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a person 56 chapter 36 . 8/14
That's so cute love it
a person 56 chapter 34 . 8/14
Omg I love that since I became Swiss cheese love it
Fairy tail sama chapter 2 . 7/16
I had to skip and see if this was actually finished! The beginning already dragged me in and seeming as the last update was in 2014 I wanted to make sure hminutes is amazing fanfic was finished before I continued on
Guest chapter 36 . 7/12
Heart throb
Fangirl Overlord chapter 1 . 7/9
Levi, I love you, and you're my second favorite character next to Hanji, but I swear to god you're pissing me off right now, and I want nothing more than to just punch you and Erwin right now!
Guest chapter 25 . 6/27
okay honestly i think i'm gay after reading this
Guest chapter 4 . 6/24
gosh i love this so far
LillyEvansLovesLevi chapter 1 . 6/12
Holy shit wait what? LEVI HAS A DICK PIERCING?!
sandtheory chapter 4 . 5/9
HOLY SHIT. this is too good! I. cannot. Even. Ugh. The way you paint erens innocence in stark contrast with levis badassery is so good. And so funny. The dialogue! Oh the dialogue. You write them so in character as well! Good job! I havent ever read a single fic here that gives levi the right amount of appeal and just plain oomph, you know? I am very excited to see whats coming next. Poor eren cant even be a proper cop when it comes to levi. Hes totally out of his league here. Did i mention that i love you? On to the next chapter!
HaPPy2901 chapter 7 . 5/7
Oh armin that will be the day where hell freezes over or maybe when eren finally married levi xD
namisnakama chapter 36 . 4/24
that was so damn sweet! what a nice story! beautifully written and very emotional! one scene I'd be in tears next I'm laughing super hard! great great fanfiction
Pixiedust chapter 21 . 3/17
I think the only thing that truly frustrates me is Eren is such a weak character in this fanfiction, hes always getting his butt kicked, always being saved by Levi. I wish you would make him on par or able to go toe to toe with Levi. I don't understand how Levi can fall for such a damsel in distress. I find myself frustrated and cringing at Eren's actions... You're writing style is wonderful but I loathe how you make Eren so useless.
yume76 chapter 34 . 3/6
Grisha's instant death was a bit anti-climatic. I wish he was tortured a bit before he died.
LaminateGem12 chapter 36 . 11/9/2016
This fic sure as hell was perfect like holy Sina my hEARTTT
What was the best part of this fic...
That is an excellent, excellent question!...
...I dunno!

Maybe Levi- he was beautiful. I'll have to check if he swears in all of his dialogue. He probably doesn't but you can never be TOO sure. In most fics, they completely change Levi's character because he's in love with Eren. Which I HATE. (No offense to you writers out there I love you guys). In this little masterpiece he's snarky, clever, caring despite acting aloof (we know you lie) (when he cares without acting aloof, that's just fantastic), sarcastic, hot af, can cook, hilarious, adorable, worships Eren, and speaks FRENCH? ARE YOU A GOD?
And most importantly- even though he opens up to Eren to show the true dorky clean freak he really is, he doesn't act like that to people he doesn't know later on. You get to see his other sides, while all the while keeping the intimidation factor on point (and dialling his foul language to the max) and you know that he is NOT to be messed with.

The trio of Annie, Bert and Reiner is just perfect. I was spinning in my seat at their happy ending- Maria knows they deserve it.

What I really liked was Eren too. Okay yeah, it would be pretty bad if I didn't like the main character but bear with me here. It is canon that, when around Heichou, Eren is respectable and polite to his "superior" and does whatever asked of him- rather enthusiastically I might add, saying "Yes sir" so quickly and loudly it makes me just wanna pinch his cheeks he's such a good titan-
Ahem. As I was saying, he does that because he knows Levi can fuck him up (ohoho my choice of wording) with a snap of his fingers.
...Also because he loooovvessss hi-
ANYWAY. Getting to my point. He ISN'T like that around friends and family. In fact he's sorta bratty to his sister- I mean I love you Eren but cut her some slack she's just trying to help. He chugs down shots like cold water in a desert to say he's not a wuss. He's a TERRIBLE strategist, and as everyone knows he can roast Jean's ass in a milisecond (I bet Seabiscuit likes sugar cubes in his coffee).
In other fics, they just kinda... Leave that part out. Eren stays a perfect goodie goodie, smiles all the time, is afraid to raise his voice, will say yes to anything, will do anything if you ask him to- essentially a cliché houswife.
And that just isn't him. He wouldn't be Eren if he didn't have his awesome bouts of unattainable anger where he yells like a bloody dinosaur. He wouldn't be Eren if he didn't complain about being babied- and he has to have those moments where he tries to prove his worth! He wouldn't be Eren if he didn't! He's gotta have those quick quips that could make anyone snort into their cup and accidentally inhale coffee up their nose.
And the best part is- you kept all that. Even after he fell in love with his gorgeous significant other to suit his gorgeous self. (They're both too hot, it's a crime... BA DUM TSH! Okay I'll stop.)

Wow that was a long paragraph. Are you still here?

That scene where Levi is at the gym and gets a call from Eren and he can hear Mikasa and Armin screaming LEVIIIIIIII in his ear and then Auruo hears and starts yelling ERENNNNN into Levi's phone. That was just pure bliss.

She has to be the cutest thing in this entire- well. Okay, EREN is the sweet little ass everyone worries about but cheers on anyway but PETRA IS MY BABY BADASS. I was screaming thinking she was gonna die- imagine my pain when we thought Levi was dead.

And oh my, was the pain real.

It was like the five stages of grief with me
Ughhhhh my sister thought I was a lunatic when I started silently rolling on the floor, trying not to cry.
The floor was surprisingly dirty, Levi would be ashamed.
Reading about Eren lying on Levi's bed and bawling his eyes out and dear god the CAT-

And the scene when Hanji takes a picture of Eren when he finally smiles and secretly sends it to Levi like aRE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME WOMAN?! (Yeah sorry, I know that you might not be a woman but I call everyone "woman" it's a bad habit of mine...)

Armin and Mikasa. The brother and sister.
The WEIRDEST siblings. I adored how Armin could endure so many awkward situations like walking in on his brother with OHMIGOD WHAT on his face and Armin is basically just like "run before mother catches you" instead of freaking out which anyone else would have done (including myself tbh).
What makes me laugh is the only thing that can make him crack is the blatant sex talk and finding out that his brother's boyfriend actually bROUGHT SOME WITH HIM WAS HE PLANNING TO ENGAGE IN SUCH ACTIVITIES WITH HIS WONDERFUL BROTHER SO SOON FROM THAT TIME WTF DUDE NO DON'T TELL HIM THAT-
Armin is Levi's favourite. Aha. Ahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I can only imagine poor Bert hearing Eren like "Oh yeah he said we were gonna get married in the future but I guess not eh? Eheheh I'm dying inside- but he wouldn't want that because I know that he's watching me now and if I'm happy then he's happy- that's what he said the night he told me he loved me. I had always imagined growing old with him-"
"... I remember I used to call Levi "shortstack". Before he-"

Yeah, ruin that ugly rug, Eren! Even though you're in an ungodly amount if pain... But it's an excuse to get rid of the rug so it was allllll worth it!

Hoo my, I really ranted with this one. I am two hundred percent sure that none of that was actually relevant and I could've just said I liked it, but that just wasn't enough with all the effort you put into this.
Thank you so much for bestowing this unto makind. You will be remembered through the ages.
Love you! xxx
Cami chapter 3 . 11/6/2016
How many shades?fifty shades of gray?
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