Reviews for The Adventures Of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited
Calypto chapter 11 . 59m
for a guy who puts so many points in intelligence why do u go out of your way to make him seem incompetent and a babbling idiot? he could have just reset to his last saved point and go into the bank without being invisible right?
Reader-anonymous-writer chapter 12 . 7/26
Time-freeze is interesting. What about lots of ingredients from nowhere land?
Bouncing recharge...
Hair like Snape? Definitely Yes.
Black Gene and Summer Job could be good.
Comprehending? Definitely Yes. That one we completely agree upon.
It's creepy how nobody notices dead bodies. Probably because 'Harry' is too young to suspect him of murdering such teens?
Ninja Vanish is definitely Yes.
Creature Comfort should be yes, but sticking out the tongue all the time is impolite. And Double eyelids could be neat!
What is it, GTA or something, to promote violence? Why are there no cops showing up?
Nine Lives gladiator arena... It's as ridiculous as Vault 712.
Tim is neat. Harry, do not be afraid of Mr. Tibbles. And do remember Catnip.
Do try something more inventive than River Rocks. Maybe, combination of Catnip, fish and poison? Anyway, try "death in joy and comfort". Something anti-anger.
Bobblehead trick... You are stubborn.
Kneazle is insanely strong. Goblins are interesting, you should gain their respect. Could you return to moment before Disillusioned-into-bank-faux-pas?
Thank you. Good day, good night, and good luck.
Ibskib chapter 12 . 7/26
Nice to see that he's now found a new and efficient way to grind xp. :-)

A few correction etc.:

for making pretend to be a werewolf - for pretending to be a werewolf

ignore your obvious fraud - ignore your obvious fraudulence

hither and yon - hither and thither (made more sense in this context, and sounds better IMO)

you're summon creature - your summoned creature

a Summons - a Summon

Shaking his head so as not to be distracted by the thoughts of Lavender Brown? (that sentence came a bit out of nowhere, didn't really connect with the previous paragraph, I think too many sentences passed for it to fit well with his thought about Lavender)

The Author Note is just a wall of text, I would suggest formatting it a bit, especially the update on Harry's capabilities.
Ibskib chapter 9 . 7/26
the Avada Kedavra killing curse - The Killing Curse
BBWulf chapter 12 . 7/26
Rofl. Cthu-Tibbles! Destroyer of Goblins!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/25
Ha, now I can't help but picture a system where the Sorting Hat puts you in Slytherin for cheats active, Gryffindor for enemies defeated, Hufflepuff for Crafting levels, and Ravenclaw for learned skills/read skill books. That would be odd.
Wistim's daughter chapter 12 . 7/24
Please update soon
Elredar Skylance chapter 12 . 7/22
Mwahahaha, you're back! And what you unleashed was B-E-A-UTIFUL! Do it again! I can't wait to see what kind of chaos Harry will unleash in Diagon Alley. Ohhh, as a mini-game, you should have Harry enter the back of the Apothecary and make potions to get extra rewards! Or maybe have a small broom race to win a Comet 360 or something... You know those frustrating race mechanics, where the NPCs can hit or knock you off track, but you can never hit them back for whatever reason? You should do that to Harry. It'll be great!

I also think that since Harry has chosen the Thief path, you need to start making that line work. Maybe introduce Mundungus or something? That'd be fun. Oh, and don't forget about the other places of London you've unlocked for Harry, like the Docks.

Anyways, please update soon! I'm looking forward to what new chaos you'll unleash!
Elredar Skylance
Kurama's Foxy Rose chapter 12 . 7/21
I laughed so hard I had trouble breathing!
sad sabrin chapter 12 . 7/20
Very nice
Marshman101 chapter 12 . 7/20
This story is soooooooo cool
Marshman101 chapter 1 . 7/19
This is awesome
Foxy-Floof chapter 12 . 7/19
This... is pretty twisted. Are you SURE you want Harry to do this? I mean, he could totally just backtrack to his first Diagon Alley savepoint, and then do the Gringotts thing properly... Unless Cthu-tibbles was your way of negating the "First-born son and the Kitchen Sink" contract the Goblins foisted off on Harry back in the zoo...
Foxy-Floof chapter 11 . 7/19
Well... My vote is that he go back to the save before reaching Gringotts, and cancel the disillusionment first. That would save him -40 points penalty with the Goblins. Then he MIGHT just have been able to weedle his way into his trust vault. Never mind trying to undo the obligation of his firstborn son,...
musme chapter 12 . 7/19
I love it
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