Reviews for Strangeness and Charm
ZZZZZzzzzzz chapter 1 . 4/17
you fell asleep
in spanish
te quedaste dormida
Duner89 chapter 16 . 4/10
I really like your story so far, but I do have a question for you. Well two actually, but here's the first one. If Hermione is meeting with Tom while he's still in school then is this going to affect history since I cannot see Tom waging war against the muggleborns after meeting Hermione and realizing that the only person who can keep up with him is muggleborn. Or is he going to make his horocrux in his 6th year and somehow lock the part of himself that remembers Hermione away. I wonder this since Quirrelmort didn't pay any attention to Hermione and if Voldemort did remember her I figured that he'd would have talked to her since I cannot see him sharing well with anyone including his younger self.

My second question is the generic when is the next chapter coming up. I know that writing a story takes time and that you have a life outside of FF, but I do hope it's soon. Keep up with the story, I like it a lot and would rather wait on a really good chapter then get a bunch of half baked chapters.
follicle chapter 16 . 4/9
Eurgh. Your story sucks.
JUST KIDDING. I loveeeeed it. I haven't read it from the last time I read it. And I came upon your story again by.. Well, it's a long story, really. But anyways, I really like the slow but still fast development between Tom and Hermione.
I want to ask though. Is the diary that Ginny has the one that Tom and Hermione are currently sharing?
Lalitas87 chapter 16 . 4/4
First of all I would like to say congratulation on receiving so many reviews for this for me. I read through this and it didnt excite me, however I am a fan of Hermione/ tom riddle. Futhermore i am curious to know when you will write "child of rage" fanfic which is based on TOMIONE because ive seen the picture and the spoilers and as i read it it kind of excited me. SO PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU WILL UPDATE CHILD OF RAGE AS I WILL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

bye for now
OakPixie7284 chapter 16 . 3/30
Please continue! I have been waiting for months! This is such a great story!
lakelady8425 chapter 16 . 3/28
The shift in the story line is so fascinating. I am enjoying seeing how everything is different without Hermione's contributions to Harry's quests.
Guest chapter 16 . 3/24
Please update! I really like this story!
Person P chapter 16 . 3/19
Thank for write this story, I love it. Please update soon.
Person P chapter 16 . 3/18
Please update soon!
Mystic B chapter 16 . 3/17
Keeps getting better and better; I love it!
Eagerly waiting for the next chapter...
charmant chapter 16 . 3/17
Great chapter, I love the story. Update more soon, please ;)
Guest123t6537382 chapter 16 . 3/16
Brilliant. Absolutely, undeniably brilliant. Awesome writing plot. Write the next chapter soon please.
avidreader chapter 16 . 3/15
Your story is utterly brilliant! Not a typical clichè tomoine stories with their time travel base where hermione went back in time. I do hope that you will continue to update this story in a more frequent basis. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world
Guest chapter 16 . 3/13
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ChateauBriand chapter 16 . 3/13
Kudos for the great work, I so want more...
Update soon, please :)
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