Pippinfan1988 chapter 79 . 4/14/2013
Reading: the best cure for a sleepless night! So brilliant, how Eroo takes on the inflection of the hearer of his voice. The scene where Boromir meets his grandfather and mother is very well done, and is sweet closure for him as well.

And Bloggin...such a lovely ending to his own tale, though I do hope we get more glimpses into his part of the Tapestry in time.

*Loved* your reference to Eroo continuing his efforts to keeping an eye on Pippin via The Great Race story! I adore that story! And we all know Pippin needs looking after throughout his life.

I'm writing this via my iPhone, so I hope the auto correct doesn't embarrass me after I've hit Send. I also intend to make one last go of getting sleep before the sun comes up. Four weeks left of this semester, and boy is it intense! It's the reason why I've been up most of the night.

Take care and look forward to more appendices!
Just me chapter 78 . 3/4/2013
I just have to mention: you have done the unimaginable with your fics. You have made me become attached to OCs as if they were canon. And my favorites of them are orcs on top of that! When it seemed like Smagnu died, I was freaking devastated. It really was like Boromir all over again. Never thought I'd see the day when I'm so attached to orc characters that the possibility of them dying makes me cry. Heck, your characters are so compelling and lovely that they make me want to write fanfiction of them!
Re-captured has been such a journey that it's hard to even explain. Words fail me so I'll just say: Thank you.
Marigold chapter 60 . 2/26/2013

I love Legolas’ insight into Bloggin’s (and Sauron’s) character here and the way that he explains it all so logically. I also love how Merry is not only convinced by the logic, but as soon as he sees that Frodo is willing to accept the plan he quickly agrees so that he can get back to the important objective of trying to rescue Pippin and Sam. But mostly Pippin : ) And then in the next bit, with the Ring and Merry having an argument using logic – the Ring has realised that Merry is a creature of logic and tries to use that to win but Merry is better than It! And finally he is on his way to take some action again!

One thing that struck me was the way you mention that Gandalf knew that Pippin would grow and change. I think that is very much a part of Gandalf; that he would always have the Big Picture in mind and know that sometimes sacrifices had to be made for that, but that he would also always be concerned with the beings in his care and worry how they were and interested in their journey through life. I really, really love Gandalf’s obvious affection for Pippin!

And what you have done with Pippin is really intriguing and Sauron’s thoughts were very sinister. Poor Pippin, I could really feel the hopelessness and confusion he was going through.

Bloggin is so sweet in this chapter! So willing to help and I love his showing his own brand of logic here as well. I enjoyed his conversation with Frodo on the path and the way that he was enlightening Frodo about Smagnu. This part ended with a real cliffhhanger! Actually, this whole chapter is full of cliffhangers!

I think this is one of my favourite parts written about Sam ever. He is perfect, from his listening to Grubbus with half an ear while he works out a plan of his own, then his matter-of-fact actions in such an unfamiliar sort of situation and down to when his fairness and generosity cause him to rescue the orc as well – if you can call where they are at the moment a rescue! Sam is so very Sammish in this chapter and I loved seeing Bob again!

The last line is absolutely, perfectly understated Sam!
Greywonderer chapter 78 . 2/24/2013
Spoilers one last time.

(Pippin could hear a loud thumping sound and realised it was his own heart beating with impotent anger as he watched poor little Sniggin and Bloggin chased towards the front line by the cruel whip. The images blurred with speed and suddenly the two orcs were amid a cacophony of battle screams and cries. In the far distance he could even make out Legolas – his dear Legolas – together with the sons of Elrond, letting fly barrage after barrage of deadly arrows. He hoped desperately, although why it made a difference he was not sure, that the arrow that pierced Sniggin's throat had not come from Legolas's bow. Nevertheless, as he watched the fading view of Bloggin; prostrate and weeping with a pain he, Pippin, understood only too well over his brother's body, he somehow knew that the killing shot had come from the elf he loved so dearly.) Sorry to copy and past so much right off but this part makes it all so clear. It's such a different world since the reality changed. Legolas would never dream of killing Sniggin but if things had gone as they were supposed to go, he would have done so and no one would have thought any less of him if they thought about it at all.

And so Smagnu was eaten by a spider in the old reality! Wow, it's a wonder he wasn't made to stay dead like Pippin nearly was. Hope no one in power is watching this bit. I don't want to lose Smagnu.

I like the way Sam is comforting everyone and worrying about them all. I like how he comforts Sniggin and how he tries to warn the Snagnu image in the mirror to be careful. So very like Sam.

And the line from Smagnu: ("It didn't Little Pip," Smagnu spoke at last. "Now I know why everyone kept saying I got et by a spider – only I didn't – not here – not in this time – because of you!") Smagnu saved Pippin and Merry but they also saved him. It's full circle.

And all back to tea time! Very British of you!

