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Guest chapter 23 . 8/6
FateBurn chapter 23 . 8/6
Great chapter please continue again soon, cant wait for more. Hope he gets together with Tracey soon, I like those two together.
Seth chapter 23 . 8/6
let me guess
Flamels ?
Mordart chapter 23 . 8/6
You...You're making Hillary Clinton a god damn witch? Well maybe in the form of Morgana Le Fey, otherwise I'll drop this story in an instant. Really, the last thing you should have done was bring politics into this. In fact, I'm now dropping this story. I want nothing to do with it, as I read fanfiction to AVOID real life.
GreatRedBeard chapter 23 . 8/6
This story is still fantastic and I still love it. I eagerly await future updates whenever that cruel mistress Real Life allows it. Keep up the great work!
Pheonixs1518 chapter 23 . 8/6
so mr. flamel is playing as a us magical president
DarkPirateKing69 chapter 23 . 8/6
It's alive! Good to see you back. Hopefully people won't pester you too much about the delay. Prioritizing RL over fanfiction is obvious thing to do. My cousin is doing the same thing and she has some problems balancing studying, school and an active social life in and outside of internet. More than that, you need a Masters Degree to become a teacher in Finland, so there is that. Whether you teach at university or Grade-School, you need at least that much. After you of course have to find the job itself, which is a different thing altogether.

Anyway, my guess is that Nicholas Flamel is actually the President of U.S.A(?) here. I've read enough stories where he's alive and his wife is the world's best healer or something along those lines. That's my whole basis of thinking/hoping it would be so.

Not sure what i would feel about introducing completely new characters at this point, especially if they are important people that we're supposed to care about at this point. In any case, you've made it work brilliantly so far, so i have no worries when it comes to the last stretch. You deserve at least that much faith from the readers.

Keep up the good work and thx for the effort :D Good luck in your studies too!
grovepjp chapter 23 . 8/6
ali1mohsin chapter 23 . 8/6
Thought you'd abandoned this fic. Glad to see I was wrong. Loved the way they thought through the protections on the locket. Hate the Tonks arc. What she is doing cannot be justified and I don't think Harry would ever be OK with something like this. I also don't Tonks ever having the constitution to go through with this.
Ic3pup543 chapter 17 . 8/6
Okay, so just a small thought. I really loved this chapter the first time I read it, and that hasn't diminished since. I have thought oddly about your idea for Voldemort's original downfall. For starters, a magical oath is something that takes great concentration on the parts of both participants. Also, it's blindingly obvious, not to mention that it doesn't kill, or rebound, or whatever, just literally strips you of your magic. Now, the thing that actually made me really consider this was with Neville. It really put a doubt on how he actually died. For example, there would be no reason for Severus Snape to plead Tom Marvolo Riddle not to kill Alice Longbottom, especially considering how the characters seemed to be the same in this alternate thing. Anyway, just had to get that out. Sorry if it sounded like I was just being stupid. Just food for thought.
Wolfman217 chapter 23 . 8/6
Oh yeah. Definetely still want Bella/Harry, but seeing as how that's not gonna happen I'm rooting for Tracey/Harry.

I'm also rooting for Daphne/Hermione, I think the way you've portrayed those two makes them really good together.
ck2015 chapter 23 . 8/6
thank you for finally updating
thank you please don't stop again
Edgar3t chapter 23 . 8/5
Did you have Nicholas Flammel fake his own death and become President?
Jeremyjet chapter 23 . 8/5
One of the best fanfics of all time. I'll have to do a reread when I find the time.
Guest chapter 23 . 8/5
The tonks bit is the weakest part of the story imo

The rest is great
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