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Cynthia74 chapter 42 . 6h
LOL What are the chances of them actually getting time off from the madness? More soon please.
mic476 chapter 42 . 11/24
Great job on the photos José. They could call José as an expert on the stand when and if it gets to it for Stephan. I hope Christian can stop marking his territory when he comes over and sooner or later when everything settles down, he, his father, Ana's father and Christian can go fishing together like she told her father while he was in a coma.

Post more soon.
koocher chapter 42 . 11/24
Brilliant! Will stand by and wait for your next chapter. What is Christian up to now?
sarabo chapter 42 . 11/22
I'm glad they are getting more info on the two of them. I wonder what caused her to do a 180 in her thinking? Her divorce? Or was it something more? I'm sure we will find out. (*_*)
DivineElmo chapter 42 . 11/22
I loved how you had him come home just wanting to be closer to her and teddy. After everything they've been through it makes total sense but it doesn't make it any less sweet. Even though I'm eager for the butt kicking, it will be nice to see them have a family moment before that happens and dare we see a few hints of what Mr. Grey has in store for their anniversary...
valentinesgenie chapter 42 . 11/22
Perfect chapter great work see you next time take care ...
CG4me chapter 42 . 11/22
Mmm...José. I'm not sure I entirely trust him. On the face of it he's done a good job and I hope he's all above board, I just have some doubts, hope I'm wrong. So C and A just want a chill out day - famous last words, I reckon something is going to come up - again I hope I'm wrong! Good chapter, liked their conversation in the bath, they are so happy together.
ShadoeCoon chapter 42 . 11/22
So how will CG go away on business trips from now on if he can't be parted from Ana & Teddy? I don't see Ana being willing to travel and give up her gig at GP. ;-)

I'm glad José was able to disprove the majority of the pics. Hopefully with Barney and Welch's help the remaining three can be negated by CCTV footage as staged.

Seems like Ana needs to adjust her concept of "normal". Normal is quite boring. Boredom gets one in lots of trouble. :-)

Thanks for the update! :-D ;-)
Rosiekin chapter 42 . 11/22
Wow, I'm impress, Jose got the job done. I still think he did it because he's more than besotted with Ana, not that it's a bad thing(as long as he doesn't act upon it), but I think he wanted to impress her.
Christian's sarcasm about a fultime working Jose's speed of getting Ana's side job done was right on point, because it seems Jose's research and findings was not an easily task to accomplish so quickly.
I'm starting to believe our little Ana used Jose's attraction to her advantage by asking him discreetly to look into the pics for her. Ana banked on the fact that Jose would never hurt by exposing those pics, but an outside firm/person with no connection to them could, or better yet see it as a pay day too.
With that said, I agree with Christian, Jose should be kept away from his wife(but not forceful) especially since we know Ana knows the situation and can take care of herself, but he should not be given free access to have lunch, tea or snacks on a monthly basis. Invitation to parties
I see the wisdom of your beautiful mind and it's awesome!
As usual, love the chapter!
Have a wonderful thanksgiving!
Christian618 chapter 42 . 11/22
I still don't trust Jose. Someone should make sure Elena is still in jail.
nedbella chapter 42 . 11/22
Great chapter. José did do a wonderful job with the photos. I'm so glad they had been tampered with and the one that was real had Elena in it and not Moninder at his table. Must be a huge relief, even though Christian wouldn't cheat on her and Ana knew that. Getting the proof is just a relief. Can't wait for more.
vamomoftwins chapter 42 . 11/21
debs2crazy chapter 42 . 11/21
Jose did great. Excellent chapter
smills chapter 42 . 11/21
Good chapter
chrisana143 chapter 42 . 11/21
I want them to have a relaxing day too.
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