beanie-art1 chapter 77 . 1/29/2013
Awesome chapter :D can't wait for the next, although it will be sad to see this story end, but I trust that you will continue writting your brilliant fics :3
Pip4 chapter 77 . 1/28/2013
Wow you think of everything. I forgot this was because Eomer didn't kill all the orcs at the beginning. I like how Galadriel added another property of the Mirror that was kinda cool.

Sorry that my reviews are so short.
Foozeezoos chapter 77 . 1/28/2013
ok ok in my defense i read your story off my ipod, and i have short stubby fingers, that dont like to type the right letters, so STUPID auto correct thinks it knows me and trys to add in what it thinks i want! UGH! I COULD JUST THROW IT ACROSS THE ROOM! and yeah...soundtrack be sad. did i ever get it right? i ment shouldnt be sad. and when you said more smoldering and pissed off, you were talking about the poem right? because i didnt mean to make you feel that way with my comment...GIMILI DID IT!1 WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :))))))) now all they gotta do is go look at some water and all's good? i hope so. its about time merry and pippin are together again. in the correct world. in their own bodies. Im glad though that you found my comment(s) enjoyable. i seriously went through like 10 trying to find one that i hadnt reviewed on so i could finish what i had to say :p did you like les miserables? i LOVE the barricade song at the end when they are finally all together! i almost cried because the entire movie i was pissed and then they were all in their little french heaven :)))))))))))) well i'll end my long "review" i never have anything bad to say so i just end up ramble talking to you!
Foozeezoos chapter 1 . 1/27/2013
AAAAAAAA! Spell check is a piece of crap! They should really create a thing that sees is the grammar usage of the word is correct! "I soundtrack be mad!" What the hell!? I meant shouldn't be mad. Shouldn't**
Foozeezoos chapter 15 . 1/27/2013
THIS REVIEW IS A CONTINUATION OF MY ONE THATS HOPEFULLY BELOW THIS ONE. It wasn't finished reviewing the last chapter but accidentally hit send! I was gonna say: but I'm happy to hear that the epilogue is growing. That's all. :))))
Foozeezoos chapter 76 . 1/27/2013
Hahah I know that in your story orcs and all the other evil things arnt so evil, and I have grown to love a few of them, but somehow I still found it funny to learn that that one had a crush on a woman! I'm not trying to insult you, if it comes across that way I'm sorry! The poem was sweet though. :)) I think that Merry's unwavering faith that Pippin will live is adorable! He truly is a best friend! I'm beginning to believe that Gimili can get Pippin outta that mess :) hopefully. If not I'll just turn back to my pervious Aragon will fix it mindset...good work! And yeah, I soundtrack be sad, your right. But
beanie-art1 chapter 76 . 1/20/2013
Woohoo a new chapter, seriously are hobbis like some form of super cat,they certainly seem to have a lot more than 9 lives, the're invincible :D ok Mabey not invincible but they can survive anything it seems simply on determination, smarts and pure cuteness lol
Anyway fantastic chapter (i really do love the way it ties into the original) can't wait for the next :3
Pip4 chapter 76 . 1/19/2013
Haha! At the end of this all I could think was "He's not dead yet, he's getting better"
The poem by Smagnu was pretty cool. I like how he was the one to get Merry back to his senses a little bit. And I love what's happening with Gimli and Pippin. Very poignant.
Greywonderer chapter 76 . 1/19/2013
Spoilers again!

Oh, I loved this chapter. I want to hug it and kiss it and keep it forever. Dear, dear, Smagnu! I love how he knew exactly what to do to help Merry. I also like the fact that he persisted even when Merry, in his very upset state, was a bit rude to him.
I also enjoyed seeing the poem in this chapter:
Ddraigspelt – An Orc Love Poem, and it really is so very moving and I can imagine exactly why Merry was so impressed with it and with Smagnu for writing it. I enjoyed Smagnu proving his ability to love with the poem. I also like the fact that he refused to explain it further. Very stoic.
And poor Gimli! Having to push himself to recall a horror that didn't even happen in this timeline. His emotions have been pushed to the limits.
Also, from what Eowyn said, it looks as if Pippin may yet have to suffer the physical wounds of what might have been in order to stick around for the what is rather than staying in the here after.
In any case, silly Frodo! He really should have led with the good news rather than the business of Orcs. This time, the good news should have come first.

