Reviews for Unholy Matrimony
Kushina-san chapter 7 . 7/25
WOAW! You made my day, really. I really really like the end of the 7th chapter!... I hope Sakura will gain selfconfidence and shut out the bullies tendencies of people.

I was waiting for thoses chapters! will you continue this fiction?
Sanban chapter 7 . 7/22
This is so good! And hilarious! I love that I can't figure out what direction the story is going to go and what the motives of the characters are. Can't wait for more!
whitewind04578 chapter 7 . 7/21
Mmmmm, weird but enticing ending. Can't wait for more!
loveitasakuxx chapter 7 . 7/19
W.o.w. what's gng to happen next... ?!

Updateeee.. Plzzz.. XD .
Guest chapter 7 . 7/16
Love this! Please keep updating it! Eri needs to stay away from Sakura's Itachi!
InARealPickle chapter 7 . 7/14
2 things

1. President and vice president of ANBU? ANBU is not a democracy.

2. It has not escaped me that it is 7 chapters into the story, and you have still not even hinted at what Sakura's mission is. Plan on doing that any time soon?
Must have been important, since there's no rational reason for Sakura to force herself to marry Itachi.

Other than that, enjoyed the chapter.
Uchiha Misaki chapter 7 . 7/14
Good chapter
raye85 chapter 7 . 7/14
Whhaatttt! I am surprised! Wow. I didn't think madara would show up. I do wonder what itachi thinks of madaras comments. Eekkk i cant wait to find out whats going to happen next
InARealPickle chapter 6 . 6/26
Love the story. Wish it was updated more often than a few times a year. Oh well.
InARealPickle chapter 2 . 6/26
Uchiha Misaki chapter 6 . 6/19
Wow he seems like an ass
Guest chapter 6 . 6/19
Amazing chapter! I can't wait for the next!
whitewind04578 chapter 6 . 6/18
Oh, boy. Where's this gonna go? What's it gonna do? More!
anna-chan21 chapter 6 . 6/18
Hooray! Update! Good for Sakura giving Itachi a piece of her mind! Itachi is kinda an asshole.
Doctorjaws chapter 6 . 6/18
The truly sad thing is that this is a much healthier relationship than canon Sakura's current marriage to Sasuke "Two-Timing Deadbeat Dad" Uchiha. Personally I am very glad to see you writing again. I really enjoyed this and the new chapter of "The Road to Uchiha" especially the part where Sakura called them all a clan of jerks.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter; I predict another berserker moment coming! Given how awkward this whole arrangement is I wouldn't be surprised if Mitoko starts off the party with a speech that goes something like this;
"Mawwiage! Mawwiage is what bwings us together!"
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