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FandomsForever74 chapter 1 . 7/25
I have to agree with Kitivi, that line is hilarious!
Kitivi chapter 1 . 7/8
"Draco stood out like a glittering unicorn amidst a herd of wet donkeys." Best line ever! chapter 1 . 2/6
This was ridiculous, hilarious, and heartwarming at the same time. I LOVE your description of Draco, it's so effortless but I feel like I can truly visualize him in my mind. At first I was weirded out by the party bus, but it made for some amazing scenes. I LOVE the DG fluff. So adorable. :) Oh, and the muggle dating description was amazing! So many things I want to include but then I'd be copy/pasting the whole story here. Overall awesome!
Gred-and-Forge chapter 1 . 4/2/2014
*beams widely* that was absolutely wonderful. Love that Draco develops morals at exactly the wrong moment...
Sorceress of Magic chapter 1 . 3/9/2014
Aya8 chapter 1 . 12/6/2013
So was Ginny just trying to make herself feel better when she said it wasn’t a competition on who does better after a divorce? Anyhow, it was pretty creative starting the story off with a short, to the point description of where Ginny is. It gave the opportunity to focus more on what she’s feeling/thinking/doing than the surroundings. I also really appreciated that you didn’t dwell on scene for three or four paragraphs too. Your first sentence held all the information I could need about where she was and it wasn’t an info dump.

I enjoyed the descriptions of muggles online dating and how it was normal for them to be neurotic and bizarre. That made me chuckle. I think the best part so far was her thought of “I like paella.” The description before it when she was thinking about the fun loving music nerd mixed with morosely after she’s thought it made it seem like that was the worst of it all and I could see her pouting in my head.

Your introduction for bringing Draco into the scene gave me chills. It was really well done and you capture his arrogance and aloofness like it was your second nature. In just a few lines you’ve characterized both Draco and Ginny in a spot on, yet believable way, that doesn’t completely ignore canon. I think you’ve also humanized them with the way Ginny reacts and the gleefulness I sensed in Draco when he closed a deal that made him a ‘gazillion’ pounds richer. It was the use of the word ‘gazillion’ that made me come to that conclusion.

Using dialogue to describe what Ginny’s wearing and then having Draco come to the conclusion of her being a prostitute was a great way to include some humor too. I think the adult approach of Ginny asking about his life was the right way to go. So many people would have written in some immature or hateful response and that can take away from the maturity gained from living life.

I originally thought using so much dialogue without tags wasn’t the best idea, but then I realized what it achieved…I viewed it as a creative way to show time passing, that they got involved in talking to each other. That was a great idea. I’d never thought of it before. I suppose it doesn’t work all the time, but it was a better alternative to like “five minutes later we were,” this and that.

The switch to Draco’s 3rd point of view was needed and placed nicely. Showing Ginny’s inebriation with ‘whassamatter’ was hilarious by the way. And I liked the reference to the Slim Shady song. Woohoo! I loved how she brazenly hooks her fingers on his belt. LOVE IT! It’s a shame this is a T rating.

The Apparation of shame indeed! You had me going there for a minute. I was like, ‘wow, this is pretty detailed for a T rating though. Maybe…” and then it’s destroyed. That’s okay. I knew I was going into a T rating and nothing higher. I’m impressed with the way you show time passing with conversations going from Quidditch players to Max the squib bartender. It makes the whole story flow nicely, but doesn’t make me feel like anything is being left out either.

So I stopped reviewing because it started getting really good. The party bus, the whole penis shaped balloon between Ginny’s chin and breasts and the image Draco got from it…it was all hilarious.

There was a couple of mistakes that I noticed. For example: “She saw the way he was looking at him…” I think it actually should’ve been ‘her’ instead of him. There’s also this one, “imaging him stretching it downward,” I think you meant imagining. Honestly, the only reason I notice them was because I was intensely reading it word for word, so that’s a plus. Usually, I just skim read.

I love Draco’s reluctance to end the night. It’s super cute and makes me want the story to go on forever. And I actually got a little more M rating in this T story, so it was all around great. Fabulous job! Thanks for writing and sharing.
bigreader chapter 1 . 10/14/2013
That was sizzling. I loved reading every bit of this. The bus seemed huge, like they could have gotten lost in it. I've never heard of anything like it. Awesome story! I like how Draco was the light weight too. That was amusing. And the rope at the end. Oh yes. :) Happy reader! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 10/11/2013
loved it! XD
amazing,wish it had a continuation!
Mila-shi chapter 1 . 10/9/2013
Heyy, It's me (Moi)!

