Reviews for Somewhere I Have Never Travelled
braxy29 chapter 34 . 7/31
omg! what a conclusion! i have been on such a rollercoaster finishing up these last few chapters, and really at a loss for words. not only so well written, but one of the most interesting stories plot-wise i've read on a very long time! i loved the incredible tension and intrigue, and you sustained and built it over the course of so many chapters. just really can't say enough good things about your work, i'm just scratching the surface here...

i'm so looking forward to your sequel. thank you for a brilliant read! 3
phoenixJ chapter 33 . 7/22
I need to know what happens next!
drcys chapter 34 . 7/15
This was such a delightful and thrilling read. I don't even know where to start. For the first time in what felt like ages, a fanfiction on this website managed to capture me completely. Not even going to lie, it held me in its grasp so tightly that I think I left my bed maybe a total of two times today. I just could not be pulled away from my phone until I'd finished this story.

Your portrayal of the canon characters was absolutely great, as well as the one of your very own creation. She's one of the very few OFCs I've come across that I thoroughly enjoyed. You weren't trying to create a perfect Mary Sue character, as so many tend to do nowadays, and for that, I must thank you.

I cannot wait to read how this story continues and hope it won't be long until it does. 3

In the meantime, though, I'll make sure to check out your other stories, as you seem to write just the right couples for the right fandoms.

Congrats, you're stuck with me for a recurring reader now. Haha.

- drcys

P.S. Not a native speaker, so if there's any weirdly phrased sentences: I blame it fully on that. :-D
multipazz chapter 33 . 6/23

*catches breath*

furiosaMadMax chapter 34 . 6/13
You are simply amazing. This story has been so incredibly good! Your writing is fantastic. Needless to say I'll be eagerly waiting for that sequel!
Hazel2468 chapter 30 . 6/13
Oh. My. GOD. You are AMAZING and I love this! I was NOT expecting anything that happened in this chapter... Awesome! I can't wait to read more and see what you come up with next! Keep up the outstanding work! You rock!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/11
I've been reading this at Archive of our Own! So enjoyed this. I swear I don't know if I can hold out for the sequel. LOL!
enp chapter 34 . 6/10
Loved the story and can't wait for the sequel!
Guest chapter 33 . 6/10
I cried
Sloane Raine chapter 33 . 6/9
I loved reading this story so much! It was so good and really kept me guessing as to what would happen to Rebecca and Khan next! I can't wait to read the sequel!
yifrodit chapter 34 . 6/8
Oh my God! Please you have to let me know when you post the sequel. You need to start publishing a book. I'll pay to read anything you wright.
Shaggz chapter 34 . 6/8
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How could you end it like that!? I need to know what happened! Please post a sequel soon! Keep doing what you're doing cause it's amazing, happy writing!
Guest chapter 34 . 6/8
Omg I can't wait for the sequel!
Poodle warriors chapter 33 . 6/8
What an amazing story you have written- I am so happy you posted it for all of us to enjoy. I am very excited to read more from this world you have created (and that Rebecca still exists within it!)
Poodle warriors chapter 32 . 6/8
Oh my goodness- no words can quite say what I am feeling right now (which means you did a great job writing this!)
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