last updated, but I am patient. So even if the next chapter is ten or fifty years down the line, I will eagerly wait for it.

Rebellives chapter 5 . 5/14
we love u nora3
Rebellives chapter 14 . 5/14
i love cardin in this story haha X'D
Rebellives chapter 14 . 5/14
i love cardin in this story haha X'D
Rebellives chapter 5 . 5/14
we love u nora3
Ben chapter 27 . 5/8
Thanks for writing the story, it is a great read.
Cadmus8 chapter 27 . 10/19/2021
This fic's update is gonna drop at the same time GTA6 is getting released. Which is to say, in 2078.
Chair chapter 27 . 9/20/2021
glad to hear that
Sylphiemarthias chapter 27 . 9/12/2021
Please update
Xaleraden chapter 27 . 8/1/2021
Having been introduced to RWBY by a friend, I only recently discovered this fanfic. I really love the more medieval realistic style, and demonstration of issues that were present at the time. As a Christian, I really appreciate your well-balanced portrayal of the medieval church, acknowledging the (very serious) issues that were present, but also portraying some of the more positive aspects. If you see this, I hope you’re doing well.
Guest chapter 15 . 4/19/2021
ruby's plot armor is on another level in this chapter
Urtoryu chapter 27 . 3/2/2021
"Typical Schnee. You are too kind." Say this to Jacques... (Okay, he wasn't born a Scheme, but you got the idea.)
I really liked this scene with Lutolf and Dhago, not only because of their interaction, but because of how different their culture and religion is. It is extremely rare to have this type of comradery between territories of different believes.
Urtoryu chapter 26 . 3/2/2021
Curious, Blake is a faunus in here but Velvet isn't? Well, it would be way harder to hide bunny ears, so it makes sense.
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