I was trying to write the introduction to my thesis, but I have been feeling so discouraged today. So I decided I wanted to read your fic.

I don't regret the decision. Omg, I don't! This was so perfectly done, I felt with them. Especially with Draco, because most of the story was his PoV. So I'll switch to Spanglish so that I can express my admiration better :P

Ya sabes que tu uso de adjetivos y sinónimos me sorprende todos los días. I wish I knew half of them so that I could write beautiful, poetic thesis and articles in english XD.
Me gusta mucho como se desarrolló la historia. Cuando vi el título sin haber leido nada, pensé "this is so cliché'd", porque pensé lo mismo que Ginny (and everyone, I think) cuando lo vio por primera vez. Pero tiene una buena excusa, y más aún considerando el final de la historia _ Además, con algunas excepciones puntuales, ambos estuvieron dentro del personaje que visualizo para ellos (of course, not JKR's). The exception was Ginny being so exessively wild when drunk (mostly), and... that's all. I can't remember another, if there was one. If you think it thoroughly, her personality suits the design of the story very well, despite me not being accustomed to that kind of Ginny. She's likeable, too. So I won't complain :P
Draco was very well into my conception of Draco. I loved the inner struggles he had at first about Ginny, which then developed into struggles for trying not to be that evident on the outside. I regretted along with him his first decision, and cherished the fact that he didn't take her right away after all because, despite what he told her at the end, the opportunity to make that kind of bond (not the physical kind) wouldn't have appeared in the past.
Finally (though there was so much more in my mind to tell you when I read usual), I loved that it was him, and not Ginny, who took that risky step of showing sincere, real (and sober) interest in the other. He is the one with the most pride issues.
You know, I remember years ago when I told you how much I disliked guys with long hair. Well, you can be pleased to know that I don't feel so strongly about that anymore. This was the first fic from your classic Dracolong-hair in which I don't cringe at the image of it :)

I hope we can talk soon!
Love you _
Pinnymu chapter 1 . 10/4/2013
This was a great read! Love the snark and romance! It's such a good mix!
Boogum chapter 1 . 9/28/2013
Yay new fic from rowan. You have no idea how annoyed I am I missed reading the exchange fics while the exchange was happening, but now I have time and internet so here I am! And I have to say I am loving this already. The tone, the feel of Ginny's voice-it's setting things up for something great, and I was not disappointed when Draco entered the fray in all his sinful gorgeousness. Your descriptions of Draco are, as ever, a pleasure to read. *fans self*

/"So you live in New York. And you're sitting by yourself in this hotel bar, getting drunk in your spike heels, fishnet stockings and little black dress." His underlying meaning seemed to hang in the air, eluding her nimbly until he cocked his head to the side and shot at her:

"Are you a prostitute?"/

LOL! I was waiting for that. Hilarious. Especially since it sent her into a coughing fit, though I don't blame her. I love that he just stays calm and amused when she gets all upset and calls him names. Just the way I like my Draco.

Hrm, looks like some of your formatting went weird when you uploaded.
/"I'm... an insurance underwriter," she admitted softly, as a single hot tear slid unexpectedly

down her cheek, "who just got stood up by Larry Lyric."/ - should be on one line.

Anyway, I really am loving this. Poor Ginny having a little crying breakdown in front of him, but he's actually being nice about it. Teasing remarks with no bite and CUDDLES! I'm so happy you included a sort of hug.

Okay, Draco showing his chivalrous side is hawt. I was worried they were just going to shag and then it would be the awkward 'oh no I didn't' thing the next day, so I'm glad you didn't take that route. So much nicer this way - especially after she did confess her loneliness, etc.

/"Oh-em-gee, I am so sorry I ruined your shoe whisperer's final masterpiece," Ginny retorted mockingly./

Actually made me lol.

OMG, you are killing me with the party bus. Hilarious and adorable. And I seriously started cracking up when I read this:

/"HELP ME! I really need to PEE!"/

Loving this fic so much.

/"Well done," he complimented ironically. "Full marks."

"Impressed, Malfoy?" she purred.

"Girl got moves," he replied in his best American accent, and stuck his tongue out at her when she raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Ginny laughed. "Malfoy, you're such a weirdo."

"The pot calling the kettle black."/

OMGSPAZZINGFANGIRL! This right here was just perfect. I don't know why, but it made me fangirl. Hard. This is such a refreshing take on the DG dynamic, and I'm really, really loving it.

