Reviews for Lulu's Bizarre Rebellion
Ewerton Da Silva Rodrigues chapter 56 . 10/12
with that real battle will begin.
Xavier Rall chapter 55 . 8/20
Took me forever and a day, but I have finally caught up with this story, and WHOA! I have rarely seen a crossover pulled off this well, maintaining the core aspects of the disparate source materials while melding their timelines and systems and simultaneously making unique changes that fit so perfectly! Cannot wait for the next chapter!
Sand Soldier chapter 31 . 8/16
Aw, i see their reactions to the bodies and crimescene of those jaos lelouch roasted
Bullshark chapter 29 . 7/27
So "New Clear Day" is like scary monsters from Part 7, except dinosaurs its Japanese people.
sorry chapter 1 . 6/11
lelouch stand isn't that op, what makes code geass great was that lelouch was op. also your story is very hard to understand because you have way to much detail,(not trying to be rude).
Zarbapha chapter 55 . 6/8
Each chapter is so... tantalizing. This thing... Still can't tell exactly what the factions in China are, but am guessing the entire place really is the Undead Nation-though am still feeling out of sorts since Kaguya got budded. It sounded like Sumeragi was a second choice, when Rakshata was Expected to be at that meeting.
Pyroclastic flow chapter 55 . 6/7
I was actually fooled by Kenneth's section...
Pyroclastic flow chapter 54 . 5/13
Man, I always love this fic. I wish there was a wiki though, I am having trouble remembering some of these people heh. Mostly the Zombies though.
Pyroclastic flow chapter 53 . 5/3
Man, this is the best. I really love reading this fic.
demonic hellfire chapter 33 . 5/3
Bad taste with Jeremiah's Stand it was a pesticide used in the Vietnam War that caused cancer.
jalen johnson chapter 1 . 4/30
Oh my god that was a great chapter man and I love Lelouch stand abilities I can't wait to see what you will do next.
droffatsstafford chapter 53 . 4/29
Well. That wasn't what I was expecting, that's for sure!

Still, Kaguya is finally making a move, huh?
I am filled with anticipation.
isoulmani chapter 52 . 4/17
This fix is criminally under reviewed. I love this story, have read it since the beginning, and truly happy whenever there is a new update. This last chapter was blast and has been a roller coaster of emotions. As the curtain falls on one theater of this battle the war continues. Thanks for the hard work so far and good luck for the future. I can not wait to see what' is next.
4everfictional chapter 4 . 4/15
It really is a double edged sword. ;) Love the chapter! XD
4everfictional chapter 3 . 4/15
He probably could've used him... If only he had known. ;) Love the chapter! XD
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