Joban chapter 83 . 3/21
I know I haven't reviewed in awhile, but I just wanted to say that I don't think that this story could have ended any better than the way you have written it. I really can't believe that it's over too, I have been reading this since my junior year in high school (maybe early senior, I'm not too sure) and now my second semester of college is almost done! This story has been with me for so long! Like wow time flys! I have enjoyed reading your story and its many many chapters, and I wish you good luck in what ever else you pursue to write! I know anything written by you will turn out good, and I'll be sure to read it as well :)) :))
Pippinfan1988 chapter 83 . 3/7
Wow...I think I like your final ending better than the author's. :-) I never did embrace the idea that after the B of BW life sort of went on with its ups and downs for each of the hobbits, and that they had little contact with other members of the Company thereafter. I know that's pretty much how real life goes, but, still, it's *too much* like real life which is why I like yours better.

LOVED and LAUGHED my butt off at the scene of the Thain, the Master of Buckland, and the Mayor at the town meeting! That would be SO Peregrin, wouldn't it? Very well done, my friend.

Oh, loved Pippin singing the blues about going back to school to learn Sindarin. Trust me, Pip, I know how you feel! Still, I love the idea that they remain "connected" for years on end...and the best part is that after Frodo leaves for the Undying Lands, he drops in once in a while for a mind touch with his dear friends. *Sigh*

*Sniff, Sniff*

I'm still clinging to the hope that one day you'll add just a little bit more. Congratulations on finishing a decade-long project! My mind, as I write this, is going back in Merry dangling by a Pippin taking a dollop of opium out of a box...Merry lying in a cage like a zoo animal on Pippin and Merry being taunted by Saruman at Orthanc. Wow - quite the amazing adventure and journey, my friend. And thank you for sharing it. (((Llinos)))
Greywonderer chapter 83 . 3/7
Lovely! I like the way you managed to repair Pippin's speech pattern giving it a logical cause and an excellent treatment for the cure.
I think it's a wonderful thing that they can all still stay in touch, even Frodo. I like to think of Frodo speaking to them all distantly on important occasions or just coming to them when they need him.
It's very nice indeed to believe that all of the Fellowship was able to stay in touch without all of the traveling that it would have otherwise required.
I enjoyed your wise but understanding Gandalf.
I also liked the way in which Legolas was disappointed when he thought he might not be able to contact Pippin and Merry with his mind. Your Legolas makes me like the elves much more than I normally do. He seems more thoughtful and less aloof in Recaptured than he is in the book. For me, that's a very good thing.

The idea that Merry and Pippin and Sam could still use the mind-speak among themselves is excellent. In a difficult situation they could plan without allowing anyone to know what they might be up to.
I almost wish Pippin had taken Gimli's advice and purchased the ax for Diamond. If she married him after that, then it really was true love. lol

Thank you for a brilliant story! I know this has been a long process and a great deal of work and I want you to know that it is greatly appreciated. I hate to see it end, but I am happy that you were able to complete it. In a way, it's like the end of this entire chapter of things which has been filled with LOTR and hobbits and new friendships and travels and the on LJ community. The end of this wonderful story, brings to a close one of the best times of my life. Thank you for your part in it and for sharing your writing. It has been beyond amazing.

I have loved your OCs, marveled at the way you took Tolkien's adventure and basically set it on a new path but had it come out at the same place, and the humour in this story is just perfect! Whenever things became too dark, there was always a light moment or tow and some lovely dialogue that made me laugh. Whatever else you do, please keep writing even if it isn't hobbits. Write!

Also, my appreciation to your talented Beta, Marigold. The two of you are a great team. Like Merry and Pippin, I seldom imagine one of you without the other.

Pippinfan1988 chapter 82 . 12/2/2013
That is SO Merry to collect relics and place them on display in a museum/mathom house. He is every bit the botanist and historian that we know and love. Grubbus hiding his share in hopes of a mithril currency boom made me chuckle. I had almost forgot about the "magnick" rope! Such a beloved treasure, no doubt, and I'm glad it's safe and secure in Rivendell. And who knows? Our modern-day vultures probably have Fell Beast ancestry in their blood. Makes one ponder...

I'm up to my ears in exams, and Final exams are next week...I needed the break! Thanks for sharing your most brilliant and talented story!
Kathice chapter 82 . 11/28/2013
Lots and lots of spoilers in this review so, just read the Appendix for yourself and don't read this review. The author says it all much, much, better than this review will.

First, the coins. It's so very like what happen to the currency of the Southern States after the end of the Civil War here in the US. Once the war was over, the southern currency was worthless. Merry was very clever to collect them and display them and since they are coins, perhaps at some point in time there will be a collector's market for them somewhere.

Furthermore, I can envision archeologists far in the future finding the coins that Grubbus hid in his chair, said coins having survived even after the parts of the chair rotted and were no more. Rather like finding pirate treasure or Egyptian pottery I should think...

