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Guest chapter 22 . 7/16
I've read through all the parts of this series so far, and the conclusion that I've come to is that Isobelle is mentally unstable. The way she's acting makes it seem like she's crazy. Just because she didn't have someone to look up to doesn't mean that she has to turn out like this. The way she talks back to authorities infuriates me. I think that everyone should be given respect regardless of whether earning it or not. Let the person's actions determine it. Isobelle should be grateful to have such a patient parent like Hermione to teach her manners in the beginning of the series. No matter what, she's still her mother even though she gave her up to her father. She had her reasons. This family is just full of drama. In the beginning of the series, I did root for Isobelle and Teddy. But as the series went on, I can't say the same. Isobelle is too unpredictable. I actually fear for Teddy's life. He doesn't deserve this.

There were a lot of spelling errors throughout the series. I hope you can get a beta.

Overall, it was entertaining reading this series. Hope it gets finished soon.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29
I just want to say that I'm disappointed at how Isobelle turned out as a person. I was hoping that she'll grow from her experiences, both from her past and present, but what it did to her is to only view herself as the victim. Sure, she didn't really have the most conventional childhood, and I understand that Isobelle doesn't have a proper role model to look up to when she was a child, but the way she acts is so frustrating. As a teenager myself (17 in fact), I do admit that I often argue with my parents and make mistakes, it's a part of life. However, I also have the capability to learn from my mistakes. What I really don't get about Isobelle is her incompetency to learn from her errors. I understand her attitude when she was 14 during the start of the series, but by the time the second book came, Isobelle just appeared to be mentally unstable for me. I can't say that she's selfish, but I can and I will claim that she is immature. But I'm rather curious though, I wonder if Isobelle is a symbolism for Dramione's relationship. By Isobelle turning the way she is, is it a hint that the Dramione ship is doomed for failure? Draco and Hermione does have a shit load of chemistry, but to be realistic, something occuring between the both of them will never last due to a lot of things. Mostly their upbringings, sense of morality, attitude, etc. Yes, they love each other, but sometimes love is not enough. You can love a person and be exhausted of them at the same time. I think that's how Dramione is. Their love is so passionate that in the end, they burned themselves out.
That's all I have to say. I really appreciate your story, I wouldn't be as mad as I am now if I didn't. I applaud your way of making your readers feel variety of emotions. It means that you're a talented author, due to the fact that you can invoke emotions from the readers. I love your realistic potrayal of the characters and their story. You made them look so human, so selfish and imperfect. It's something that I admire and hate about your stories.
bookworm4life0812 chapter 22 . 5/29
Omg! I sped through the first two stories and then finished this one. It is so good! I really hope you continue it. I really hope Isobelle gets better and everything works out.
Guest chapter 22 . 3/4
CODEKinesis chapter 22 . 2/23
I totally forgot about this fanfic until I searched long and hard through . I want to commemorate your writing style and at the same time hate you. Your writing is very impressive and although the story has gotten out of hand lately, I still can't help but hang on to everything. I'm just very disappointed like the others with Isobelle's development (perhaps she will receive muggle therapy) and hope she does improve. The characters are well written, but please update. If there's one thing I hate more than Isobelle, it's you for making the story addicting (It's a compliment)
Update soon
Guest chapter 22 . 2/17
I hope you are planning to update this story...
MeAFanficAddict chapter 22 . 2/8
I beg you...
my mind doesn't work properly without regular dose of your writings (they work as drugs to an addict)
I am soo curious to know the rest of the story (its good that I am not a cat...or else I would have already died)
bad joke..yeah!
but my brain is like this these days please update I want to be normal again!
MeAFanficAddict chapter 22 . 2/2
daisy is gooooone! it truly felt like a relief to me. i hope you update soon. you have sort of hypnotised me ... my heart is no longer in my just beats at your order!

and can i just hope that Rose is pregnant? maybe she is ... but whats bad about guessing? we will only know when you will update...

i am too curious about next chapters and how dramione will reconcile (i hope they do. i really hope they do)

update soon! its not good to keep your fans waiting!
MeAFanficAddict chapter 16 . 2/1
I am feeling very happy and sad at the same time because the story ended. I really like your writings very much. you have a way with your words and the best part about your story is that we never get to know what happens next. what we guess turns out to be wrong and something else occurs that we certainly never expected.
many writers write nice stories but everyone's writing style is not so wonderful like yours. in this story i myself became very depressed thinking that things will never be the same again. i was so sure that matters are permanently ruined. but i was wrong isobelle handled it handled it somehow.
In 'to be a malfoy' I found isobelle so much like me ...she did what i really wanted to do if I were in her situation (but never actually do). I am very attached to that story though none of my situation matches even slightly with hers. when i started reading this... i thought to stop 'cause i sensed this story will ruin my perfect ending of 'to be a malfoy' but now i am grateful i continued. this fic plays with your emotions and is very unpredictable. the thing different about it is the main character is not always happy but still fights its way towards happiness.
then the way you write the negative characters in the story amazes me. there is a skill needed to write so infuriating characters- not everybody can do it. i particularly liked the simon's charater (or how you wrote it). not untill the beginning of this chapter i was able to understand the true identity of simons time he was sweet the other very harsh. now after i have read through all your stories (and hopefully waiting for and update to this one) i can tell you are my favourite writer- and i have read MANY fanfictions. some stories just cant be competed to see which one's better but writers can be...AND YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE.

YOU JUST WRITE THE THING THAT I WANT TO READ. and that makes me insanely happy

sorry for extremely long review but it needed to be get out and pardon my english.

update soon!
MeAFanficAddict chapter 22 . 2/1
this is not an ending? IS IT?
please tell me no! i spent all my time reaading these stories instead if studying :(
but i hope you will update ...i now you will!
i know you take lots of long breaks but eventually you come again.
MeAFanficAddict chapter 21 . 2/1
cant say draco is a good father but he is certainly not a bad one...
MeAFanficAddict chapter 20 . 2/1
this was a very long chapter. I on one hand i was happy that isobelle told her parents about simon but on the oother it was not very nice of her to tell rose's secrets to her parents. and then she became too violent with teddy.

it's nice that scorpius and rose are on good terms now... just hope daisy ends up like simon or astoria and everythig ends good
MeAFanficAddict chapter 19 . 2/1
my heartbeat went so high ... for once it seemed that he will not die!
very nicely written though
it is good to get rid of these evil it should be daisy's turn
MeAFanficAddict chapter 18 . 2/1
ohhhhh... isobelle just ruined the moment

it was just about to happen!
MeAFanficAddict chapter 17 . 2/1
why doesn't isobelle tell them everything?

AHHH! IT MAKES ME FURIOUS . if i were her i would just show her memories in a pensieve to everybody!
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