Scifinut-Aniron chapter 1 . 9/18/2002
YAY FOR MORE CHAPTERS! Does this mean we need ANOTHER 1000 reviews for another party? Anyway, great chapter you two, I'm really lovin' this stuff. It's starting to scare some of the people in my dorms...they just don't get it. I'm waiting in suspense for the 150 chapters...sounds like there's going to be a lot of work ahead of you. Question: When does TTT come out there? I think I'm going to go crazy waiting until December! Anyway...good luck with , and keep up with the excellent writing!
Baylor chapter 1 . 9/18/2002
OK, so I'm an idiot and didn't realize you'd posted another chapter under a new story file and I've been moaning about needing a Recaptured fix. So glad I finally got it! My favorite part of this chapter is actually very brief - Merry and Theoden's interaction. I loved their relationship in the books. While Pippin, I always felt, pledged himself to Denethor out of a desire to be of use, love and honor for Boromir, and pride, Merry swore himself to Theoden purely out of love, and it was returned wholeheartedly by the old king. This quiet little moment was so nice and so in keeping with both characters.

"Commander Legolas." I like it. Eagerly awaiting many many more chapters. (Do you hear that? It's me raising the 150 CHAPTERS! battle cry over here in the colonies.)
Kookaburra chapter 1 . 9/17/2002
Freakish Lemon chapter 1 . 9/17/2002
Myself and my friends have been following your heck with it, dude, we love it. And is being brainwashed by Chinese monkeys, and we would like to make the suggestion of perhaps posting the original, uneditted, NC-17 Recaptured! on .com because, let's face it, not everyone can make it past 50 chapters, let alone 90-someodd...I must have lost count somewhere and its a sin to take something like that off the site.

Damn, I think that's the longest review I've ever written... Anyways, ponder the suggestion for a bit.

Niere chapter 1 . 9/17/2002
"Recaptured" with a G rating, that's different.

Ok, review...

I think Legolas will be a 'good' commander. Especially with Gandalf and Gimli as his council.

Pippin's "addicted" to the palantir as well as poppy. Lovely. (sarcasm. thought I should specify as it doesn't come across well in print)

I'm proud of Pippin, trying to only take what he really 'needs' of the poppy and not the whole thing like he usually does. I have a feeling though, that Denethor pushing more onto him may cause a problem later, somehow.

Denethor is 'addicted' to the palantir, too. Just in a different way, more the 'power' of it.

Gee, I wonder just how many will eventually be added to this mental "party line"? *giggle*

Denethor needs to 'see' Boromir's death? And I thought 'I' was morbid!


Waking to continuing darkness 'must' be rather disorienting. Poor Merry.

"I will try to let my fear be my weapon, not my failing." This had to be the greatest definition of 'courage' I've ever seen!

A third 'presence' in the palantir? Uh, oh, not good. Hurry, Pippn, please hurry!

Very smart of Pippin, blanking Merry's features like that!

Boromir taught Merry and Pippin well.

Denethor 'hit' Pippin? Oh, no...Sauron has found him!

Wonderful chapter (as usual)! Three cheers for Llinos and Marigold for finding a way around the new rating system!

TTTurtle chapter 1 . 9/17/2002
Yay! You are continuing the story! And rewriting it I see...wonderful.

Loved this chapter too! Poor Pippin! And I am worried that Denethor has taken on more than he can handle here!

As I also love Moria's Revenge and a couple other NC17 stories, I have been a bit worried about what is happening!

Does anyone know WHY they made this decision? Face it, most of us live quite normal lives and would not hurt a fly (I make the exception for mosquitos and cockroaches (sorry the spelling)). We read fanfic because it IS fiction...does not mean we are homocidal maniacs! Besides, there is nothing like a good story to read after a long day at work.

Just keep us poor readers as informed as you can, as I for one, have become quite 'dependent' on getting my 'fix' every so often.

So please keep posting chapters, and I at least promise to review...and if you have to make the scenes a bit less explicit in order to be able to publish, then I guess it's better than not being able to read the stories at all. (and I agree...some sites you cannot review or only review once for the whole story...I love reading the review too and the answers you give!
Mistoffelees chapter 1 . 9/16/2002
Curse and their evil people which work there. That sentence made no sense. I think I'm going to be one of the first people to review the next part of the story too..go figure :). Marigold is really with you? Oh happy day! You two make such a cute couple ;) ~laugh~ The chapter was kind of scary at the end. Opium, a palantír, Pippin, and Denethor are not a good combination. That 'faceless Merry' was disturbing as well..Another story to add to my favorites list! Or is it the same story..? I'm so confused. And I hate .

P.S., Llinos: I suggest you replace Marigold with Smagnu and Grutfley - they are much nicer slave drivers.

P.S., Marigold: Don't stop poking until we get to chapter 150.

P.P.S., Llinos: Better get some bandaids handy.

- Mistoffelees. :)
Wynded chapter 1 . 9/16/2002
hhhhhhhiiiiiiiiii!it's me!i found your story,well your other story,much to my suprize.i can't believe their taking off the nc-17 stories i mean most of the ones i read are 't get the wrong idea,i am not obsessed with sex,in fact i don't even like romance that much.i do, however have an odd facsination with violence, suffering, and the torment of my favorite -i really liked the chapter today and hope that you will be allowed to keep your story here.
Niphrandl chapter 1 . 9/16/2002
OH I am sooooooooo Glad that I decided to check again! This is such a great story!

Please continue!
Pansy Chubb chapter 1 . 9/16/2002
Go Llinos and Marigold!

Thanks for the update. Just when I thought Pippin was out of trouble for a while. I will be following you (as always) where ever you land.

shirebound chapter 1 . 9/16/2002
First let me say that I will follow your story anywhere. If it were buried in the crumbled ruins of Barad Dur I would find a shovel (or maybe one of Sam's discarded pans) and start digging until I found it. (I might also find Sauron's palantir, which would be cool.)

Now then. Excellent chapter, as always! Interesting look at a Denethor we never get to see. Please do keep us updated. There must be a way to post your chapters somewhere AND get reviews, what a loss it would be to lose this give-and-take.
Jay of Lasgalen chapter 1 . 9/16/2002
You have my full support, Llinos - although I'm not a huge fan of slash, (though I don't mind it) I'm far more against censorship and prevention of freedom of speech!

I shall continue to follow your story regardless, where ever you decide to give it a home - but I hope it will be on , because despite the latest ruling there are more good stories here than on any of the other fic sites.

PS - haven't actually reviewed Ch 93 as I haven't read it yet, but just wanted to say this first!

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