I laughed out loud at Theodoc's and Faramir's reactions to the rope tricks! Sad but true, a person's children never are as impressed with things we hold dear as we think they should be. I do like the fact that the rope tied itself into a SHEEPbend. It makes a very nice mention of sheep for those of us that enjoy that kind of thing. I am left with a desire to watch Beralic's magic show now. That trick with the sausage sounds like a real crowd-pleaser!

Vegetarian Trolls? Bridges! I love any story that mentions bridges. Thank you! I also adore how this particular legend fits with what I've been told all my life about Trolls and their bridges. : )
Did Trolls build Tower Bridge by any chance? If so, I really admire their work.

You even completed the history of the Fell Beasts! Tolkien would be proud of you for giving your readers ALL of the histories. Legolas has become a very good translator during the course of the Quest. I'm glad the Elves gave the Fell Beasts some attention and were able to tame them. After all, they were badly used during the war and if anyone should be able to help them heal, it should be the Elves.

Poor, Sam! He does a brave, inventive, thing that no one else in the Shire has ever done or ever will do and no one believes him. lol I will bet that hobbits in both Inns still requested the telling of the tale often even if they doubted the truth of it. It's a grand story!

Thank you for this part of the tale. It brightened my evening. I look forward to the next part with mixed emotions since you say it will be the last. I'm eager to read it but I will hate to see this completed because that means there isn't any more.
Marigold chapter 61 . 11/24/2013
(Might be Spoilers)

Me, at last!

One thing that I particularly like about this chapter is the way that it jumps so quickly from character to character – the pacing is excellent and everything is coming to a head and I love the way we see where everyone is and what everyone is doing and thinking. As always, the characterisations and voices are spot on. And I also love the way that the chapter moves through the various emotions, different for each person: Pippin’s loneliness and angst, Merry’s determination and Smag and Majdi’s support, Legolas’ resolve, Gandalf and Aragorn’s grimness and the humour of the part with Sam and Grubbus, despite their precarious situation. You are really gifted in being able to fit all of these emotions into one chapter and have it work perfectly.

I also really like the way that Majdi has pretty much taken charge, when he sees that Merry doesn’t actually have a viable plan. He’s a very interesting character and I love the nobility he has, and that he is now willing not just to support and look after Merry but also to put himself forward in this dangerous way to help him out. By coming up with this plan he is really solidifying his commitment and the fact that he is in this to the bitter end, to me. And I love the way that you ended this bit with the comment about the spider!

Legolas’ last bit was very exciting! It’s a very out-of-the-frying-pan situation! The last two bits of this chapter, at the Tower and back to Legolas and the Fell Beasts, are both marvellous examples of the cliff-hangers that you are so well known for!
Kathice chapter 81 . 10/20/2013
There are huge spoilers in this review so don't read this until you've read what the author wrote. I don't want to spoil it because it's so very good!

Grubbus! I am so very pleased with this part! I love, love, love, the idea of Sam getting post from an Orc and a continuing flow of letters back and forth on gardening. I can just imagine Sam reading the letters and then sending back answering on gardening questions and even little bits of advice on other matters. All of this just because of a ride on a fell beast. Brilliant! And Omnibus? I laughed out loud at that part. It's the little touches like that one that make this all so masterful. Thank you for Grubbus's story. (Someday, I would love to read a little fanfiction by you that includes Sam receiving a letter from Grubbus and Omni. And the slug-free lettuce, a treat fit for a King! I wonder if Aragorn served it at large gatherings...

Grutfley and a dwarf wife? You always surprise me. I was not expecting that at all. Gimli does have a way of worrying Treebeard doesn't he? First he brings an ax into the wood and then an Orc? It's a great deal for an Ent to adjust to, isn't it? I also like the tie in to characters of The Hobbit here with Mis and her family line.

Smagnu and Majdi Rann together with Sniggin! I love that and I love the fact that the Blue Rainbow went on to greatness. They deserved it. I can just imagine the lovely visits in the Shire and maybe they even feasted on Grubbus's lettuce while they were there. : )
I was also glad that Smagnu was reunited with his true love.

Merry must have had a wonderful time teasing Pippin about those statues. hehehe

Thank you so much for leaving me with happy thoughts of the Orcs and there continuing good works and transformation after the great war. It makes me very happy to see that they all prospered and that where ever they went, they gained respect and made friends while still keeping their friends among the Fellowship.

Thank you!
Pippinfan1988 chapter 81 . 10/15/2013
Here, here! I liked that last bit about our heroes keeping whatever company they choose. I am taking a break from the Endocrine system in order to indulge in this most excellent and admirable story, which is why it's taken me this long to leave a review.