Oh gosh my eyes. Larry just made my inner SpaG Hag rear her head, and she was not happy. Thank goodness Draco was there to express my thoughts. The horror!

Aww, what an ending. This was lovely. Just lovely. I love how mature and, well, 'real' it is. I was definitely in the mood to read something like this, and your story didn't disappoint. I can see why you won awards and why Tasha loved it so much. This is post-Hogwarts DG at its finest. I really enjoyed reading about this more mellow Draco, who is still so very Draco. And Ginny was utterly adorable. You could really see why Draco was attracted to her and wanted to stay with her.

Beautiful writing here, rowan. It's reminded me all over again why you are on my favourite author's list. :D
Guest chapter 1 . 9/21/2013
YES! I loved this so much! Everything about it was perfect. I love adult!Draco&Ginny here, you wrote them so well. I loved the fluff! I loved the party bus and penis balloons! I loved the chivalrous Draco! I LOVED the Dolce & Gabbana and Draco calling Ginny Gabbana. I can totally see why this won so many awards. Soooo, so good. Seriously.

Also, "Draco stood out like a glittering unicorn amidst a herd of wet donkeys" is one of the best lines ever. I literally laughed out loud. Amazing! You really are a great writer, and I can't wait to read the rest of your D/G stories!
hatebelow chapter 1 . 9/21/2013
I loved this so much. I wasn't sure what this fic was going to be about from the title or from the summary but I thought I would give it a shot because you were the author and sure enough, I have never been more pleasantly surprised. I loved the dolce and gabana and draco and ginny. That is just the sweetest thing and I never really considered it. And I love that it turns out that draco is actually wearing a suit from their collection. The draco and ginny in this fic manage to be right on par with cannon but still adult and capable of redemption. I love their progression from the beginning of the evening to the end and the hope of a happily ever after. Very cute and fun fic. Well done.
chromeknickers chapter 1 . 9/20/2013
I absolutely loved this fic when I read it in the exchange. I knew immediately this was yours, what with the extensive NYC geographic knowledge and how unfairly charming and gorgeous Draco was. Not that I'm jealous or anything... *sighs*

The opening scene in the bar was absolutely perfect. I do believe I voted this fic for Best Prose, which I think a lot of people assume means flowery writing when it really means well-written and flowing prose, and relevant at that. So many readers don't appreciate the value of simple, succinct yet flowing writing, but not me. I very much appreciated how everything flowed and came together, weaving an enjoyable narrative.

(And Larry, Larry had seemed more promising than most, despite the utter absurdity of his name, his deficiencies in grammar during live chat, and the fact that he wouldn't show her an actual picture of himself. His profile had proclaimed him to be "a fun loving music nerd who cooks a mean paella and can whistle using just his fingers". Whatever the hell that meant.

I like paella, she thought morosely, before turning her attention back to her drink. )

It was little nuances to the writing like this that had me invested as a reader. I just thought, 'Wow, I can relate'. And that's what every great writer wants to achieve - to have their work be relatable.

I also very much appreciated the undercurrent of UST throughout the fic. I felt like I was being teased, in a good way. In the hotel room I was cheering on, yet at the same time I was congratulating Draco for his chivalry... and maybe booing him a little. ;)

So I've mentioned prose, chemistry (UST) and now I must mention dialogue, which I adored. Not only that it was natural but that you wonderfully balanced the serious with the humorous. And I have to say there were quite a few exchanges that had me giggling, especially this:

("I can't believe you actually said "bah" right now. And it's not about the money, you twit. These are handmade by a Muggle in Florence," he informed her calmly, and with undeniable hauteur. "He's like the Olivander of shoes, and he's almost a hundred. He could be drawing his last breath as we speak."

"Oh-em-gee, I am so sorry I ruined your shoe whisperer's final masterpiece," Ginny retorted mockingly.)

HAHAHA! Seriously? The first time I read it I cackled and this second time I almost snorted my tea. Painful that, snorting tea. If I had spilled anything you would have owed me a new blouse. ;P

And while I'm not normally a fan of fluff (probably cause I can't write it to save my life), I do believe it was very fitting for this story. It just leaves you with a good-all-over feeling.

Definitely an awesome one-shot and a great read. :)
Lady Mischief chapter 1 . 9/20/2013
I really really enjoyed your story. I found myself wishing it was longer. :-)
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