Reviews for the baby wolf bella
Tara Burkin chapter 13 . 4/10
You should put some violence in the story because if I have to I'll kill and if I have to I'll break you but I'm not always like that.

Anyway thanks for reading.
Tara Burkin chapter 10 . 4/10
You know you should write another story. One that has an American wolf pack that are allies with the Quillete tribe that are also werewolves but what do you think will happen when Paul Lahote imprints on the American werewolf pack's alpha Dusk Hunter and Seth imprints on the American werewolf pack alpha of the day Molly Scott Dusk's sister and what do you think will happen if the two sisters' brother Quil Ateara in the Quillete wolf pack and what do you think will happen when Quil finds out about Paul and Seth imprinted on his two little sisters I mean who knows he might just allow it.

This is my summary of the Quillete and American werewolf mix story especially since I don't know how to make a story on the internet. Anyway thanks for reading.
Guest chapter 10 . 4/5
Make them longer
Guest chapter 12 . 1/20
Even with the beta you had your story has a lot of grammarical issues and that is not okay a few maybe are okay but every chapter your story has at least 10 errors
animerule64 chapter 17 . 11/9/2017
Add more chapters please
MisBellaCullen chapter 17 . 10/16/2017
I love it more please. I want to see all them together. Hope the. Cullen's are still around except Aliçe añd Edward hate them lol
brankel1 chapter 17 . 6/29/2016
vampiregirl31 chapter 17 . 6/27/2016
Can't wait for more
YaleAceBella12 chapter 17 . 6/27/2016
Please write more...
roganjalex chapter 17 . 6/27/2016
Absolutely loved it
animerule64 chapter 16 . 5/25/2016
add more chaptahs plz
bebekids5 chapter 16 . 1/28/2016
wow i love it are you going to keep on writeing it please do update soon
Mythologygoddess00 chapter 16 . 1/26/2016
Guest chapter 16 . 12/13/2015
It is so good hope you update soon
Bloom Stella vampire firestar chapter 4 . 10/11/2015
Make more plz :) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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