Reviews for The Merging
Guest chapter 22 . 10/27
Amazing story, can't wait to see more.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 21 . 10/27
Loving this story as usual, good chapter.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 18 . 10/26
Awesome chapter, loved the conversation between AD and HP. Also the fights were simply amazing.
Guest chapter 17 . 10/26
Unexpected but very fun to read.
CrystallineX chapter 22 . 10/25
It seems like Tracey is moving up higher in the hierarchy of 'Harry's prospective women' list. And as for the core... did any of the founders tell Harry what to expect? And if not, how the heck is he going to know what's wrong? Though I do admit the ending for this chapter was both telling and ominous.
CrystallineX chapter 21 . 10/24
I'm rereading this and I've noticed some changes here and there. Tracey's sharing the results of her shopping experience with Harry at Gladrags with Daphne…Tonks metamorphing into Sirius instead of Daphne in the duel…and I think Tonks' 'Howler' message got tweaked from her initially shouting and then calming down to just…talking? And how Sirius "honestly would rather forget" eating rats and 'raising his voice to drown out Harry's' or something along those lines. (and before you think it's sad that I remember that little detail, I remember that part because I could actually almost *see* that scene play out in my mind)

…And yeah, this is my 3rd time reading this fanfic. Thank you.
dbreezy93 chapter 22 . 10/22
this story is awesome i dont mean to rush you but please review faster! best story ive read on here there are so many dynamics
SneakyDevil chapter 22 . 10/21
Oh no! The cliffhanger! I've reached the end! Woe I say! Woe!
NerdyLady89 chapter 22 . 10/21 this! I don't have anything constructive to say I'm so sorry! I just absolutely can't wait for a new chapter.
SneakyDevil chapter 14 . 10/20
Trigger warning are idiotic.
JumpingToaster chapter 17 . 10/20
You know it's done right if the whole traveling into another world confuses the heck out of me just as much as it would have Harry Potter. Well done.

A nice chapter. I enjoyed it.
JumpingToaster chapter 14 . 10/19
I feel like smiling, raising a cup say "Cheers", and drink.
Thanasi chapter 22 . 10/17
I had a feeling you were gonna do something shitty like that to Tonks... Im kinda annoyed with the way you went with it... one spy is enough imo... and severus is already in the upper echelon of supporters so I dont understand your dumbledores decision unless he knows the support that she gives harry and was planning to take that away... Its kinda a massive betrayal for Harry and with his temper and moral problems well... I could see him killing her in rage... I dont really understand your reasoning behind it. I enjoyed the story though. Ill keep up with it, but I dont really enjoy the oh we need two spies and fuck if severus cant do what she can apparently. Though i both like and dislike your view of power in this world. I like Harry finally catching up. Hope you keep posting even if I end up disliking the story in teh end.
D10g3n3s chapter 2 . 10/16
I have a question, though I have clearly started this story a little late: is Harry gay? or bi? I absolutely love Tonks too, but I also feel that Harry would have fun with, say, one of the twins...
Mr.Destructo chapter 14 . 10/14
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