("Well Pip," said Merry, breathing a sigh of relief as he and Frodo put their arms around their cousin and drew him in. "You're back!") I'm glad Merry got the last line. He earned it. He has suffered and worried and fought and been brave and protected others all the way through this. Good of you to give him the closing line. I also like the lines connection to Sam's line in the book. '"Well, I'm back".'
You really have managed to connect it all together beautifully.

I have enjoyed the way RECAPTURED gets to the same place that LORD OF THE RINGS does, yet not in the same manner. The nods to the book within the story are such fun to ponder.

Thank you for writing this. Thank you for returning to it and finishing it. Thank you for sharing it with us and for allowing me to read ahead from time to time. I will miss the discussions and miss looking forward to new chapters. (Glad for the appendices, so I won't have complete withdraw for a while yet.)

Amazing, creative,humor-filled, action-packed, heart-warming, breath-holding, cliff-hanging, pulse-racing, surprising, tender, friendship-filled writing on your part, and a most excellent Beta by Marigold. You two are quite a team.

All I can say is I'm glad to be here with you, if only in spirit, at the end of this story. Words are failing me, so like Capt. Smagnu did earlier to Aragorn, I salute you, Llinos!
Greywonderer chapter 77 . 2/24/2013
Spoilers and more spoilers just like always.

I'm late this time, partly because I've been away and partly because the alert went to my spam folder for some strange reason. Anyway, enough about me and my mail. On to the review:

("Why would you ask that now Meriadoc?" Gandalf had arrived so silently his question made Merry start with surprise. "You were the one person who persisted in believing he would survive.") I like this because it's like Merry is finally able to show that he was worried about Pippin's survival. In a way he couldn't show it until Pippin was restored to his body. I don't know if this will make sense or if it's what you intended as the writer, but to me, Merry couldn't allow himself to think of Pippin as dying or worry about his condition until he had dealt with getting all of Pippin back where he belonged. In a way, I think that freed him up to consider the possibility that everything wouldn't be alright. Before, it would have been like giving up on Pippin and he couldn't do that. Now, with physical evidence of a problem, and with Pippin back in his body, now he can show some of what he feels without giving up the hope he needed in order to get through it all. Also, he is now dealing with what he can see and not what he knows isn't there.

I love Smagnu. He's been a part of so much of this tale and has been so very important. I wish Merry and Pippin could take him back to the Shire with them but I suspect that he wouldn't be happy there.

(Gently the Wizard lifted the comatose hobbit from his cot and placed him in the Uruk's strong arms. As Merry followed them from the pavilion where Pippin had been cared for, Frodo and Sam fell in beside him. They were joined by Éowyn and Faramir and then Gimli and Legolas.) I like the way you've gathered together everyone who took the hard parts of the journey with Merry and Pippin and I also was glad you made mention of Merry's weakened condition. He hasn't had time for himself in all this. I'm surprised that he is still standing.

In spite of the seriousness of the events, this made me laugh. ("I am sure that the opium at least was a mistake," Aragorn said grimly. "I would like to believe that I was not so careless of my own volition.") Oops! Drugs are bad for you. I may have goofed with that opium. I'm a King now, but I'm going to rethink the use of opium on future patients. : )

("The Lady Éowyn," Gandalf continued, "was also drawn into the events concerning the hobbits – even learning to mindspeak, as did Faramir under her tutelage.") I love this connection between Faramir and Eowyn. I like the way it bonds them to one another and to the hobbits and even Legolas. It's so very personal and it required such trust.

(Smagnu was unused to displays of deference, such as bowing, but he passed Pippin's sleeping body to Aragorn and, standing to rigid attention, saluted.) When the story of this is handed down, Smagnu really should get serious credit for saving the race of Orcs. I hadn't thought so much about it but even though Pippin was meant to speak for the Orcs and Bloggin was intended to be the first to have an afterlife, without Smagnu, nothing could have happened. Merry was Pippin's protector in the Shire and on the Quest but when things came to the point where Merry was also in danger, Smagnu took over. I love that he salutes Aragorn. It shows how alliances have changed. It also shows how being a soldier is Smagnu's life, like a career officer in any branch of the service.

I'm glad to get to read the last two chapters in one setting like this. So I'm off to the next part now.
ebbingnight chapter 78 . 2/23/2013
Ah, that was *so* worth waiting for...

And now I see that an alternate title for the story could be "Redemption" (but that would have been much too spoiler-ish" and "Recaptured" is perfect!) Even though now I realize that I might have seen where the story was going all along, I certainly never did.

