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Vivi H88 chapter 31 . 6/28
Great chapter
Rihannon chapter 31 . 6/28
Whoa... how intense. It was worth the wait, as usual. This is such an amazing story.
CupcakeCute chapter 31 . 6/27
I'm finally caught up! This was a great chapter, I loved your Dawn voice. Her witty "culture shock" comment was dead on :) You write a great Spike and Dawn friendship. I love how much he feels like an older brother for her. I also really enjoyed Spike's speech about Buffy's nature, because while she is girly, and tries hard to be, she often doesn't want to accept those warrior parts of her that are unimaginably strong. Awesome characterization there. (You can tell I'm a big Buffy fan). I also like that you show Spike's good sides and bad. Yeah, there are moments where I just want Buffy to fall in his arms, but really, he can be such an ass sometimes and then switch again to being beyond sweet. That's what you get with a soulless vampire, I guess, and it's all very in character :). Great work all around!
RAGAnne chapter 31 . 6/27
Ouch! This is chapter is really well done. I think you managed to stay true to both characters. My only concern at the moment is that I'm not sure the Spuffy relationship can be turned into something healthy. Spike's "want, take, have" vampire mentality made it so that he honestly didn't behave any different than Angel. So why should Buffy trust him? Hopefully they both still have a LOT of growing in their futures because relationships built solely on lust tend to be damaging to everyone involved.

Thanks for giving us more to read even if the fluffy-ish Dawn/Spike turned into the messy Spike/Buffy in the end. I'll look forward to the next chapter.
Ferris Ulf chapter 31 . 6/27
Oh the angst! The passion! The bloody noses!

Dawn Spike Squealworthy. I loved his lectures about pimply boys. XD

Wonderful chapter. I look forward to when Buffy comes face to face with Angel again.
Guest chapter 31 . 6/27
Been waiting for this update for a whole month. I love this story! Keep those updates coming!
RKF22 chapter 31 . 6/27
Excellent work poor spike
kapaliela chapter 27 . 6/26
Omg I so need u to continue this. I absolutely love it! :)
Ellie Oh chapter 30 . 6/6
Ugh, this story is just so damn good. Keep these updates coming, I'm dying for this story.

XXspuffster101XX chapter 30 . 6/3
I wanted to read through the whole thing before commenting. I'm very much enjoying the Spuffy twist to the reworked Dawn memories. Also, this is basically how I envision Buffy's thought process when it comes to Angel. He made her believe she had more blame over his actions than she truly did and she was too blinded by the first lovetrue love, Romeo & Juliet idea, to ever truly realize that. That was something that always got me angry, even way back when I was just 11 years old. Holy crap, I feel old. 28 really isn't that old, I guess. Haha. Anyway, enjoying the story and can't wait for Spuffy to finally work through their relationship issues so that they can be together. Update soon.
ArafelSedai chapter 30 . 6/2
Wonderfully intense... Read 30 chapters between yesterday and today... While your utter reduction of Angel to a child molester makes me queasy it certainly demolishes ones appreciation of his character. Spike... Well I'm biased and have always enjoyed him as a character. I think you have struck a fine balance with him: wicked and genuine... Looking forward to more.
Guest chapter 30 . 5/26
Thank you for the forewarning about wanting to break the screen. _ It probably saved mine.

Oh thank goodness Buffy is FINALLY hearing what happened that night.
Zlataslawa chapter 30 . 5/26
Wow, I much like this part.
DeAmonQuEen chapter 30 . 5/26
This was intense.. And yeah, totally wanted to throw a punch on Angel's face here. Bastard's such a hypocrite. And he had the nerve to shift the blame to Buffy, or at least make her think it was all her fault. Heck if I didn't see the series, I'd hate Angel's guts for real.

This only proves what a great writer you are. Your characters are so well written that us readers empathize with them.

But I can finally see where you're going with this. Buffy's love for Angel must indeed go, but this time it's not entirely gonna cripple her like it did in the series. She's gonna see that their love wasn't as pure as she thought it was and so she wouldn't feel too bad if it ended or if Angel leaves town. She wouldn't have this issues of abandonment, because she's gonna be the one who will be letting him go.

Though she will still be facing heartaches upon losing her so called one true love, I can see here handling his departure better. Though I can sense a lot of other frustration will be channeled to another vampire, which I am guessing will be the one to really make her understand that what happened between her and Angel wasn't her fault.

So really I am understanding your fic so far and really liking it. One thing that also will be intriguing me in your future chapters of this fic is how you will be able to write Spike in a way that will totally not make him look like Angel's substitute. I'm sure you'll factor Dawn in the equation but really, I am intrigued. Can't wait for the next one! Hope to see you soon!
Cloongarvin chapter 30 . 5/26
This is a powerful, multi-faceted story. I like how it tackles head-on Buffy's stubborn, youthful righteousness and the complex realities of her extended world. I could see where that righteousness, focused the way the Watchers Council would have taught, would provide a child the mental strength needed to fight evil nightly. But Buffy didn't grow up that way, which makes her different, so that stubbornness became a problem to surmount. Really neat to consider.
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