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Partsu chapter 80 . 11/28
beautiful! *sniff*
anonymos chapter 6 . 11/10
Leonineus chapter 6 . 11/12
I feel I should point out that over here what Americans refer to as "high school" is "college". Similarly we have no "semesters" only "terms". I would recommend employing a Brit-picker to catch all that for you. No offence intended against your skill as a writer but as a rule it's generally better to actually research how, for example, the education system works in other countries rather than assuming (as some do) that everywhere is the same as America, then getting angry and rude when corrected by a native (as has happened to me before). Otherwise, pretty good so far and I will continue to read on!
hakon2feb chapter 20 . 11/9
Hmm... This certainly puts a twist to the HP universe. Would be funny if Molly learned that Voldemort's mother also used a love potion on her man :p Add to the mix that Molly is pure-blooded, and the only difference between her own family and the dark lord is what house they were put in :p Sure, none of the Weasley kids have enough cunning or charm put together to match the dark lord, but perhaps Molly aimed for quantity over quality :p Molly the dark mistress has a nice ring to it :) *Eat my meat pies, filthy mudbloods* :p
If nothing else, the visit there helped open the eyes of one of the Weasleys at least. Now we only wait and see if Ginny will eventually join the harem or not(copyrights belong to Nymphadora Tonks) :)
Keep up the good work :)

hakon2feb chapter 12 . 11/8
Oh, my, god. Enemies of the hair, beware... I had a good laugh from that one :) Worst part is the rumour wasn't really wrong either, just directed at the wrong Weasley. Although, i doubt the Weasleys would take revenge on the school, just for having orange hair :p Not that i would want to be on their bad side, seeing as their pranking can be a bit extreme at times :)
Also, it's a huge risk for the "politician" to let a basilisk roam the school freely. I honestly think that part was handled rather poorly in canon. I mean, how many things in the magical universe can cause petrification? Connect it to the death that happened 50 years prior, add some snakes and you are left with something you don't want to look in the eyes. Not to mention Hagrid and his spider... Hagrid could probably do good in the smuggling business, seeing as no one can catch him unless the thing he smugles draws attention. He could probably start an underground drug cartel and no one would notice with all the weird shit going on :p
Keep up the good work :)

hakon2feb chapter 8 . 11/8
Hi again.
Ok, so i always wondered why Fred and George never said anything to Ron about someone else sleeping in his bed(Peter Pettigrew)... I mean, it could be they were just respecting his privacy, not bothering with Ron "swinging" that way :p Don't get me wrong, they show plenty of times that they are clever enough, but perhaps all the pranks made them focus elsewhere...
As for this time around, Harry didn't get to kill Quirrell with love, but rather a poisonous dart :p The "politician" tried to have a word with Harry, but he neatly deflected it by bringing professor Sprout :) It's all fun and games for old Albus, so long as it's for the greater good, that is... It doesn't seem to earn him any favours with the staff though. Perhaps the rest of the staff will hear about it, and rebel in protest?
Anyways... Keep up the good work :)

hakon2feb chapter 3 . 11/7
I can't understand why you don't have more reviews... This story is so far amazing. Really funny, and you do put up some questions about the HP universe. Like, why wouldn't more people want to go to Hufflepuff?
Anyways... I was laughing hard imagining the outragous expression on Ollivander's face when Naruto asked for three wands :p I'll be sure to follow this story closely, as i can't get enough of it :)

Guest chapter 23 . 11/3
Great story, but I'm getting a little upset at the lack of complete sequel-ness. Everyone in the Kitsune Clan has the Byakugan and can read lips. Heck, they can read vocal cords, heartbeats, bodily functions and probably brains by this point lol. Maybe not brains, but still, unless Malfoy Manor is warded against seeing through (perfectly reasonable given magic and Mad-Eye Moody), then they would not be restricted to peeping through windows.

If so, then please say so. Same for Hogwarts. I think the best one I saw had it give him massive headaches because of all the magic and physics defying impossible layouts.

Also have you mentioned Hana-mum? Can't remember.

Since Chakra is apparently being treated as not magic, even with the spiritual/soul part, and the Clan are muggles, they should know better than to think mere physical attacks can overwhelm magical protections.

At least I hope they learn.
6258489 chapter 9 . 11/4
is it just me or do Harry's parents seem extremely arrogant? perhaps just as bad as the purebloods?
AvidReader chapter 80 . 11/1

Looks like we're in the final stretch, though, and there's darn few other epic-length stories that even come close to this good. I guess every silver lining has its share of dark cloud as well. ;-)

On the plus side, once this wraps it will be time for my third reading of both PL's CED and your PA as well as my first complete read-through of both stories together. :-)
ReaderNicholas666 chapter 80 . 11/2
very nice. if you do make a story where they move on to another world i would suggest the bleach world. I would like to see how you mesh them together.
Aaron Leach chapter 80 . 11/1
Awesome chapter.
Reishin Amara chapter 80 . 11/1
Equivalent Exchange...heh...

Hmmm...out of curiosity,what world will you visit next...?

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood(Country FULL of problems..)

Akagame ga Kill (Just...ok...this world needs a nice purge...)

and theres many more,but i cant think of them right now...Attack on Titan?
pallendin pie chapter 80 . 11/1
you live.

nice work on rounding off the DE's and the twist at the last bit.
raw666 chapter 80 . 10/31
If you eneded the story here, it would be a great ending. You don't need anything else and to continue on at this point would pointless, even if it is a epilogue.
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