Reviews for Tramp Tramp Tramp
Hamlet chapter 1 . 10/8/2013
Dear Highwing,
To be sure, it was a nice treat to read a good Redwallish song. Nearly everyone forgets that a big part of Redwall is the singing.
It was a tasty treat, and I enjoyed it very much. It made me smile, though I normally think of the shrews doing rowing songs. You did a fine job with the accents. Your rhyming was very good, though imperfect in some areas, but that's no matter. Even Brian Jacques did that ;)
P.S. On your author's note, I'm from the South! Of course, I don't stand for all the Rebels fought for, but still. (I know a preacher in the South who objected to singing "Battle Hymn of the Republic", saying, "That's a Yankee song!" c: I don't mind what you said, though. In fact, I find it funny :)