Reviews for The Wolf Queen Awakens
Caporegime50 chapter 50 . 11/20
And so the legend of Maia Wolfeagle begins...

I know you just wrapped up this story but I hope you find time to make a story for her :)

I think I'll try reading some of your other works first before re-reading this :D

Caporegime50 chapter 49 . 11/19

What an amazing story this has been! (_)
All the original (representation of) characters and plot twists makes this one of my favorite readings EVER!

Alas, all good things must come to an end :(

Now although I don't particularly agree that a good story has to have a happy ending, it does make it easier for me to re-read it again right from the start ;D

Caporegime50 chapter 48 . 11/19
Amazing party!

He got burned! Serves him right :P Also improves my image of Maven a little haha :D

Nice touch with the Mara amulet by the way ;)

Caporegime50 chapter 47 . 11/19
It still amazes me that even nearing the end there's still room for some, very well-written, character development. _

I particularly like how Odahviing and Idgrod, my favorite Jarl :D, were portrayed :).

Caporegime50 chapter 46 . 11/19
Another very good chapter :)

Things are slowly coming to a close... but it's not the end yet :D

Caporegime50 chapter 45 . 11/19
I'm glad Maro's son isn't as stern as Tullius and that Solitude wasn't as bad as Elisif remembered :)

Wondered when the second part of Potema's quest was going to pop out. Good thinking making the Occulatus essential for success so that Elisif would be a lot more comfortable with them around ;)

Caporegime50 chapter 44 . 11/19
Good character development :) I used a mod so I could talk Delphine out of killing Paarthurnax, which in my opinion should have been in the vanilla game all along, so you shouldn't feel bad about not killing Paarth or not demonizing Delphine. The story is way better because of it :D

And I'm kinda surprised that Elisif didn't know about Madanach bedding men, and even more surprised that Elisif was into it... actually never mind I'm a guy and I wouldn't mind seeing some girl on girl ac... nevemind :3

Caporegime50 chapter 43 . 11/19
Already an exceptional ending... of a chapter ;)
What happens next? (_)

Caporegime50 chapter 42 . 11/18
This should be a book, it would be a best-seller.
Blasted copyright (_)

Caporegime50 chapter 41 . 11/18
Awesome, this chapter is SO AWESOME!

Elenwen silenced, the general not being such a jerk and Rikke, being the awesome Legate that she truly is, supporting Elisif every word she utters is just so enjoyable to read! _

And even better, you even managed to make the Emperor, someone who I've always looked at as unimportant, actually feel like an Emperor. Brilliant! :D

Caporegime50 chapter 40 . 11/18
I can't stop grinning _
Such a sweet and lovey dovey chapter...

Ehem... excuse me while I go find a wall to hit or something manly to do...

Caporegime50 chapter 39 . 11/18
Annnd the college quest is over! Great job! :D
Always nice to read about a new interpretation of a quest :)
I just wish not ALL of the apprentices died...

Caporegime50 chapter 38 . 11/18
Another original and well-written story twist :D
Hope they all make it back... :(

Caporegime50 chapter 37 . 11/18
A murder mystery story, can't believe you turned such an annoying quest into a thriller like this! Very good show! :D.

Caporegime50 chapter 36 . 11/17
Haha, one of the more interesting and original tales I've ever read :D
Keep it coming!

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