It ends in revelations!
Foozeezoos chapter 78 . 2/22/2013
Ahhhhh the end of a masterpiece :) definitely one of the best stories I've ever read! I'm so glad that this story had a happy ending :D now everything's perfect, and my life's complete. Thank you so much for writing, never stop!
Pippinfan1988 chapter 78 . 2/22/2013! Magnificentl! I think... So much to say, so much to feel... I got the story alert yesterday, but I simply couldn't bring myself to read until today. Such a bittersweet thing to close the last chapter of this most awesome, sweet, and brilliant story. The one redeeming factor is the appendices that you'll be writing and adding.

Throughout reading this final chapter, one of the many things that kept surfacing in my thoughts was how well-written the entire story has been. You are such an amazing, gifted writer. There were passages in this chapter that I would have sworn were written by a professional writer. Absolutely spectacular! And then...there was such a sadness in my heart, too, knowing this lovely story was about to end. I didn't want it to end.

I loved this last chapter, how you took us (the reader) back on the familiar journey - "correct" journey - the journey that should have been. But then Pippin had other ideas and did eventually choose what we all applaud as the right timeline. ;-) Extremely well done, Llinos! Very well done, indeed. Bravo! And looking forward to more!

Thank you for sharing the last ten years!
beanie-art1 chapter 78 . 2/22/2013
I am amazed and glad you stuck with this story for ten years D: fantastic ending! Fantastic story! I will mist defiantly keep my eye out for more stories by you :-) a very well done to both you and marigold :D
A Vulcan's Kiss chapter 78 . 2/21/2013
Pip4 chapter 78 . 2/21/2013
Very nice way to wrap up the story. I was wondering if you were going to keep Pippin in the same speech patterns he's had in the story as opposed to normally.
FantasyFan chapter 77 . 2/19/2013
Back in the nick of time, just before the last chapter is posted. I'm so glad Gimli is able to retrieve the memory of saving Pippin. Not only did he save him in the original timeline, he gets the chance to save him again in this one. With the added bonus of a conversation with Mahal! Honored indeed is Gimli son of Gloin. It's interesting that he remembers the conversation, when Merry had only the vaguest memories of his first encounter with the Valar. Also interesting, that Pippin is returned in the bruised, bloodied condition he would have been found in after the original battle of the gates. It's too bad that he has to go through the pain: or does he? Are the bruises symptomatic of the confusion he feels between realities? He lives in either one, but if I were him, I'd choose to stay in the reality where he wouldn't have to recover from dislocated joints and inflamed lungs and broken toes and I imagine, a very large headache. Will all the bruises go away again once he has chosen? (I suppose the answer to that will be in the final chapter!)

Galadriel is quite wise, yet also removed from most of the original action. A good choice to mediate as a large and disparate group meets to try to bring Pippin back.
Guest chapter 59 . 2/8/2013
Possible Spoilers!

At last I’m able to start catching up on my reviews! Thanks you so much for getting me sorted out, now and always! You’re the best!

I love the depths of Sam that we see in this chapter, there is so much in his character that I have always just looked at as being the whole of what makes him ‘Sam’ if you understand me, but I hadn’t really ever separated the different aspects that make up the whole. You do so brilliantly here and seeing all of his personality aspects highlighted is really fascinating and makes his character suddenly even more interesting to me. And it is obvious that he has grown so much during this adventure – aspects of his personality that he always had have developed and matured and ones hidden deep have come out.

I laughed at the analogy of Legolas being Frodo’s knight in shining armour! Frodo really is the damsel in distress in his first appearance here, and though it is amusing it is also understandable. It’s great the way that you balanced the humour with the drama and then when they get to Merry the way that Frodo is once again the wise elder cousin. He knows Merry so well and I like the way that he doesn’t sugarcoat what’s likely going to happen.

Your Merry is perfect here as always – he tries to use logic and reason in a situation that is really covering his very emotional need to find and rescue Pippin and his concern for Frodo. You show multiple facets of his character in this chapter as well as Sam, including the way that Merry always needs to fix things, to find the right solution.

This is definitely a chapter that that has a bit of everything; character study, angst, humour and fighting among them! And it promises excitement to come with the mention of what Bloggin will need to do, what Merry will need to do so that Bloggin can do it, and the situation with Sam and Grubbus at the end!
Natta chapter 77 . 2/2/2013
Wow, I remember reading this story about 9 years ago when I was just a kid, recently I remembered it and wanted to go find it again; not only is it still here, it's still being updated! That's pretty amazing. :D Still love this story, can't believe I managed to get back to it just before it's ending but definitely will be holding my breath for that!
Pippinfan1988 chapter 77 . 1/30/2013 I can relax, lol. Pippin is safe and sound in the company of his Merry and other companions (for now). And Lady Galadriel! Very interested to see how this storyline pans out. I like how you're tidying up the loose ends; I doubt you needed any help. ;-) Eager to read more!

Llinos, you are a very talented and wonderful writer! I was admiring your handiwork throughout this chapter. Just wanted you to know that. :-) Take care!
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