Reviews for Journey to Liyeveron
Storymaster Caith chapter 1 . 2/13/2003
i'm not much of a pokemon fan, but this is interesting.
Lightning-Strike chapter 2 . 3/23/2002
Don't you dare put Ash and co. in. I wouldn't mind Red, because he's nowhere near as bad as Ash, but Misty and Brock are on the edge. Still, this is an awesome fic! I can't wait for more!
Xilmin Nerrar chapter 2 . 5/16/2001
Don't mind me. I'm just reviewing this to tell you I'm stealing... eh, I mean borrowing this fic for my webpage (since I can't send anything through my e-mail at the moment, and the only other way to tell you is to your face... but you scare me, no offence! But seeing as you are my Master, I guess it just comes naturally...) I'm sure you don't mind me taking this... Free publicity! Remember! *FREE!*. But you'd better still be writing this one! I like it! And that's saying a lot considering I don't care for Pokemon that much! And I'll be coming after more fics later... heh heh heh... but wait... this means I need to read the mush! ! You can't do this to me! It's cruel! The mush, it will infect my mind! I'll go ::wanders off muttering evil threats that she can't follow through with cos Kami is just waiting to come and get her... ::shudder::... then comes back and grabs the fic, taking it to her webpage, that feels like its coming alive and is needing food every day cos of all the attention its getting::... wait a minute... AHHHHH IT'S ALIVE! ::starts attacking the webpage with spicky branches:: Get back! Back! Back I say!... Do you think the mercury is back? cos I've come to the conclusion it wanders around the body, only going through the brain every few days or so... hee hee, mercury make you feel gooooood! ::starts wandering around in circles looking at 'the pwetty sky' then falls down and laughs cos falling over is fuunnnieeeeee!:: And as you can see, I am still The Ultimate Rambler cos this 'review' is getting kinda long... I hold to my title and no one can take it away from me! ::people come into the room wearing white coats:: Hey, no! get off! I am not crazy... well actually... but hey, that's mine, no give it back! Oh you people suck! Why can't you just leave me alone... I'm not doing anything to nobody (yet... heh heh heh)... hey, you guys didn't hear that, did you? Hey, what's that? A needle. Ow, what was that for? Oooo, me feeling kinda sleeeppy now... I think me going toooo ggoooooooooooo tttooooooooo ...
Blues From A Gun chapter 1 . 12/3/2000
That was good. Eevee is my fave Pokemon!
Anne Phoenix chapter 1 . 11/16/2000
hehe, stop putting yourself down, everyone thinks they're a ty writer but as long as we don't tell anyone else, they don't seem to notice! *grin n wink* ... I liked your story, even if its not at all the type I usually read! Mmmmm, this is very bad and totally unconstructive feedback, but hey: as I said: I liked! If I didn't, I wouldn't bother writing anything at all ;)
Xilmin Nerrar chapter 1 . 10/25/2000
You're not a nice person. What are you blabbering on about? I mean you sliced my finger! Then you bought my soul and use it to bribe me not to hurt or insult you. What sort of *NICE* person are you?
Xilmin Nerrar chapter 1 . 10/25/2000
I have already reviewed this before but what the hell, I liked it so here I am again. And *STOP* CALLING YOURSELF A SHITTY WRITER! You good. *ME* crap. Very simple. See?
Shadsie chapter 1 . 10/23/2000
Interesting, interesting. If none of Ash-co's ancestors are going to be in it, what about Team Rocket?

And...wouldn't, Tracey's great, great (infinity) grandpa make a good traveling artist? (Just an idea, feel free to disregard).

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