Wow, I am pleased to read how far the Orcs and Uruks have come in the days of plenty. Apparently, since there are still those who are wont to continue as before with killing and such, there is still a ways to go. Everyone buzzing around and keeping busy with various duties is wonderful. and white rainbow. Kind of makes one wish this togetherness would happen in Real Life. Loved Meriadoc's little quip about Peregrin and a ladle. ;-)

You are a very gifted writer, and I always enjoy reading this storyI I look forward to more! I must admit, however, I am also looking forward to how the story ends with our lads back in the Shire.
Greywonderer chapter 80 . 8/15/2013
Spoilers in the review like usual.

i love the fact that Dysgwr learned to ride. I like that he continued to have adventures too. He was such a part of things and he faced so many interesting, unheard of medical challenges throughout the story so I'm certain he was a great one to have on an adventure.
I am utterly in love with Faramir myself in this story. Every woman should have a Faramir by her side though most of us never do, sadly. Eomer's words were perfect when he said that Faramir was a prince in title and in word and deed. Eowyn is a very lucky lady! One thing is certain, if they are ever at a dull dinner party or Royal function, they will be able to signal one another quickly and easily so they can escape quietly. : )

(Majdi Rann became a scholar) With all of the wonderful information that he gave throughout the full length of this story, I'd say he was already a scholar! I'm also glad that his story crosses pathes with the others later on. He is a favourite of mine.

Your ending for Wormtongue is wonderful! I adore the fact that he got his second chance and was freed from all the evil he had experienced and been a part of in his life. I like his new name too. I hope he found an Entwife or two in his travels, but even if he didn't, I hope he made good friends along the way.

Looking forward to more of these. There are a couple of characters that I am anxious to learn about. I have high hopes for some of them. Thank you!
Katia0203 chapter 80 . 8/15/2013
Aaand now it all makes sense. Reaching the end is bittersweet because it is indeed the end but there is happiness to be found. I read both stories in what was probably too short of a time haha but I'm glad I did. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and hope to see more stories from you here.
Katia0203 chapter 50 . 8/14/2013
Ok...I know I have 30 more chapters to go, but I fear where you're going with this. It is QUITE a stretch to decide "Hey, the Ring being destroyed did absolutely NOTHING to destroy Sauron". Is it because you don't want the story to be over yet? Sauron's entire being is cemented to the Ring; you're saying there's some sort of "evil Ring aura" left on those who have touched the Ring, but it still isn't the Ring itself. When the Ring is destroyed, so is Sauron. *sigh* Maybe I'm too tied to canon, and this is a fanfiction, but I was finally hoping that maybe something good would happen, that's all. It's a bit tiring to read constant angst/action that seems never ending. Now you probably are thinking I'm bashing your story, but that can't be right since I've read the first installment and this one up through here. I do like it and find it intriguing but I also don't like it when things drag on and on. So I hope that as I read things will make more sense.
Pippinfan1988 chapter 80 . 8/8/2013
Treetongue! Love it! And I like your ending for him; very fitting. I had always felt a little pity for Wormtongue in the books; I felt he had been dealt with unfairly. So, I like how you sent him out looking for the Entwives.

With Eowyn and Faramir, I suppose being intimate in mind, in addition to soul, would be a sweet deal in marriage. It would guarantee a great sex life, if nothing else, lol!

And Majdi Rann - I think I've finally figured out why I like him. Your OC Majdi (in my own imagination) reminds me of a character in another fantasy trilogy set that I own. They are two different characters from two different worlds, but they are both scholars in their own right and...well, just similar in my imagination, and in a good way. You have no idea who this other character is, as I am quite positive you've never heard of this other series. I imagine more great things are in store for Majdi!

And finally, good for Dysgwr! He is certainly enjoying the fruits of his ominous labours!

These appendices are a great idea to tie up the loose-ends, as you put it. Keep them coming!
Doctor Legolas chapter 1 . 6/4/2013
I smiled as I saw how many chapters there were. More nights staying up late telling myself to go to sleep. I love this story though!

Keep up the great work!
Greywonderer chapter 79 . 4/24/2013
I'm late again, but I'm here. Spoilers in my review just like always so don't read this till you read the chapter.

I love this. I like the idea of Boromir being treated by his family and being assured that he did redeem himself before he died. I also like the fact that there is hope for Denethor and that even though he is not able to be with Boromir now, he will be able to join him in the future.

All of the Orc rescue work made me happy too. Blogging is with his mom again and they have Eroo to guide them in their efforts. I was a bit sad when Eroo left Pippin even though Pippin agreed to it, but I'm very glad he did now, especially since I know he is still there for Pippin in times of extreme need. (Now I know how Pippin survived that fall.)

I will be looking forward to more but all of this made me very happy all on it's own. Thank you!
ebbingnight chapter 79 . 4/15/2013
Yes! Yay for Boromir finding his way to his family, and Bloggin finding his way to his mother.

And, well, as for Eroo... may we all have an "imaginary friend" like that!
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