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Ali chapter 9 . 1/7
I look," snapped Harry, "like someone who's thinking about the anniversary of his parents' murders. I've got little else to remember them by." *starts crying* i particularly liked the ending, its been years since I read the books but I dont remember Harry ever thinking about this, how people are celebrating about his parents deaths basically... like, I get that at first it would seem like a distant thing, specially because he didnt knew about it before, but i can totally see him exploding about it at some point from 4th year, and like we never see that? Also the fact that he is thinking about how his parents were really young, I think this is the 3rd fanfic i read that mentimos that...
Ali chapter 8 . 1/7
This was met with a half-silence as everyone shifted to look at him again. In response he just shrugged.
"I know stuff."
Ali chapter 7 . 1/7
"Tomorrow morning at eleven in the Hog's Head we're having a meeting about a way to deal with Umbridge." Glad he is making friends and that there are some good Slytherins. Also glad you said this wasnt going to he some harem type of fic, because they always start like this and I have to drop them like hot potatoes, because, just no, that is so far from canon that I cant stand it. Another thing would be for a fanfic to have an actually developed poly relationship, but harem? Its like when a fic says that is yaoi, its probably gonna be bad and just fetishize the whole thing...
Ali chapter 6 . 1/7
All right, let's have some fun outside. But just an hour, I've got stuff I need to get done." HAHAHAHAHA I love how he just doesnt go to history
"Not everyone likes seeing me succeed," fucking dursleys -.- D":
"Harry, what on earth is with this thing?" Pffftt hahahaha
There was something here.
He could feel it, almost like a pull at his whole body. Or was he pulling at it? It was so faint, but it was certainly something
So definetly the horrrecrux
…and he wanted it. It belonged to him. But he'd never seen the thing before in his life, so how was that even possible?
A sharp pulse moved within him, making him gasp.
OMG dont tell me that the dementor actually took Harry's soul and that this is Voldies piece of soul with Harry's memories!? His scar doesnt hurt anymore, but he still has dreams and he felt longing or wathever for the horrecrux and he still talks to snakes and he now is more powerfull! And you said this would get darker! I hope this teory of mine is completly bonkers and not at all what is happening, because HOLY FUCK THAT WOULD BE SO TWISTED!
He would leave it where it was until he knew what exactly to do with it. OMG talk to dumbledore!
Hope they are more carefull about the DA than in canon...
Ali chapter 5 . 1/6
"You know," he said, a little uncomfortable, glancing over at her. " I haven't really had a good one." His shoulder stung slightly as a hand slapped it hard.
"Don't say that, Harry," said Hermione sharply. "Only cowards and idiots go that route."
"I didn't mean that," he said with a sigh, realizing he hadn't exactly phrased that the best way. "I was talking about the future. You know, hope. Stuff like that." *starts crying*
You," he emphasized somewhat heatedly, "are the single most important person to me in the whole world. I don't even want to think of where I'd be without you around, so don't go putting yourself down like that. All right?" I really like Harmione friendship, and while part of me like the fact that is platonic (friendship is magic) another part of me wants to hit Harry for not realizing the perfect girlfriend would be his best friend xD
I propose that we remove Potter from Defence Against the Dark Arts until his consequence has expired. I believe being away from the classroom for an extended time will build a respect for what he would be missing."
"An interesting proposal," said Dumbledore, tugging at his beard in thought. "Very well, I'll approve it. He will return when you deem him ready, Minerva. Is this satisfactory, Dolores?"
Umbridge simply looked back and forth between the other two adults, seemingly caught off guard at how quickly the conversation had developed. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Harry looked between the two women curiously. If he had to say anything, it seemed like his Head of House was actually quite fond of the Ancient Runes professor. She even had a little smile on her face. Jsjskbsjs .
Dark brown hair framed a young face: wait, how young? Does this mean they are just friends?
She'd be singing a different tune in a few minutes anyway when he reminded her of a certain magical map they happened to be in possession of. HAHAHAHAHA yes!
