Reviews for Genius of the Stocks
Guest chapter 1 . 6/5
Hello, I'm a thirteen year old and I know a fair amount about stocks.
A.) Stocks are not 2,000 dollars, Google is at 300, and it's one of the best companies out there.
B.) One person, even under different names, cannot own 80% of a company. Especially as large a one as aquatic industries. That would cost several trillion dollars, more the larger the company. No one had that much money currently, even a multi billionare.
C.) Someone could not be given a billion dollars through a will. Their are laws that prohibit this from happening that were placed after the fall of slavery. A severe tax is placed on the money. This is tye reason that so many rich people donate, because they don't want the government mentioned to get their money.
LavenderMoonRose chapter 1 . 5/31
Visiting Memories! The last time I left a comment- it was a year ago as a guest! This story just reels me in!
choas52 chapter 50 . 5/19
love this story update soon,is this king guy the king of the titans . lol i more than likely not right so give a bigger hint in the next chapter
choas52 chapter 40 . 5/18
wow love this stuff keep it up
read4evr chapter 50 . 5/17
This is one of my favourite stories EVER.
TheGeekGoddess chapter 50 . 5/1
I know I haven't dropped any reviews for the previous chapters, but that's only because I was waiting until I finished reading upto chapter 50 to write you this. Can I just say, OH. MY. GODS.
You have skill, and real talent, hone this talent and make use of your potential, and it might just lead you to be a great published author one day, unless, of course, that isn't the path you want to follow. I don't even know where to start with the story. Cliffhangers are always good to keep the readers reading, but long gaps between updates may cause them to lose interest or forget. It tends to happen more than often. But the storyline itself is so well thought of and commendable. You planned it out really well, and I cannot discover any potholes. It's got this air of suspense and unpredictability, where we can speculate all we like, but we can't ever be spot on about what you're about to write next, and that is one of the greatest attributes of this story. Your story has just the right amount of humour, drama, family/romance relationships and schematics that give the plot volume. It's got me hooked and I can't stop thinking about it! All in all, a job well done. In my opinion, the plot is thickening, and the story is only just beginning, so please, please, please do update at your earliest convenience. Thank you :)
rosegniseb chapter 50 . 4/19
I recently found this and I am dying to for you to write more/finish the story. When I found this I assumed that it was complete (50 chapters is a great round number to end at) and now I'm really sad that this is cliffy and its been over a month and half since you last updated.

Also I feel like the obvious answer to who King is, is Zeus, but I feel like that's way too obvious, so maybe plot twist: its Hades, or bigger plot twist: its Percy (?!).
Anonymous chapter 1 . 3/19
Grammar fixation may improve your writing..
Can'tResistThisFantabulosity chapter 22 . 3/18
This is very late but I just want to see if I'm right:
Percy tricks Crusty and Crusty is tied down to the water bed after Percy says the magic word that ties him to the bed. He frees Annabeth and Grover afterwards.
Can'tResistThisFantabulosity chapter 21 . 3/18
Nice ending there! :)
Can'tResistThisFantabulosity chapter 20 . 3/18
Awesome! Keep it up! :)
Can'tResistThisFantabulosity chapter 18 . 3/18
Great job! :) Fantabulous chapter and ending! :)
Can'tResistThisFantabulosity chapter 17 . 3/18
Nice chapter! :)
Can'tResistThisFantabulosity chapter 12 . 3/18
Okay, first of all, I'm so sorry I didn't leave a proper review. I was too caught up in reading this. Second of all, I'm really sorry that I didn't discover this earlier.
Your storyFantabulosity. No, actually, the word fantabulosity does not deserve to be related to your story. Your writing is just too fantabulous. I love the idea, I love your writing style, I love how you mixed different genres together, and I love love love the slight Percabeth (because I actually don't really like heavy fluff). It's mysterious, intriguing, and ten times more fantabulous than the word fantabulous.
Can'tResistThisFantabulosity chapter 9 . 3/18
Nice! And BTW, it isn't sexist because guys after puberty are just naturally more athletic. Unfortunately. :(
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