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iamCAMBRIA chapter 12 . 4/18/2014
You kkkkknnnnnnooooooowwwwwwwww, have you considered writing a story about them having a child?
Guest chapter 12 . 3/25/2014
Hi Ihave read your rotg stories and bunnymund with sophie are my favorites. Please write more of them they are so enjoyable.
Yuzu chapter 12 . 1/19/2014 made me in a bunnyxsophie shipper
Geeky Ballerina chapter 12 . 1/10/2014
*Blinks* Oh my. xD LOL
Well, she wanted details. It's great to read this again though.
Lily chapter 12 . 1/9/2014
Love it all
Please continue!
Mikell chapter 12 . 12/15/2013
I... um... *melts*
*moves away from screen another 2 feet. Am now typing with chopsticks taped together to reach the keys*
Every time I try to get near this the heat near kills me... good lord woman...

I may never eat chocolate the same way again. O.o

Tooth... Poor Jack. You do love giving that boy a hard time, don't you? I had to stop reading until I could get my giggles under control...

2 years huh? Well, obviously bottling it up is dangerous as hell. You better keep a steady flow going just so you don't incinerate the site.

Jokermask18 chapter 12 . 12/14/2013
MyHeartsDesire chapter 11 . 12/7/2013
So adorable! But no details? *sigh* lol still a cute story though.
Mikell chapter 11 . 12/7/2013
Omg the candy isn't the only thing melting! Girl, you're gonna make a certain ninja get mighty jealous if you keep writing that bunny in such tempting ways!

Love love love love love... Love this, so much. Being with the family, and the one you care about, this time of year... yeah. That's the topper to an already beautiful season, having someone to share it with. Love this. You really captured the scene. Well done, my friend.

Echo Hunter chapter 10 . 11/15/2013
Sorry Drea, couldn't sign in - internet issues.

I just love it when stories make me tear up and this chapter did just that. You did a great job of capturing the fear how I would imagine if I were dating someone I would never be able to get in contact with. I like it when stories can put me on an emotional roller coaster. Thanks for the two chapter updates! I hope your family stays healthy for the rest of the season.

Frost chapter 10 . 11/15/2013
Sophie should've took up Bunny's offer. Bunny hugs make everything better!
Jokermask18 chapter 10 . 11/14/2013
Mikell chapter 9 . 11/14/2013
LOL Brave girl, giving the bunny liquid crack... erm, chocolate.

You and your winter... lol Talk to me when my coal stove's fired up and it's actually warm in here. ;)

Seriously though this is amazing and I love these two. They're so darn cute. I love how every one of your couples is unique, yet so awesome and cute together. beautifully written, as always.
Jokermask18 chapter 9 . 11/13/2013
So sweet.
Geeky Ballerina chapter 8 . 10/7/2013
I really wish I could bake like Sophie. My mom has never really gotten to teach me so basically all I can do is Ramen. Oh well, at least I'll be set for college next year! xD
Ahem, anyway so happy you updated! I missed reading this a lot!
Sooo, the chocolate get Aster turned on? Huh, who knew! _ And it's ok if the rating changes, I'll still keep reading it! :D I just need my Sophie/Bunny fluff because I'm too afraid to write one of my own...That and I've got four other ideas on my plate right now that I should really publish soon. :P
Update soon!
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