Reviews for I'm Still Here
Basker chapter 13 . 1h
Woah what a cliffhanger that's just cruel! I love the new title Harry has earned! And the unicorn sword made LOL
That was a great bit.
Draco has really grown. It feels almost like the darker version of Neville's growth :D
A twist huh? This is all a dream? Some BS from the mirror...? They're mad from it?
Or maybe Iris and Harry well meld into one person...? She has been dreaming of him and her magic is all wonky... I think Harry might have channeled her at the end there? They have a strong pull to each other...
I have no idea, so it's probably futile to even try and guess.
It feels like a ton of stuff has been set up but I cant tell wtf is happening lol
The girls are so thirsty :p but I get it. He's too good to just let slip away... but I dont see Harry being in a relationship given his mental state. If the Flamels are right he's losing his mind! Plus the whole "the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had" thing would put a serious cramp in any romantic relationships.

Harry has no fucks left to give! He's taking the advice he gave Iris and just letting his freak flag fly now. He was such a hero! I loved reading about the destruction of the dementors! I can see it on the front page now... "FLAMEL HEIR VANQUISHES MINISTRY WORKERS" no? Lol But let's face it, Hedwig was the real MVP! Reading about the other owls trying to protect the little firstie made me all teary.
Awesome chapter! There was so much action! It doesn't even feel like it's been nearly 300k of story. Seriously. Im like what the hell? How did I finish this already!?
Time to go read your other fics and any of your favorites when Im done with that.
Oddballzebra chapter 13 . 5h
Well that was dramatic.
Basker chapter 12 . 6h
Harry will NOT appreciate Tonks trying to get close to him with the goal of reporting everything to Amelia. I feel like he'd feel betrayed even if he understood the reasoning...
tonks flirting with harry is icky! I ship remus and tonks plus the whole "person with authority" flirting with what appears to be a minor and 4th year student makes me feel a little slimy lol just a little.
At this point over 200k words into the story the relationships seem kind of irrelevant. Besides harry has like five years to NEEDS get some girlfriends?
I really like the story! I'm sooo interested in seeing Harry interacting with the Potters. It's finally getting there you know?
I feel like draco and harry are well on their way to friendship... Harry's in denial for sure when he says they'll never be friends.

Cool chapter! 3
Lukas510 chapter 13 . 9h
Well I've got to say this is one of my favorite fanfics. Shame it's not finished, but oh well. Only complaint I have is that sometimes you use 100 words when 10 could be used. I find myself skimming a lot of the paragraphs and not really missing out on much.
Basker chapter 9 . 23h
Im kind of rolling my eyes at fleur. The girls in this fic are so arrogant. Lol
Cant just be grateful someone saved her, right? Jeez.

Im loving Draco and Harry's sort of friendship!
Yay Regulus and Kreature reunion.
domsijohn chapter 13 . 23h
That was bad ass to be honesty i wish the potter found out the truth and love him period
domsijohn chapter 11 . 3/21
I kinda wish that harry can have family
domsijohn chapter 10 . 3/21
I like fuer and Daphne as well as luna and tracey for Harry's wife
Basker chapter 7 . 3/21
When it said someone had heard everything I groaned a little... its so clichéd lol but thats okay I like clichés sometimes... its just... Harry is really paranoid. OF COURSE he would at least cast a muffliato before talking to Draco about such sensitive stuff.
Idk... we'll see where this leads lol
Great chapter overall. I love all the detail and the true horror of being in Slytherin.
Oddballzebra chapter 12 . 3/21
Why do you keep mentioning how short Harry is? Also I think he let Daphne off WAY too easily.
Allebasii chapter 13 . 3/21
Okay not gonna lie I have read this entire fic over the course of like...two days? In all my free time? This is literally one of the best hp fics I have come across! Lol, I'm a sucker for good, long fics with Long update times- keeps everything suspenseful between chapters XD. I remember a DP fic that was written over the course of five years, so a few months means nothing, as long as i remember to add it to Followed Story. Keep up the good work, and i can't wait to see how everyone reacts ro Harry smiting all the dementors! Also, Is Harry understanding Hedwig completely, or is he just used to her body language/ calls that she cn get her point across?
Basker chapter 5 . 3/21
So far really enjoying the story :)
I'm really worried about it being multi/harry because usually those fics are shitty but it's all been great so far...
I hope Perenelle isn't somehow in the pairing... lol
domsijohn chapter 9 . 3/21
Love that harry saved reg i kinda hope that sirius finds the truth put about his brother
domsijohn chapter 8 . 3/21
For lily i see leah piper and james joseph morgan sirius is still oldman and seve rickman kingleys vin diesel and remus Nathaniel Buzolic but i also love draco
domsijohn chapter 7 . 3/21
Its hard because i love slash so much but i would say if we could add severus blaise draco to harrys harem awesome
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