Reviews for when all we know is dying
lydiamaartin chapter 1 . 10/25/2013
hi hi hi okay im sorry it's taken me so long! it honestly slipped my mind in the middle of midterms/etc you know what i've been doing lately of course and also it's like 2:30 and i have a 9am class so i am going to review this and text you tomorrow okay i'm sorry i suck but i love you and i love your writing so so so much and i am going to try to withhold my fangirling for my birthday fic BUT I WANT YOU TO KNOW I LOVE THIS STORY A LOT TOO

like okay i adore character studies just on principle because they're my favorite and of course your writing is incredible as always and you captured everyone so well? like i don't even know what to say i mean ordinarily i would go through every section but that would probably keep me up till 4 (i know i know its my fault for procrastinating but it's too late in life for me to kick this habit im sorry) so im just gonna quote a few of my favorite lines!

- (oh my god ffn won't let me highlight and copy/paste anymore what th KK) just the entirety of the harry potter references in stiles' section oh my god i know it's all very serious and deep but your stiles is so spot-on funny without taking away from the gravity of the situation it's gorgeous

- that bit in cora's section with "my brother is all i have" oh go - isaac's thoughts on scott/allison and how he loves them both and how he can't stop wondering about their feelings on the whole situation i just wow my anGELS i just want them all to be happy :(


- lydia's essence of fire line because everything about that is glorious and perfect and i love it

- erica wanting to thank people oh man i just got hit with a sudden case of fuck you jeff davis why would you kill this girl off im so angry all the time

- derek's thoughts on isaac in general just make me want to weep god why are you so talented i didn't ask for these feelings im sad

IM SORRY I KNOW AND YOU KNOW THAT I CAN REVIEW BETTER (although man this whole no-highlighting thing is such a drag wtf ffn) BUT I REALLY DID LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WRITING IS FABULOUS AND I WANT MORE MORE MORE now i'm going to go to sleep and cry over stupid teenage werewolves okay
coldfeetwarm3 chapter 1 . 10/24/2013
A bus of feels has run over me. This is so beautiful and heart wrenching, thank you for the excellent read
squeakyswings chapter 1 . 10/21/2013
I realized I never reviewed this on here because I did on ao3 but I just reread it and I want to tell you again how fucking much I love all of it. Every word is just overwhelmingly perfect, and each of the sections is perfectly fitted to the individual characters and there are lines that gut me in the best and most serious way, straight to the bone, and I just really love it. Thank you, again, for writing it for me. You're the most lovely person in the world.
Princess Unikitty chapter 1 . 9/29/2013
interesting. i really like the idea of a split pov. i know this is kind of stupid, but it reminds me of a video game.