Reviews for The Good Will Come
mic476 chapter 50 . 9/22
Good that poor excuse of a man will be lock up forever. Good for u Ana punching him.

Post more soon
ashley.mercer.16 chapter 50 . 9/18
Is it weird that I was on the edge of my seat and that multiple times throughout this chapter I had tears in my eyes? Lol. Good riddance to Morton and right on Ana!
koocher chapter 50 . 9/18
Brilliantly written well done. So impressed Ana got to kick his ass.
Will be waiting for this final part of your story.
So happy you are continuing with your other story. Well done!
carla.rbaptista chapter 50 . 9/17
CapĂ­tulo maravilhoso. Adorei.
VRB Mariposa chapter 50 . 9/16
Wow, so glad that the Stephen saga is over... although I hate to see everything end, but I understand. Mama Bear Ana was actually in the house here. Thanks for sharing this story with us and I look forward to reading more from you. Thanks for the entertainment :-)
debs2crazy chapter 50 . 9/16
Loved it!
NikkiG26 chapter 50 . 9/16
Loved the chapter, and there happy ending at the end. Shows the power of love and family with resilience. Looking forward to epilogue.
ShadoeCoon chapter 50 . 9/15
I don't want to see this end. :-( You do drama so well. I guess I will just have to re-read from the beginning. :-). ;-). :-D
SuzB chapter 50 . 9/15
All the ends tied up nicely. Thank you for a great story. I'm sorry it's ending and look forward to the epilogue. Hopefully as you say, there may be more to come in the future.
Guest chapter 50 . 9/14
So glad that sick bastard Stephen is finally going away for good.
I'm not looking forward to the end:(
Awesome chapter!
ramanreinee chapter 50 . 9/15
Hi Chelsea you r most welcome.. Thank you for the update.. will continue read your story.. can't wait to read more of your story..
Suzecues chapter 50 . 9/15
Great chapter! Way to go Ana. She always seems to get the last shot. Can't wait for epilogue, this story has been awesome.
mic476 chapter 49 . 9/15
Just caught up. Ray and Teddy. I hope they have security with them and shoot him before he gets close to them.

Post more soon
Angela037 chapter 50 . 9/15
Great ending to the story! Looking forward to the epilogue but can't wait to start reading more chapters on malitrise.
Annette 101660 chapter 50 . 9/14
LOVE! That is how I feel about your stories. I so hope you write more. :)
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