Reviews for Strangers Like Me
Child of Dreams chapter 95 . 8/17
Oops, I meant Nori, not Notice...
Child of Dreams chapter 94 . 8/17
Where did you find Dis' lullaby?
Child of Dreams chapter 97 . 8/17
Okay, I'm having a Prince of Egypt flashback...
Child of Dreams chapter 95 . 8/16
When will Dori find out about what happened to Notice?
Child of Dreams chapter 89 . 8/16
Ned Stark?
Child of Dreams chapter 88 . 8/16
Run! Run! Run!
Child of Dreams chapter 87 . 8/16
(whimpers fearfully)
Child of Dreams chapter 70 . 8/16
Pervinca Peri
Child of Dreams chapter 56 . 7/8
It's Elza.
SmoulderingShadows chapter 68 . 7/2
So this is my second time reading this. You're an amazing writer and it's an amazing story... but I really, really hate you right now. I cried the first time I read this chapter, and even though I knew about the battle, I knew people died, and I knew it made K├Čli sad, but somehow you managed to make me cry again.
That takes some skill, so good job!
KylieKyotie chapter 111 . 5/2
Wow, wow, wow, WOW! I can see why you won best fanfiction - this was an incredible story and I couldn't put it down/away...lost sleep, skipped meals, that kind of "not putting it down." I am starting your sequel shortly. I am having a cup of tea and eating first though - just in case ; )
Guest chapter 111 . 4/5
OMG! I know you wrote this a while ago so you may never see this review but I may as well as write it anyway. I started reading this while you were writing and then uni got it the way so I forgot. However that is a bad excuse as I shouldn't have read it this time since I have exams in a couple of weeks for uni again (why has uni got to be so annoying.) I simply came back to read a couple of my favourite chapters that I remembered before I stopped. And then stayed for the other hundredish. I will get on to reading the other stuff you talked about in the end authors note there once these exams are done but thank you for the emotional rollercoaster that was this story. I don't really want to read any other fanfics or canon material again because these characters have grown so much in your story and I like them better. Other stories will never be the same. I also want to thank you for such a well developed story for another reason. When I get anxious (like I am now with exams) my imagination runs wild. That often means the worse case scenarios appear in my head and I dwell on them. Having a good story to fill my imagination really helps stop this so thank you. Too bad the story was so enjoyable that I can't keep reading it or it's sequels etc as a distraction or I will never study again. Anyway, good job!
RowenRae chapter 111 . 2/21
Ah! I finished it! Must move on to the sequel immediately! It was truly lovely and I love it so much! Thank you
Polenta chapter 61 . 2/20
Why do these idiots think they have a chance considering how they not only know that their targets know, but have completely failed up to that point and should genuinely be weaker as a conspiracy. It's getting a bit irritating too, since they're conveniently competent enough to drag out a conspiracy in what should be its own story, yet just barely unable to do a thing about it. It's really grating on my brain.
RowenRae chapter 56 . 1/28
I have greatly enjoyed my time reading (albeit slowly) through your story. One thing that always amuses me is when you would talk about "filler chapters". I always look back and think "what are you talking about? This is my favorite chapter!" over and over againThey really are my favorite chapters. I love the character development I see happening, especially in this chapter (it was so lovely!). I think character development often doesn't happen in the great action-packed chapters (though those are certainly lovely too). It happens in the "filler chapters". So don't stress them too much, because I love them a lot
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