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Llew444 chapter 23 . 9/12
I love this story and can't wait for you to continue it
keep up the amazing work!
Saksham886 chapter 23 . 9/10
best story ever
Llew444 chapter 7 . 9/7
I love this story. it's actually amazing.
but damnit. 6 chapters in, i was hardcore shipping Harry x Tonks but this chapter had me shipping Harry x Tracey.
loving the character dev going on though
Guest chapter 10 . 9/4
Voldemort is next on truck-kun's list...
YAPsych chapter 20 . 8/23
Bah posts when I wasn't ready...

Reason he can fight off the horcruxes without being overtaken or possessed as it were was due to his mothers magical gift of protection and the basilisk venom in his blood. Those two allow him to fight off the soul fragments. I think the venom does the majority of it since we know they kill them.

Merlin and what he has done is another mystery. He didn't make a horcrux; he did someone worse IMO. It was part of her soul but he trapped her entire thing. Then ensured he had a painting down there with her protected by Hogwarts magic. But how did he get down there? Yes he was massively gifted, take Riddle add Dumbledore with the founders and you have him. But according to the founders it is impossible to get to the heart without their help. So while he is gifted and could probably get through the traps up to the door that needed a piece from each founder.

I don't like this part of the story however. I hope it is leftup in the air if this story is ever finished(unlikely). The person that was built up you have crushing Harry by "dying". Truthfully even if she survives she will be changed. She will have to torture innocents and kill them. Her soul will be ruined and the Nym Harry knew will in fact be dead. But what is frustrating as well is the next best person for Harry he doesn't even seem to notice. Even though his trip to another universe showed him that he would probably end up with her their. Talking of Hermione of course. Normally I don't care who ends up with whom in these stories but I hate when personal relationships have no grounding. Harry-chaser is obviously having a secret relationship with his Hermione. Which is why he really went with that DA group. I am rambling so back on track...

Why doesn't Harry remember he heard the calling in Grimmauld place? That same calling all horcrux do for him? I would have thought after his talk with Dumbledore it would have come to mind immdiatly but no? Losing the plot I think
YAPsych chapter 23 . 8/23
I enjoyed this partial story because of the way it would bring in mysteries and then solve them. It kept things interesting and moving. For example I think we can say that the dementors took the soul fragment out of Harry it left parts of it behind. Or more correctly the dementor got an entire soul. Part came from Harry and part from the soul fragment of Voldemort. The magical outburst that happened was the leftovers of the two disapparate souls fusing. Which enplains everything that happened after. The huge magical discharge that knocked out power for the muffles, what chased the dementors away, what made Harry's magic wonky, why horcruxes call to him yet fight him, his personality change, his ability changes, attitude changes,etc.

The reason he is able to fight off the horcruxes
Kae chapter 23 . 8/17
This story is amazing; such well fleshed out characters and relationship development - I don't just mean the romantic interests either! Your Albus is superb, he's a - well I'm loathe to say character but person is hardly right either - that I truly dislike, closer to despise in truth; yours portrays the aspects of his character which are true to himself, thus I still dislike him even in your story, however unlike most you've shown more than just one dimension of him - and done it so naturally that I almost find myself liking him at points.

This is actually a fair way to describe your writing - where I'm used to characters represented with only their primary aspects, rather one dimensional usually even when the author layers other (usually senseless) aspects on top, you present whole characters with such fluidity and nature that I'm gobsmacked.

I hope to see this continued, and you've easily earned your place high among my favourites. Well composed, well presented, and fabulous writing!
akakiy.turkunovich chapter 23 . 8/16
Great story!
Guest chapter 23 . 8/14
Wow I just need more of this story hopefully you hadn't given up on it!
shadowhunter destiel chapter 21 . 8/14
I can't help but giggle reading snape say an act of God cause in a round about way he's calling harry a god chapter 23 . 8/13
While I agree I don't like the Tonks situation I see a different way this is going shipwise...Hermione likes Ginny who likes Harry who liked Tonks but was intrigued by Daphne who likes Tracey who likes Harry. Hermione and Daphne will end up together. Leaving Harry and Tracey to end up together. This happens because when she starts either dating someone else or totally ignores him he misses the attention. Just like his mum did with James. People always comment he is like Lily personality wise. Plus if Hermione dates Daphne that will show him why his intrigue of her won't go anywhere.
Personally I do not like those ships in this story but outside that I love this story. Too bad yearly updates suck.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 23 . 8/12
Interesting chapter, I didn't expect you to include Merlin into this story. I can see why you gave him that attitude since if he was to assist Harry I don't think Voldemort would last too long since it would give Harry a major advantage that might cheapen the story. Still kind of sad to see that he's such an unpleasant person since when I think of Merlin I immediately think of the BBC show version. I am not quite sure how I feel about Tonks' storyline at the moment but I am eager to see more. It's been a little more than a year since you last updated so I hope you haven't abandoned this amazing story.
NoName chapter 17 . 8/12
I would have liked Harry to make a comment about Tonks when speaking to Lily and James about doing worlds better then their Harry at *fun* areas of life.
Such as:
"Hey I might deficient in a lot of places; but I guarantee I am doing worlds better than your Harry." he said defensively
"Why do you think my Tonks allows me to call her Nym!" he grinned while winking at James

Anyway was reading this story again and that part always got me. Isn't his world and not really his parents so he has his only chance to talk about his thing with Tonks. Even though he is who he is I think he would have shared that like he did so many other things.

Too bad the author lost their muse or time and this story seems dead. It had the potential to be like "Harry Crow"
What I mean is a story full of new wonderful ideas in a superb story and characters. Less than a handful of stories for any world exist yet this would have been if it was finished. Even unfinished to me it is top ten for Harry Potter and top fifty overall.

Before Tonks did a sacrifice I had ending up with Harry in my ending for this story. Now I have a similar situation to James play out for Harry. Harry will date Tracey which while good won't work for Harry because she is too much like Tonks and it hurts too much. Daphne will miss the attention from Harry and it will make her think. Harry breaks up with Tracey and gives it one more shot with Daphne. She agrees and finds the date to be all she could hope for and more. Harry will find while it isn't how he imagined a relationship to be. Like he believes his parents had/have and how he was working toward with Tonks; it is the type of relationship he need to come to terms with no Tonks.
Other news Tonks takes out Bella for Harry since he screwed that one up and will never be able to truly fight her. Only fighting to fight her not defeat her. He fights down to her instead of his true potential. Tonks either dies or her killing Bella is the final straw for Harry to lose her because of the perverse situation he has with her due to absorbing Lestranges' memories and feelings on her.

Don't know if I would have Le fey truly getting free of Hogwarts heart and helping Harry defeat Voldemort or just through perseverance with Harry getting the ability to sense spells being cast,abverto and his reaction coupled with training finally beating him.

As you can see I am no writer and my thoughts on how to finish this suck. But better then nothing for me, hate unfinished stories.
If you can deal with that issue then this is a must read story.
stevefocus chapter 23 . 8/10
Amazing story, hope you plan to update soon.
johnapple chapter 23 . 8/10
kool. Thank you for the update
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