Reviews for The White Rose of Vermilion
DeathUponDeathA27 chapter 24 . 6/13/2020
Your story is awesome and I can't wait to see how White Rose plays out
DestinySkyDemon chapter 27 . 5/24/2020
Praise be the world building displayed in TWRoV, I can smell a heavy inspiration from Game of Thrones, not that I mind. Of the many RWBY fics I have read, this one no doubt gives a unique taste when read that I am eagerly awaiting to taste again when the next chapter drops. Keep up the good work!
DestinySkyDemon chapter 23 . 5/23/2020
Ouf. Poor Weiss. All she wants is to make amends, and yet all she is doing is further distancing herself from Ruby and making Ruby's life even harder for her, what a mess. I hope they eventually come to an understanding soon and Ruby finds what fate fell upon Yang, though I sincerely doubt any of this will happen anytime soon. Now, onwards to the next chapter!
jiaqixueer chapter 27 . 5/1/2020
I rlly rlly love this! But I think you should change the tag on this as it’s not rlly romance and I was trying to find a romance white rose fic and stumbled upon this haha. But It was so good that I couldn’t stop read and I enjoyed the journey of reading it!:) I admire you as an author who write content as detailed and intricate as your story for free. It’s such a pleasure to read! Cant wait to see what you have else in store! Hope you are doing ok!
Guest chapter 27 . 4/7/2020
This is awesome! Beautifully constructed, raw, emotional, eye opening and tear jerking. This story is so fantastically different from other fanfics that you can read this without any prior knowledge of RWBY and still cry your eyes out (not that i cried, those damn ninjas are just cutting onions too close to me!). Take your time my man! Take all the time you want in creating chapters, their quality more than makes up for the time you consumed, you know what they say "quality over quantity" and i believe that saying down to the bone! Hope you stay safe during this pandemic, I can't imagine another talented artist biting the dust too early than he/she deserved to.
Ami chapter 27 . 3/15/2020
This has to be one of the longest running stories I’ve seen... 7 years and ever more to come... hopefully. Nearly a decade. I hope you can give this one a good ending. I like this story a lot. It intrigues me.
eyelashh1 chapter 3 . 3/13/2020
SirSofty chapter 27 . 2/23/2020
You did a very good job at bringing it the emotions in this chapter! Can't wait for the next one
SirSofty chapter 15 . 2/20/2020
The tension! The action! The emotion! I've enjoyed the whole story so far but this chapter was really quite exceptional, keep up the good work
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 27 . 2/18/2020
Well i have very much enjoyed this. Sure there where parts where i rolled my eyes (Ruby being in awe of a ten foot tall wall, c'mon that is nothing to be in awe of even in medieval times) but overall it was a great read.

Hope it isn't dead and an update will drop soon.
YuukiAsuna-Chan chapter 1 . 2/17/2020
Why in gods name would she feel humbled by a 10 foot tall wall? That is not that high, hell i would be able to climb it by jumping and grabbing the top of it and pulling myself up.
Guest chapter 27 . 2/10/2020
This story is amazing!
The characters feel three dimensional, the interactions are great, and the made perfect sense.
It’s clear how much passion you pour into it.

Keep up the good work :)
iotheprofessor chapter 27 . 2/8/2020
I just read this entire story in one day. I'd love to read more, hopefully sooner rather than later.
Mitt T chapter 27 . 2/5/2020
Ruby is such a good main character. It does begin to irk me that she cries so often, yet at the same time I am glad that she
is still herself. In many stories the "pure" main character becomes depressed, emotionless, edgy or corrupted after suffering through
trauma. Ruby is obviously shook but the caring emotional person she was is still here. I think that's great.

What's interesting to me is that she even seems to think she should earn her redemption. As a reader I'd just want
She only acted the way she did because she had no other choice. I genuinely believe Ruby has nothing to atone for.

And yet I also cannot blame Jaune for being angry at her or trying to stop her. I mean, he is upset about being stabbed. Of course he is.
And even if he had decided to side with Ruby, he'd just have ruined his own life without achieving anything.

I know I said in an earlier review that "Weiss could fall off a cliff" but I want to make clear that it was
a hyperbole. I think Weiss is a fairly well-rounded character and I suspect she'll get more character development too.

This is where you really shine. Every character feels like a human being. They make bad decisions but their motivations
are relatable. There only "evil" character so far is probably Mr. Russel.
I particularity like how character are portrayed in a much more positive light once we switch to their POV.
This makes sense of course, but it's still nice how we get to see a different side of Lutolf for example.

If there's any character I still dislike (as a person, not as a character) then that'd definitely be Lutolf. He is finally treating his daughter properly and he seems like a good person in this chapter, but the way he acted towards Ruby seems needlessly cruel to me. They could have told her what was happening while she was recovering, but they let her suffer even though she already suffered so much. And not telling her about her sister only makes it unforgivable to me. I would expect Weiss to admonish him for that at some point, considering how she feels guilty and she knows what it's like to lose a sister.

Personally, I would like another Blake chapter at some point. Poor Blake, really got the short end of the stick in this fic. Her parents died. She can barely keep her business alive, she is
considered a demon and on top of that she lives in a time where she is not allowed to be in love. Even Ruby doesn't approve. Oh and the love of her life possibly got executed for a crime she did not commit.

Additionally, I do kind of wonder how Blake managed to stay afloat while Ruby was "dead".
She was apparently to traumatized to work properly, couldn't get cheaper supplies from Yang and she lost touch with her friends. How the heck did she not go under?

And finally, Yang. You sure are good at suspenseful writing. That said, I do think that maybe you should not keep Yang's fate a mystery for too many chapters. And not because I really want to know what happened (although I do) but because
I fear that for the reader, the events of "book 1" might fade over time. This might lessen the impact of the reveal. I don't know if I am being clear here...

You are right to be proud of this fic. It is excellent. Perhaps the best I've ever read.
Mitt T chapter 15 . 2/4/2020
Reading this actually made me anxious. I can't remember the last story that did that. Such tension. After everything that happened this just feels so cruel, but the character's emotion really is dripping on the page. This story might be my new favorite.

If I could offer any critism... it's that the story tags say [ruby, weiss] which kinda spoils that Ruby can't die just yet. :P
Then again, it does clue readers in that this story is going somewhere positive(?) which might be for the best.
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