Reviews for The Adventures Of Harry Potter, the Video Game: Exploited
TakEnet chapter 11 . 10/17
Oh, silly Harry, why didn't he just load from last save and restart the whole Diagon Alley part again? And figure out a way to somehow hurt himself enough to get rid of the accidental Disillusion so as to not ruin his reputation with the goblins? XD
PwnerofHeroes chapter 6 . 10/15
it's almost like you're a fan of monty python and the holy grail
Calmzone1 chapter 12 . 10/14
Very interesting, very engaging. It's funny reading about Harry learning how to make the game function to best benefit himself. I am surprised that he didn't re-enter the bank without having lost Reputation points with them by going back to his Save point. I'm curious, if he'd had Snape Hair Perk equipped, would the Slytherin's Silky locks have cancelled out the Hair effect leaving him with the potions ability? And if he has the Black Gene loaded, could he change ny of it through the Metmorph effect?
Guest chapter 12 . 10/9
Love this story. Can't wait for more
Guest chapter 6 . 10/9
I litrerally almost died from laughing with tears streaming down my face. THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER READ!
Slytherson chapter 12 . 10/8
Cool but will harry be able to buy more business!? And question I always wonder were does the regular edible fruit and vegetation come from in the magical world are there magical farm or do they steal or buy in the smuggle world?
Guest chapter 6 . 10/5
Old Man Henderson and his gnome.

You. Are. Brilliant.
m chapter 6 . 10/2
if you like nes music there is a youtuber called 8bituniverse who takes popular songs and changes them to fit nes games :)
m chapter 2 . 10/2
I love this story!
m chapter 1 . 10/2
Cor Strike FX chapter 12 . 9/28
I can just imagine the chaos in Diagon Alley especially after the summoning of Cthulu-Tibbles.
Arla Logan chapter 12 . 9/27
This story is always entertaining:)
dragonriderluv chapter 12 . 9/27
Just letting you know that chapters 11 & 12 are the same
purrfus chapter 12 . 9/26
Found this on a favorites list and it looked interesting. I've hurt myself laughing. Thank you so much.
tcl7189 chapter 12 . 9/23
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
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