Wonderful chapter! My very best to the author and her beta on this one.
Pippinfan1988 chapter 76 . 1/19/2013
Who - me? Panic? LOL I laugh in the face of possible character-death. Okay, I was a big bundle of over-reacting nerves! :-P

*sigh* So glad Pippin is still with us in the land of the living! I detested seeing Merry so sad. Good ol' Gimli and his memories to the rescue!

LOVE the Uruk verse! Wasn't this posted elsewhere? I seem to remember reading it over at SoA and loved it then. You are so gifted with poetry! somehow fit in Galadriel's Lay...!

The story is going perfectly, so I don't see any loose ends that need tying. Very well done!
Greywonderer chapter 75 . 1/19/2013
As always, this review contains spoilers.

I love that Smagnu knows Merry so well. He totally gets Merry's determination and he sees no point in attempting to fight it. But, Aragorn is gone? This is hardly the time for him to run off! what is he thinking?
I like the new take-charge Smagnu. I also like the fact that he knows Merry's name. lol. I enjoyed that entire conversation. I could copy and paste it all right here in this review as parts of the story that I love but I suspect that you, as the author, know exactly what it says and don't need to read it again. But still, I am tempted. I liked Smagnu's reasoning about picking Gimli instead of Aragorn. Now, if only they are right! I think they should be but you are very tricksy so I might get fooled.
Uh-oh, that's not the memory I was expecting Gimli to have at all. I thought he would recall finding Pip under the troll and still alive but either way, they seem to be determined that Pip is dead. What Gimli remembered sounds like a happy after the battle memory but they still don't take it as evidence. they probably would have taken Gimli's troll memory as finding Pip barely alive and deciding that he must have died of his wounds later. These Folks in the Hall are very stubborn!
I don't know how Merry will live with this. Now, tho, I'm seeing one idea that I hadn't before. I will email it to you because if its at all anywhere close to correct, then it's a big spoiler and should not be in the reviews.
Hope your serial driller dentist doesn't leave you in pain. Ned more chapters. Only three left?! sob
ebbingnight chapter 75 . 1/16/2013
Not quoting from the chapter, but I can only trust and hope that it is relevant, as we all hold on for dear Pippin's life:

"…All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well."

Won't it?
Foozeezoos chapter 75 . 1/14/2013
:( my heart is breaking! Not just for merry, but because its almost the end. I just love your story, it's one of those long good ones that never end and go on forever in chapters and chapters of amazing goodness :) I have bittersweet feelings about how this last chapter went. I don't want to loose faith that there's night be just a little hope in Aragorn, but then I don't wanna go get myself all upset if that goes down the evil as it is though you threw in a great cliffhanger right at the end there! Can't wait for more :) hope your dentisting goes good, if that can even be categorized under good!
Foozeezoos chapter 74 . 1/14/2013
I hate reading late but I love getting to go on to the next chapter! Aragorn had better find pippin! AAAAAA! Good stuff :)) as always!
Pippinfan1988 chapter 75 . 1/12/2013
Nooooooooooo! Not beloved Pippin! This is agony! My heart is shattered! Say it isn't so!

I like the undertone of never underestimate the power of one small, however insignificant, person - and don't judge a book by it's cover. Very noble sentiments! But PLEEAAASSSSE! Bring back Pippin! This story cannot end without him - nope, it can't. Sorry, you'll just have to bring my sweet Pippin back into the story. Okay, I'll beg!
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