Reviews for Damaged Defenders
Susan M. M chapter 74 . 10/4
Loved Sam's assessments of his new family, and yes, I predict Mama Wilson will be baking cookies for the Avengers.
Susan M. M chapter 69 . 10/4
Mrs. Wilson didn't raise any foolish children. I think Sam will be able to keep up with the Avengers, and talk friend to friend with the ones who refuse to see him officially as a counselor. Good chapter.
KnowInsight chapter 74 . 10/3
You just keep upping this amazingness of this story. Sam's evaluation of the help the group needs, a great capture of his personality, he's willingness to join the fight and I love his mom. ) I can't wait to she her mother the Avengers, especially Logan.
Keep of the good work and as always I look forward to more. *hugs*
mist shadow chapter 74 . 10/2
"Banner has Ross" as support? I think you mean Betty
Interesting view of dynamics. Though he didn't meant ion Tony (except the fact he has Potts as support). I guess it's a whole other can of worms for Sam, even if he is just making a mental list
Swagwell chapter 73 . 9/30
Love this story, will we see more winter soldier general Ross and rhody pov
Beloved Daughter chapter 74 . 10/2
Loved the chapter from Sam's perspective. Interesting analysis of the Avengers' mental problems. Any counseling background in your past ? :D
Bacon chapter 73 . 9/30
Excellent chapter! Your dive into the Hulk's psyche through the eyes of Clint was extremely well done and I'm looking forward to his education. Really like the direction you're taking with Hulk and the story in general. Can't wait to read more and thank you for sharing such an enjoyable story.
MrRobertsIII chapter 74 . 10/2
An excellent fic. You are doing a great job of handling so many characters and yet keep the story line moving forward.
Crys chapter 73 . 9/30

Very nice. Grand look at Hulk's psychology from an outside viewpoint.
tlyxor1 chapter 74 . 10/2
Enjoyed, looking forward to more. Thanks for writing. -t.
Miriam1 chapter 74 . 10/1
Nicely done. I like how Sam has analyzed everyone on the fly. (That IS his job, but the brief synopsis on everyone was very good.)

The nice part about Sam's job is that the folks in this oddball family help to feed into each other. It occurs to me that the happy idea of helping Logan by helping the kids, and helping Steve by helping James, is only one major part in all of this. While keeping doctor/patient privilege, everyone will see how everyone is reacting to him. And they'll complain about what he assigns them to do, or enjoy nagging someone to do what they were assigned to do...

I get the feeling that this is going to work out to be a very happy happening for everyone involved, even if it is long and drawn out.

I look forward to your next chapter.

XRaiderV1 chapter 74 . 10/1
issues? loki's issues? understatement of epic galactic proportions.
Mintley8 chapter 74 . 10/1
Another epic chapter & always nice to see Sam's POV. Thank you x
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 74 . 10/1
Sam will need a therapist after having to help all them. Really like chapter and how you spelled out a majority of the Avengers problems. Glad Sam agrees that Odin is a realm classed asshat
PeaceHeather chapter 74 . 10/1
What an interesting perspective! Had not really been expecting you to visit Sam's head.
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