Reviews for Things Will Be Different This Time
tom80 chapter 30 . 11/24
I see chapters 1-20 as the original story which was very nice.
All that come after was somehow...weird.
Weird in points of story, character behaviour and context.
OldFriend chapter 30 . 11/7
Do not worry so much about criticism.
Alcan chapter 30 . 11/7
You know, now I really want to see you write a story of Issei getting the Shinmai Harem for himself, like your Hundred one, it would be 'nice', heh.
mysterioushatman chapter 7 . 11/6
I do say you might have a hater mr. writer... Plz more rose, and grayfia. solo maybe plz.
akilja95 chapter 30 . 11/6
Oh great now you're gonna ruin another series with your shitty writing. Learn how to write a fucking story before you post this shit. It's garbage. It has horrible characters, shit pacing, and the girls just fall and have sex with Issei two sentences into their introduction chapter. You are one of the problems with this site. People with zero talent just decide to write a story but have no creativity or ability to do it so they just throw boobs everywhere. This story is trash and honestly an insult to the DxD story and it's fandom. And I thought only Naruto had this level of crap writing in it's harem stories. No world building, no character progression, no plot whatsoever. Just 30 chapters of idiotic teenage smut that you have to be 13-14 to enjoy. Smh this is sad. You don't even try to write a decent story where the harem feels natural.
akilja95 chapter 29 . 11/6
So wait Sirzechs never cheated on his wife? Lol this story is fucking pathetic. So this man lost his wife when he never even cheated on her and yet she still stays with Issei and she happy Sirzechs is sealed so she can be with him openly. Its official not is this the worse DxD story ever (with the worse version of Issei ever) but it has the shittest character portrayals ever.
akilja95 chapter 28 . 11/6
Why is Sirechs and Grayfia still married if she's now with Iseei?
akilja95 chapter 24 . 11/6
Can I just mention how stupid it is to have Grayfia willingly have a threesome with the same person she caught Sirzechs having sex with. The idiocy of this story has no limits. Why is she ok with Issei but not her own husband? Why not just suggest a threesome between Serafall and her husband? This story is a mess
akilja95 chapter 26 . 11/6
How do women like this Issei? He's like the biggest perverted loser you will ever meet. The dude is a fucking geeky ass self insert yet he's getting so much women. Where's his kind personality? Where's any of his character traits besides him being a perv? It's lime you just wanted to write a story about a horny teen having sex and honestly that's corny
akilja95 chapter 23 . 11/6
I swear your story is nothing but male fantasy and gets worse and worse. Seriously are you 13 or something
akilja95 chapter 11 . 11/6
Man the way you're handling this story is terrible. So Sirzechs has sex with someone else yet he's in the wrong and not both of them? Why would she choose a guy like Issei who's fucking twice as many guys instead of fixing things with her husband. This feels all to forced and honestly is incredibly stupid
akilja95 chapter 8 . 11/6
I didn't like how things ended with Sirzechs. It felt like Issei completely got off the hook for stealing another man's wife and if anything the lack of punishment gives him more of a reason he can do it again. Worse Issei didn't look like he was even a bit remorseful. He should've at least gotten beaten up or better Sirzechs kicks Grayfia out so that way if they do it again it won't be cheating since he already left her. They both got off way too easy, especially for a chapter titled "Consequences"
otherbarry6 chapter 30 . 11/5
Why isn't Chisato there? She's a part of Basara's harem too. I'm glad the girls of Shinmai didn't join Issei's harem and instead stayed with Basara. That will bring some hilarious moments with them comparing who's harem is better and other funny moments.

Can you make a lemon story with Basara and his harem (mainly Zest and Chisato) like you did with HxH please?
TheLaughingStalker chapter 30 . 11/5
WillCloudX chapter 30 . 11/4
So essentially Issei let one of his women suck off another person? Why though. Unless they have a massive orgy in which I would not mind.
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