His night had been filled with a dream of Death Eaters and werewolves, another peek through the window of Voldemort's mind. They were planning to make contact but remained wary of something. Whatever that may have been, he didn't stick around long enough to find out. Now he just lay there in the early hours of the morning, mind wandering, constantly coming back to the same worrying observation. Is he still a horrecrux then!?
His scar didn't hurt anymore. Or was it just a dream!?
Harry had a good bit to remember his dad by: the cloak, the map, even his Patronus. But nothing of his mother's. What about the house they had been living in when Voldemort attacked? What had happened to the things there? Had they been discarded? Moved to his father's vault? Did someone else live there now, his past there nothing more than a story? Was the house even standing? What kind of power did a rebounded Killing Curse have, anyway? Why didn't anyone talk to him about these things? Fuck... D":
Loved how he talks with hedwig, I totally get it, I talk with my cats, and Hedwig is a magical owl so she totally understand him
Ali chapter 4 . 1/6
heads of house all retain the power to demote you at any time, so do your best not to break any rules. Lol, I dont imagine that Snape would take Malfoys badged
Prefects patrol the corridors at night after curfew to keep students from getting into mischief, as we all know that a good number of them like night time strolls: It would be hilarious if Harry used the map, that way he wouldnt even need to walk for hours xD
Helga and Salazar with their hidden chamber, and myself and Rowena with something a little more focused on being useful: So this means that Salazar wasnt trying to kill muggleborns? Maybe the basiliks was to defend the castle against attacks?
8. While the Room is in use, it will only be accessible by others if the master wishes it: hope this means the DA wont be found
Ali chapter 3 . 1/6
"I've never... felt magic so much before. Magic that's mine and that isn't, like a thing in the background that never goes away. I mean I just know it's magic. How could it not be?" So the horrecrux was parasitic?
Perhaps there was something more than just James's looks and Quidditch skills in the boy. Wooow, what an asshole xD, like, obviously there's more to him Sirius, he is his own person! And you have hardly spend a lot of time with him, half a summer is nothing...
Something was tugging at him. He couldn't properly describe it even if he wanted to. He stopped just outside the last room in the hallway. Is it the horrecrux!? How is he still connected!? D:
Ali chapter 2 . 1/6
The rebellious attitude that had sprouted from him this summer was most unexpected: I mean, really? He is a teenager after all, you would think that the headmaster of a school for teenagers would know better xD
So I'm assuming from how Albus is acting that he believes Harry is no longer a horrecrux? I'm glad Harry made prefect never made sense that Ron became one, even Neville would have made a better prefect, might have even help him get out of his shell
Also, súper glad Harry will learn how to fight, seriously, he only won in canon because of dumb luck -.-
Kinda hoping this is not honks, mostly because once i read this series that was supposly harmione but was actually honks in which tonks more or less adopted Harry and it just eughhh disgusting *shudders*
Ali chapter 1 . 1/6
So I'm guessing you are going with the teory that the dementors were attracted to the horrecrux índice Harry and that that was what the took?
DunkDaddy77 chapter 29 . 1/5
Damn, I love this story...
AvidReader2425 chapter 29 . 1/3
Absolutely fantastic story, I admit that I was prepared for some major heartache at the end of the story, and I am massively glad for the happy ending. And honestly, as much as I absolutely love the entirety of the story, my favorite part Hass to be either Harry asking Bellatrix if her sister would mind him calling her mom, and especially the part where she adopted him. And yes, there may definitely be some loose ends, but a lot of those loose ends can be written off as the problems that self important immortals have to deal with rather than Harry Potter. Thank you for an absolutely fantastic and incredibly moving Harry Potter story.
AvidReader2425 chapter 28 . 1/3
Another absolutely amazing chapter that brought me to tears again
AvidReader2425 chapter 27 . 1/3
Absolutely amazing twists and turns in the story
AvidReader2425 chapter 26 . 1/3
Another absolutely amazing chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 25 . 1/3
Another absolutely awesome chapter. One hell of an ending to this one. And I think it would be a mutual destruction thing, magic certainly has the edge, but once non-magical figure they’re losing, you just know someone is going to start launching nukes everywhere.
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