Reviews for More Fragments
Aetheron chapter 39 . 7/30
AN2 says so/so job… but I would totally read this even if it was just series again with Sal and alexander's commentary added in.
bearblue chapter 58 . 7/27
Really, this is hilarious and we could use more in our lives... :)
noylj chapter 62 . 5/28
So, is Harry going to be part house elf or is torpo going to be more wizard or what?
Now, if they could just skip the crap classes and focus on real learning.
noylj chapter 53 . 5/28
What the heck is the ending? Did Harry "take care" of Hedwig, as he killed her? How long was he asleep?
noylj chapter 11 . 5/27
More the way I had hoped that scene would go.
noylj chapter 2 . 5/27
Not too interesting for those who never cared for Buffy and don't know anything about it, but fun to read any way.
Guest chapter 52 . 5/18
I can imagine a snark contest between Jack, Daniel, and Xander now.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/18
Cemalidor chapter 75 . 4/22
THIS needs SO to be expanded! Please? *puppy-dog-eyes-nojutsu*
Cemalidor chapter 61 . 4/21
Oh dear, this is just a killer. :XD Talking about a certain Gainax Bounce.
Cemalidor chapter 52 . 4/21
As long as he don't go "We are Legion"...
Cemalidor chapter 49 . 4/21
Cat'thulu, indeed. :XD
Cemalidor chapter 44 . 4/21
*evil smirk* Will there be chicken at lunch? }:)
Cemalidor chapter 43 . 4/21
And prolly several bottles sake. :XD
Cemalidor chapter 40 . 4/21
Me likes it. :XD Short, but funny.
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