Reviews for The Merging
alliekiwi chapter 23 . 9/21
Fascinating twists and turns!
Dzerx chapter 23 . 9/21
Ugh not liking what your doing with tonks. I think I may drop this, honestly not a fan of the current path of the story.
misteryman526 chapter 23 . 9/19
Wow. So many things going on in this chapter. I look forward to finding out why the heck Dumbledore sent Harry there. BTW, I think Merlin's portrait would be much improved by several forceful applications of a Basilisk's fang. If it worked for Voldie's diary, why not Merlin's painting?
deepwound78 chapter 1 . 9/18
A few problems I've had that have been bugging me a great deal. One of which was the terrible choice in Harry's Animagus form, simply do to the fact that the way you have depicted him makes it clear to anyone that he SHOULD NOT BE A CAT. A witch or wizards form is dependent on ones personality, and a few other factors, like their magical strength and what not. Its why Peter was a rat cause he's a cowardly backstabbing shit who sucks at magic and only got by cause of his friends, Sirius was a dog bordering on a grim cause he's ultra loyal to the people he likes, and cause he's so close to being a grim, shows great combat skills and magical strength, and James was a stag, cause he's proud, sometimes arrogant, and will protect those he considers to be part of his herd with a great amount of strength and viciousness. So yeah, Harry should not be a cat, simply cause does not fit with who he is in this story. Also the whole Tonks infiltrating Tom's little murder party was another. While her Metamorphmagus ability makes her great for undercover work, she doesn't have the personality to pull it off. She's flirty, easy to rile, and a little immature for her to be able to make it without being caught. And the way you have depicted Merlin is also very wrong to me, since from what we had learned in cannon did not show him as the disconnected monster he appears to be. He has the most important medals that can be awarded to someone named after him and seemed to be a morally good guy. The story was great otherwise with few grammatical errors, a wide vocabulary, and an interesting plot. Sadly I will have to stop reading for the reasons listed above, simply because they seemed poorly thought out and I will not risk being disappointed by what had been a great story so far.
Rikudou no Shinju chapter 23 . 9/16
... Well, you did an awesome job at introducing Flamel, that's for sure.
Maddie chapter 23 . 9/14
Woooow..this is soooo good! I can't get enough! Hope you'll write more soon! 3 3 3
AirbourneEnginuity chapter 23 . 9/14
oh of course the crazy half-a-millennium year old guy in America with a hankering for politics would become president
Refraction of Light chapter 23 . 9/14
When you mentioned Flamel way back was this the plan? Another thing so Tracey and Daphne aren't gonna have problems over Harry?
Deathday Party Planner chapter 23 . 9/13
You don't need me to tell you this is a marvelous piece of FF writing, I just want to say, "Thank You"! I love your muse!
Dragonjek chapter 23 . 9/12

Maddie chapter 17 . 9/12
Amazing chapter! Never seen one like this..such a good idea! O_O 3
Now I'm gonna keep reading - ;)
caveydude chapter 23 . 9/11
great stuff! really enjoying this!
Nox chapter 23 . 9/11
Damn.. what a chapter. Keep up the good work!
Samt chapter 5 . 9/10
A brilliant and highly enjoyable fic :) I look forward to reading more!
Dogco94 chapter 23 . 9/9
Can't wait for more. What did daphne want from hermione though?
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