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king hero255 chapter 1 . 7/3
your an amazing writer of fanfiction I hope you continue to make more I really hope you do I enjoy your work a lot
dubstepguy001 chapter 53 . 6/3
I mean.. shes volatile and reckless... But not THAT kind of volatile and reckless.. or maybe the time this fanfic was made was when FP wasnt a Flame King yet and she havent made Honesty as the law of the Fire Kingdom in the original timeline seeing that the Original Flame King and Don John is nowhere to be found. her characterization here was weird to say the least but its true to her character during the early days of Adventure Time . Compulsive, Unorthodox, Hard to read and Passionate.
dubstepguy001 chapter 46 . 6/3
Its Adventure Time... No forreal tho this chapter was intense. I literally bit into my pillow because of the way you wrote the couple's intimate moment here. It jusf feels so genuine, yknow?
dubstepguy001 chapter 44 . 6/3
I mustve missed it or something but... Where did Lady go?
dubstepguy001 chapter 43 . 6/3
Oh okay NOW i remember why i said that the words here were repetitive years ago (it was round 2014 when i wrote a single review on this). The words "euphoria" "passionate" "kiss" and the staring at marceline and daydreaming was repeated so many times that my younger self was really getting tired of it. I dont know but i dont really mind it anymore but it really took away some immersion when reading this.
dubstepguy001 chapter 41 . 6/3
Those cliffhangers really are effective. I like how you really made the continuity of Beemo doing Beemo things. Its just made the supporting characters not just some backdrop and really gave them their inherent quirks and qualities. Tbh the only thing that made me feel weird was the characterization of Lady Rainicorn, she wasnt really much of a person that talks in loooooong sentences. She was always a one sentence person getting straight to the point... Also i just noticed that Finn was always chased by the 3 supporting chicks in most of these kinds of stories... Im not complaining but... It doesnt sit well with me... I mean this is your fanfic after all so but you know... Speak my mind

Good chapter with minor nitpicks
dubstepguy001 chapter 39 . 6/3
This chapter gives me butterflies in my tummy especially the song.. The problem got resolved pretty quickly... Kinda rushed imo
dubstepguy001 chapter 19 . 6/2
Damn thats a cocktease. I liked how you expressed their characters in their most vulnerable states while being still nonchalant about itespecially Finn. The only thing that i thought iffy was the first intimate scenes and hanging with each other scenes where there was little emphasis on the pressure of the situation. Finn didnt really thought of Jake (his best bro) that much. I understand that they still need to wait for the signal from the thingymajig PB gave marceline but i didnt sense too much worry on Finn's part on what Jake is doing. Then Marceline being a thousand year old Vampire.. she liked Finn that much but didnt give weight on losing her since shes immortal and hes not.. i guess marcy giving notice to that and avoiding Finn would make a good conflict to resolve. Nice chapters regardless
dubstepguy001 chapter 14 . 6/2
Shes her mom! What an unexpected turn of events!
dubstepguy001 chapter 11 . 6/2
"NO! I am-"

who though?
dubstepguy001 chapter 6 . 6/2
Well tbh it was quick progression from friends to lovers on just less than 10 chapters. Marcy didnt even have a "crisis" regarding Age and Mortality. Still good though
dubstepguy001 chapter 1 . 6/2
Reading this again after years is like falling in love again... Im feeling a wave of nostalgia right now
Guest chapter 67 . 5/28
psychobalckcat chapter 67 . 5/26
...its going to be more?
Guest chapter 62 . 3/4
Amazing chapter. Loved how Death defaulted to Русский.
Grinned like an idiot at 'Госпожа Абадийр'

Anyway; amazing work so far, can't wait to see how it ends.
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