Reviews for The Merging
LordRhyolith chapter 4 . 1/12
I always found it strange that people react so oddly when Harry tells them about the horses pulling the carriages.
I mean, how can they not know about thestrals?
If I were a magic boy, I would probably read everything about magical creatures in my first year.
Storm Pegasus chapter 14 . 1/10
EWWW TONKS OF ALL PEOPLE? I'm a bit bothered by the 6 year age difference but more importantly she is the canonical wife of Remus and they made a good couple. Reading this is downright disgusting and the only reason I'm continuing to read this is because so far it's literally a god tier fanfic. Honestly, I expect Daphne, Hermione (hopefully) or worst of all, Ginny. This is ... unsettling to say the least.
Ali chapter 22 . 1/8
I was going to say i wasnt expecting for you to kill tonks but that i also didnt care as to me she is as good as a rapist, but I are she is alive still... harry was such an idiot in this chapter, so impulsive... liked how you wrote how wolsfbane would actually be really dangeruos, specially if, as the wizards belive, most werewooves are like greyback...
Ali chapter 21 . 1/8
So thats definetly helga then xD
"Professor... are you playing with sand?" Harry asked after a second, looking down into the box with amusement. He half expected to see a small sand castle and plastic shovel. Instead he found himself looking at what was unmistakably a miniature version of Hogsmeade. It even had little sand people moving about. "Okay, that's actually pretty neat. What's it for?"

"This," Dumbledore explained, sticking his wand into a pile of sand outside the village limits. Out of it rose...

"You aren't seriously - "

"Ho ho, go get them!" the Headmaster prodded in enjoyment.

Harry watched blankly as the large sand T-rex stomped its way into the village and began causing mass panic, eating sand villagers and stomping on buildings.

"You missed the one from earlier," Dumbledore said lightly, making another T-rex. "I had most of London set up." Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha for a moment I thought Dumbledore knew about his animagus form and was going to tease him, but this was even better xD
Ali chapter 20 . 1/7
I still cant make my mind about the soul bussines, what is a person but their memories and experiences? And because souls are real here and by taking them the person becomes a living husk then that means that maybe the body needs the soul for the brain to work (someone kisesed may be brain dead and that's why they are still "alive", but obviously they wouldnt know about the muggle term), but still, scientifically we get to keep memories because of our brains, so if Harry lost his soul and the horrecrux took over then his body was able to keep fuctioning as there was still a soul inside, and because the fragment was so small and probably didnt have as many of voldemort's memories harry's personality took over, which is why there was that inside fight with the other horrecruxes, then again wouldnt that mean that by spliting his soul voldemort would have lost some memories and knowledge? Are memories and personality completly apart from the soul then? Did the memories altered the soul fragments in a way that they are no longer the same soul and as such no longer anchors? Dumbledore was definetly thinking something along those lines or similar, and he might have told Harry he is not Voldemort but he himself said he doesnt know everything...
Love how they adopten each other and totally agree with Harry
Kinda funny that while Harry was freaking out about having Lucius kissed while I was thinking "now, have them kiss the others!" Seriously, Voldemort already broke people from Azkaban, allowig dead eaters to live is just to dangerous
Ali chapter 19 . 1/7
Ughhh as I already said before the Honks thing disgusted me, but now that you draw attention to the fact that Harry is related to the blacks, (which I knew but was very far on my mind) it sickens me more xD I mean, if you know how close related you are to someone you should not sleep with that person! They are, what? Third cousins?
Liked how Harry and Narcissa interact, almost but not quite mother-son like, which I guess is something they both sorely want and need
I hope that this will make Harry tell dumbledore about the tiara and that they will be able to find the necklace after this...
Ali chapter 18 . 1/7
Ughhh, why couldnt they somehow killed the dead eaters? Is not like Voldemort wasnt broken Azkaban before -.- and its not like with the chaos of finding out Voldemort is back the public would make an scandal...
Ali chapter 17 . 1/7
I may read this after finishing the fic, but I would like to say that all this time i thought that those quotes you put at the begining were from the actual books and I was always thinking "damn i dont remember reading this" and well... now i know why i domt xD
Ali chapter 16 . 1/7
So, at this point i guess i wont find out if Harry can cast a patronus? Like, if the merging is Harry's soul with the horrecrux then he must be able even if it might be a different animal, but if he lost his soul and the horrecrux merged with his memories and body then is he still able? (Which I hope is not the case, after all what is a soul but the memories? Specially taking that voldie's first horrecrux was exactly that) After all Voldemort's soul is from a dark wizard. And in any case, is he still an anchor for Voldemort?
Ali chapter 15 . 1/7
He absorbed it!?
He went bonkers xD
Dumbledore, what a troll xD
Ali chapter 14 . 1/7
I forgot to say that i liked how lily talks parcel, actually one of my fav headcanon, or well, mostly that Harry got it from her side and not from Voldemort.
Kinda disgusted by the honks thing, dont really like this tonks, feels like she is taking advantage of him, after all he is a teenager in a tumultous time, so really, double the advantage she is taking... but I really like the plot of this fic so i'll keep reading
Ali chapter 13 . 1/7
Lol I forgot the title of this fic xD usually dont pay that mich attention to them. So I was right about Harry being Voldemort soul? Or is he both?
Ali chapter 12 . 1/7
This chapter made me so emotional D":
Ali chapter 11 . 1/7
With the dursleys? I dont know xD
"Regretfully my age does limit the speed at which I move," Dumbledore lied pleasantly HAHAHAHAHAHA
I was not expecting this chapter O:
Ali chapter 10 . 1/7
'Mr. Weasley! No, DON'T!' All at once, Harry realized who the man was and shouted out of desperation. Miraculously, the snake that Harry was somehow connected to had diverged at the last moment, fangs sinking into the man's limp arm as opposed to his chest. Mr. Weasley awoke with a harsh shout of pain, his wand out in a flash, his dominant hand uninjured.


'NO!' Harry screamed back at the phantom voice in his head. The mental battle managed to make the snake hesitate, unable to decide what to do, and it cost the creature dearly. So my teory of Harry is Voldemort horrecrux is stronger than ever, I really hope is something else...
I dad just going to ask if you really killed her, so thanks for answering xD hope dumbledore tells the Weasleys to put a fidelius in their house because no way will Voldemort forgive that Arthur killed his horrecrux...
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